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“You could… create a place where all institutions of the TMC could come and work together…. If you gave users a great space to do this, they’d never leave.”

Survey respondent,
Yates Communications Final Report to the TMC Library
December, 2012


Denton A. Cooley, M.D., Exhibit Hall

Creating the contemporary library

There is something about a physical space where ideas are shared, and quiet learning takes place that draws people to it. Libraries today are hybrids of virtual and physical resources. Our goal is to continue to build a robust electronic collection while simultaneously redeveloping our physical footprint into a highly flexible, contemporary place to learn and collaborate. We plan on removing the stacks from the first floor and turning it into an open floor communal study space with ample private study cubicles strategically placed in quiet corners. Stations with cutting edge 3-D technology and interactive smart screens, will be installed. Functional, attractive and comfortable furniture with desks that have built-in rechargeable pads is needed to replace 25 year-old worn and dated furniture.


First Floor Open Study Space

Documents: Detailed Budget| Cash Gift Agreement | Pledge Agreement | Naming Opportunities