Manuscript Collections

The Manuscript Collection contain materials from prominent physicians and others that were influential in the Texas Medical Center, the Atomic Bomb Casuality Commission and in American Rheumatology. The collection contains correspondence, speeches, reprints, financial records, photographs and audiotapes.

The following is a list of the individual collections the McGovern Research Center holds, including the size of each collection. Individuals are physicians, unless shown as otherwise. Collections with print guides are designated. Click on the collection title for available finding aids or consult the Finding Aids list.

Last NameTitleCollection No.SubjectInstitution
 Women Physicians (1.5 cubic foot)123  
AndersonRaymond Anderson, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)95 Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission
AndrewsTom A. Andrews, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)24Urology 
ArmstrongJohn T. Armstrong, Jr., MD Papers (5 cubic feet)98Gynecology 
BairdV.C. Baird, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)5Industrial Medicine 
BangsJack Bangs, PhD and Tina Bangs, PhD Papers (3 cubic feet)40 Speech and Hearing Institute
BarkleyHoward Barkley, MD Papers (3 cubic feet)28Thoracic Surgery 
BatesWilliam Bates Papers (18 cubic feet)11Attorney 
BeebeGilbert Beebe, PhD Papers (6 cubic feet)100 Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission/Radiation Effects Research Foundation
BelskyJoseph L. Belsky, MD Papers (8 cubic feet)112 Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission
Benyesh-MelnickMatilda Benyesh-Melnick, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)19Psychiatry 
BertnerErnst W. Bertner, MD Papers (8 cubic feet)2Obstetrics and GynecologyTexas Medical Center
BickelLaura C. Bickel, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)13Pediatrics 
BlairRobert K Blair, MD Papers37Internal Medicine 
BlattnerRussell J. Blattner, MD Papers (12 cubic feet)16Pediatrics 
BlockerTruman G. Blocker, MD Papers (3 cubic feet)51SurgeryUniversity of Texas Medical Branch
BloomSamuel Bloom, PhD Papers (1 cubic foot)25Psychiatry 
BrewerEarl J. Brewer, MD Papers (48 cubic feet)53RheumatologyBaylor College of Medicine
BruchHilde Bruch, MD Papers (56 cubic feet)7Psychiatry 
BurdonKenneth Burdon, PhD Papers (1 cubic foot)8Microbiology/Immunology 
CadyLee D. Cady, MD Papers (50 cubic feet)26Veterans Hospital and Methodist Hospital 
CatlinFrancis Catlin, MD Papers (71 cubic feet)84Pediatric Otolaryngology 
ChapmanDon Chapman, MD Papers (5 cubic feet)103Cardiology/Medical Writing 
CharalampousKanellos D. Charalampous, MD Papers109PsychiatryUniversity of Texas Health Science Center-Houston
ClarkR. Lee Clark, MD Papers (387 cubic feet)70OncologyUniversity of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
CodyClaude C. Cody, III, MD Papers (3 cubic feet)55Otolaryngology 
CooleyDenton A. Cooley, MD Papers (2 cubic feet)43Cardiology 
CopelandDonna R. Copeland, PhD Papers (3 cubic feet)58PediatricsUniversity of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
CopelandMurray M. Copeland, PhD Papers114Oncology 
CrainDarrell Crain, MD Papers (3 cubic feet)91Rheumatology 
CresonDaniel L. Creson, MD, PhD Papers (27 cubic feet)108PsychiatryUniversity of Texas Health Science Center-Houston
CutlerJohn Earl Cutler, MD Papers116Family Practice 
DeckerJohn L. Decker, MD Papers (33 cubic feet)88Rheumatology 
DesmondMurdina Desmond, MD Papers (3.5 cubic foot)54Pediatrics 
DippelA. Louis Dippel, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)46Obstetrics-Gynecology 
DmochowskiLeon Dmochowski, PhD Papers (1 cubic foot)20OncologyUniversity of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
DoakEdmund K. Doak, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)49Internal Medicine 
DreizenSamuel Dreizen, DDS, MD Papers (31 cubic feet)59 University of Texas Dental Branch
DuffIvan Duff, MD Papers (2 cubic feet)79RheumatologyAtomic Bomb Casualty Commission
DurhamMylie Durham, MD (1893-1962) Papers (1 cubic foot)90Surgery. Oral History 
EhniGeorge I. Ehni, MD Papers (8 cubic feet)52Neurology 
ElliottFrederick C. Elliott, DDS Papers (9 cubic feet)71 University of Texas Dental Branch. Texas Medical Center
FernbachDonald J. Fernbach, MD Papers (31 cubic foot)85Pediatric Hematology/Oncology 
FieldsWilliam Fields, MD Papers (3 cubic foot)14Neurology 
FolleyJarett Folley, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)97Internal MedicineAtomic Bomb Casualty Commission
FredHerbert Fred, MD Papers (112 cubic feet)159Internal MedicineUniversity of Texas Health Science Cente-Houston
GandyJoe R. Gandy, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)17Surgery 
GreenbergJoanne Greenberg Papers (1 cubic foot)48Correspondence with Hilde Bruch, MD: MS Collection 7 
GreenbergStanley Donald Greenberg, MD Papers119Pathology 
GreenwoodJames Greenwood, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)29Neurology 
GreerAlvis Greer, MD (1885-1975) Papers (1 cubic foot)47Internal Medicine/Chest Surgery 
GregoryRaymond L. Gregory, MD, PhD Papers (1 cubic foot)78  
HaasFelix Haas, PhD Papers (51 cubic feet)27 University of Texas Health Science Center-Houston
HalpertBela Halpert, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)10Pathology 
HamiltonHoward B. Hamilton, MD Papers (3 cubic foot)66 Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission
HarringtonPaul R. Harrington, MD Papers86Orthopedics 
HartgravesRuth Hartgraves, MD Papers (36 cubic feet)32Obstetrics-Gynecology 
HenchPhilip S. Hench Papers (124 cubic foot)76RheumatologyMayo Clinic
HickeyRobert Hickey, MD Papers (2 cubic foot)102OncologyUniversity of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
HildJack R. Hild, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)56Pediatrics 
HoffHebbel Hoff, DPhil Papers (2 cubic foot)23Physiology 
HugginsRussell A. Huggins, PhD Papers (1 cubic foot)57PhysiologyBaylor College of Medicine
JensenFrancine Jensen, MD Papers118Public Health 
JohnsonHerman Johnson, MD Papers (7 cubic feet)1Obstetrics-Gynecology 
KahnEugen Kahn, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)74PsychiatryBaylor College of Medicine
KarnakyKarl Karnaky, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)22Gynecology 
KasselDorothea Kassel, RN Papers (2 cubic foot)12Occupational Health Nurse 
KastenbaumMarvin A. Kastenbaum, PhD Papers (1.5 cubic feet)93 Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission
KelseyMavis P. Kelsey, MD Papers (40 cubic feet)50Internal Medicine 
KelseyJohn Kelsey, MD Papers (4 cubic foot)61Gastroenterology/Internal Medicine 
KitSaul Kit, PhD Papers (1 cubic foot)18Biochemistry 
KnobilErnst Knobil, PhD Papers (71 cubic feet)96Physiology/EndocrinologyUniversity of Texas Medical School
LangeRobert D. Lange, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)64 Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission
LedbetterPaul V. Ledbetter, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)34Internal Medicine 
LevineJack H. Levine, DDS Papers (1 cubic foot)72 University of Texas Dental Branch
LevyBarnet M. Levy, DDS Papers (1 cubic foot)60 University of Texas Dental Branch
LevyMoise D. Levy, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)33Rheumatology 
McCartyDaniel J. McCarty, MD Papers (3 cubic feet)80Rheumatology 
McGovernJohn P. McGovern, MD Papers115Allergy 
McGovernJohn P. McGovern, MD Collection of Texas Historical Medical Documents21  
MelnickJoesph Melnick, PhD Papers (109 cubic feet)15Polio reprints. Virus Research 
MerrillJoseph Merrill, MD Papers117Internal Medicine 
MeynierMaurice J. Meynier, Jr., MD Papers (12 cubic feet)41Obstetrics-Gynecology 
MillerRobert W. Miller, MD Papers101OncologyAtomic Bomb Casualty Commission
MoloneyWilliam Moloney, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)73 Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission. (Diary)
MoursundWalter H. Moursund, MD (1884-1959) Papers (4 cubic feet)42Internal MedicineBaylor College of Medicine
MuradFerid Murad, MD Papers (3 cubic feet)106Internal MedicineUniversity of Texas Health Science Center-Houston
NeelJames V. Neel, PhD Papers (19 cubic feet)89 Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission
NixonSam Nixon, MD Papers (125 cubic feet)75Family Practice 
O'HeeronMichael K. O'Heeron, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)6Urology 
OhlhausenSidney Gordon Ohlhausen, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)45Family Practice 
ParrisSam Parris Papers (2 cubic foot)62 University of Texas Dental Branch
PatonDavid Paton, MD Papers110OpththalmologyBaylor College of Medicine
PetersonLysle H. Peterson, MD Papers (6 cubic feet)94Cardiology 
PhillipsJohn Roberts Phillips MD and Rebecca Jane Hall Phillips, RN Papers (10 cubic feet)36Surgery 
PokornyAlex D. Pokorny, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)39Psychiatry 
PolleyHoward F. Polley, MD Papers (2 cubic feet)81Rheumatology 
PrestonJane H. Preston, MD Papers (7 cubic feet)105Psychiatry 
PrinceHomer E. Prince, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)38Allergy 
PruessnerHarold Pruessner, MD Papers (2 cubic feet)83Family Practice 
PruittRaymond D. Pruitt, MD Papers (6 cubic feet)113CardiologyBaylor College of Medicine
PughMartha Pugh, MD Papers121Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 
PutnamFrank W. Putnam, MD Papers (2 cubic feet)92 Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission/Radiation Effects Research Foundation
RenfertHenry Renfert, MD Papers (1.5 cubic foot)111EndocrinologyAustin, Texas
RodgersL. Rodney Rodgers, MD Papers (4 cubic feet)30Internal Medicine 
RossGriff Ross, MD Papers77Internal Medicine 
RuizRichard S. Ruiz, MD Papers (2 cubic feet)150OphthalmologyHermann Eye Center
RussellWilliam O. Russell, MD Papers (30 cubic feet)107Pathology 
RussellWalter J. Russell, MD Papers (4 cubic feet)63RadiologyAtomic Bomb Casualty Commission
SchnurSidney Schnur, MD Papers (6 cubic feet)31Cardiovascular 
SchullWilliam Schull, PhD Papers (54 cubic feet)67 GeneticsAtomic Bomb Casualty Commission. University of Texas School of Public Health
SchullWilliam Schull, PhD Photo Collection (8 cubic feet)170 GeneticsAtomic Bomb Casualty Commission. University of Texas School of Public Health
SeyboldWilliam D. Seybold Papers (PDF) (52 cubic feet)4Surgery 
SheltonElwin L. Shelton, Jr., MD Papers (1 cubic foot)82Surgery 
SkjonsbyHarold S. Skjonsby, DDS Papers (2 cubic feet)69 University of Texas Dental Branch
SpencerWilliam Spencer, MD Papers (11 cubic feet)99PediatricsThe Institute for Rehabilitation and Research
SteeleJames H. Steele, DVM, MPH Papers (14 cubic feet)104EpidemiologyUniversity of Texas School of Public Health
StorkWalter J. Stork, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)9Radiology 
SutowWataru W. Sutow, MD Papers (43 cubic feet)35PediatricsAtomic Bomb Casualty Commission. University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
TaylorH. Grant Taylor, MD Papers (23 cubic feet)44OncologyAtomic Bomb Casualty Commission. University of Texas Health Science Center-Houston
TessmerCarl F. Tessmer, MD Papers (5 cubic feet)68PathologyAtomic Bomb Casualty Commission
VossWilliam R. Voss, DVM Collection120Veterninary Medicine 
WigodskyHerman Wigodsky, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)65Internal MedicineAtomic Bomb Casualty Commission
WolfE. Trowbridge Wolf, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)3Internal Medicine