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Biznar: Deep Web Business Search


Provider: Deep Web Technologies
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Descriptions: Biznar is a free, federated search of approximately 300 authoritative sources. Each search is done simultaneously, in real time.  Before results are presented to the user, duplicate results are eliminated, and the list is edited according to relevance.
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Provider: WorldWideScience Alliance; Office of Scientific and Technical Information; International Council for Scientific and Technical Information
Descriptions: is a global science gateway that enables the user to explore scientific databases and portals from U.S. and international sources, with the intent of accelerating scientific discovery and progress through federated search technology that facilitates deeper searching of the Web.
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Provider: U.S. Government Printing Office
Descriptions: In Beta stage at this writing, FDsys is the new Government Printing Office (GPO) website, which will soon contain all the information from the old GPO site and will incorporate more up-to-date features, like the capability to search all content from a single search box. Presidential documents are posted here, often within days of their inception. This is the best location for finding Congressional bills, documents, hearings and reports, as well as the Congressional Record.
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MEDNAR: Deep Federated Search


Provider: Deep Web Technologies
Descriptions: The MEDNAR federated search engine brings the user high-quality medical information available via the Web. Results return as a relevance-ranked list, with filters that automatically cluster results into manageable and rational groupings under topic, author, publication, date range, etc. along the left side of the results page.
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