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Biznar: Deep Web Business Search


Provider: Deep Web Technologies
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Descriptions: Biznar is an example of a federated search tool, searching approximately 300 authoritative sources simultaneously. Before results are presented to the user, duplicates are removed and the list is ordered according to a relevance ranking algorithm.
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Provider: International DOI Foundation
Descriptions: DOI, or Digital Object Identifier, is a standardized system for providing actionable, persistent and interoperable links to "objects," the scope of which was originally limited to online documents, but which term is now applied in this context to online datasets, videos and other formats and types of information containers. Every resource relevant to DOI's is either present in or linked to from this website, for instance: FAQ's, a detailed handbook, fact sheets and white papers; links to DOI registration agencies like DataCite and CrossRef; and links to browser tools being developed to facilitate and expand the usefulness and applicability of the Digital Object Identifier.
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