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“You could… create a place where all institutions of the TMC could come and work together. they don’t work together as well as they could – there’s a lot of competition between institutions but not necessarily between faculty and students…. If you gave users a great space to do this, they’d never leave.”

Survey respondent,
Yates Communications Final Report to the TMC Library
December, 2012


Denton A. Cooley, M.D., Exhibit Hall

A New Era

It is glaringly obvious that expectations for the Library have drastically changed as books go digital and the space they formally occupied is reimagined. A dramatic shift in the perspective of what a library is, what it does, how it does it and what it LOOKS like has taken place – bringing us no shortage of challenges and opportunities.  Libraries are evolving into hubs of intellectual activity, innovation and institutional collaboration.

To meet the challenges of the digital age and to exploit the opportunities that accompany them, we’re taking the crucial steps in creating a Library Without Limit, beyond traditional form and function. Libraries today are hybrids of virtual and physical resources. Our goal is to continue to build a robust electronic collection while simultaneously redeveloping our physical footprint into a highly flexible, contemporary place to learn and collaborate.


First Floor – Biomedical Information Commons

Why do this?

Simply, to foster collaboration among institutions of the Texas Medical Center by bringing together educators, researchers and students on shared projects in a shared space on neutral ground,…to expand easy access to critical resources,…to continue to be an economical yet tremendous resource to everyone who walks in or logs on.

In short, the Texas Medical Center, the largest medical center in the world and certainly of world-class stature, needs and deserves a world-class library.

Creating the contemporary library

Is a physical library still necessary? The answer is YES. There is something about a physical space where ideas are shared, and quiet learning takes place that draws people to it.

Libraries have forever been the core for learning and knowledge, but what’s changed is how libraries function, both as a PLACE to be and as a RESOURCE for accessing accumulated knowledge. In today’s world, libraries are dynamic resource centers with open concept space planning that encourage collaboration and sharing of ideas and discoveries.


Open Lecture Space

It is time

The Jesse H. Jones Library Building is 60 years old and the “new” addition is close to 40. The last interior upgrade and renovation was close to 20 years ago. Our plans are to transform the building into a contemporary, flexible space that’s adaptable for the future, expand and upgrade our technological platforms and upgrade the aged infrastructure.

Our goal is to ensure that the Library has an optimal combination of physical space and electronic resources, with appropriate funding, to meet the expectations and needs of the 21st century information age.