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Global Library of Women’s Medicine (GLOWM)

website Descriptions: This website contains both open-access and restricted-access content. Available to all are 44 "chapters" written by professionals on gynecology and obstetrics, gynecologic oncology, maternal/fetal medicine, reproductive endocrinology, genetics and fertility. For medical professionals, free registration provides access to a medical atlas, laboratory tests, a video library and patient education materials. All content is said to be peer-reviewed.
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WebMed Central


Provider: Webmed Limited, UK
Descriptions: A new open-access publishing venue featuring post-publication peer review.
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PRIMO Database


Provider: American Library Association/Association of College and Research Libraries
Descriptions: PRIMO = Peer-Reviewed Instructional Materials Online Database. "PRIMO is a means to promote and share peer-reviewed instructional materials created by librarians to teach people about discovering, accessing and evaluating information in networked environments. The Committee hopes that publicizing selective, high quality resources will help librarians to respond to the educational challenges posed by still emerging digital technologies."
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Provider: AAMC (Associaton of American Medical Colleges)
Descriptions: MedEdPORTAL is a free peer-reviewed publication service and repository for medical and oral health teaching materials, assessment tools, and faculty development resources. Copyright and patient privacy issues are addressed during the submission process so users around the globe can download and utilize any of the published resources for educational purposes. Free registration is required for access. Educational videos are available for download, and CME and career networking resources are also available.
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Jane (Journal/Author Name Estimator)


Provider: Biosemantics Group and Netherlands BioInformatics Centre
Descriptions: If you have recently written a paper, but are not sure to which journal you should submit it, or are looking for relevant articles to cite, or are an editor looking for reviewers for a particular paper, the Jane search can help. Enter a title and/or abstract of the paper in the search box, and click 'Find journals', 'Find authors' or 'Find Articles'. Jane will compare your document with millions of documents in Medline to find the best-matching journals, authors or articles.
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Provider: Altmetrics
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Descriptions: Altmetrics is interested in formulating a new kind of impact factor for developments in science, based in part on capturing and factoring in the scientific community's more rapidly available reactions to new papers and research as they are expressed in social media. At the organization's website, read its manifesto, follow links to investigate tools designed to gather data from online sources, and explore important papers that have sparked and furthered this movement. Provides links to websites and software like Crowdometer, PLOS Impact Explorer, ScienceCard, and ReaderMeter.
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