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Medical Literature Online Search Requests

Professional Librarians are available to conduct literature searches on a medical topic or verify a list of citations for your research. The average turn-around time for literature searches is three business days per request.

Literature Search Fees

TMC MembersNon-TMC Members
Initial Consultation/Bibliography (1st hour)no charge$60.00
Each additional hourno charge$20.00

Systematic Reviews

Reference Librarians offer their unique expertise in identifying and extracting information while preparing a systematic review. Systematic Reviews services are free of charge to all TMC Member Institutions. We offer two different services.

How can I request a systematic review?

Complete this online form.

Search Consultations

We also offer search assistance with medical databases and can schedule personalized online search consultations by appointment.  Need to schedule a consultation? Contact us

What help can I get when I meet with a Librarian?

  • defining an appropriate research question
  • selecting the appropriate database to perform a comprehensive literature search
  • designing a search strategy to retrieve relevant information
  • locating methodology filters for systematic reviews
  • reviewing updates of the literature search throughout the project

How can I request a literature search?

Ask Us or 713.799.7161

Or complete this online form.

Please provide your contact information and a brief description of your search. A Reference Librarian will contact you as soon as possible.