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Biodigital Human


Provider: Biodigital, Inc.
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Descriptions: Biodigital Human provides individuals with free, detailed anatomical exploration into all systems of the human body. This is an interactive 3-D interface with zoom, pan, and cross-section animation. Systems can be selected and viewed together, or the user can view a single system. This is an enjoyable study tool for learning anatomy basics, and using the tools available under the edit pencil, is useful for more advanced students. For example, views can be modified to separate (explode) elements of body systems, and there is an x-ray view feature. Includes information on diseases and conditions by anatomical system, with a limitation on full descriptions for users of the free version. Anatomical elements are labeled, but again, the descriptive text is curtailed, for non-subscribers. Tutorials on use of this interface are both brief and worthwhile. Mobile access is provided with the free individual sign-up version. Full access is available to individuals at a very modest annual subscription price.
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Surgical Planning Laboratory


Provider: Brigham & Women's Hospital, Boston, MA
Descriptions: From the website: "The main research of the SPL is to develop post-processing methods for digital medical imaging data and to use these methods for answering real-life questions." Contains an image gallery, full-text access to publications, downloadable tutorials and software. Brigham & Women's Hospital is a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School.
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