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Orphanet: the Portal for Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs


Provider: Orphanet and funding organizations
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Descriptions: Orphanet is a portal to regularly-updated information on rare diseases, disorders and syndromes and related "orphan" drug, clinical research and trial, genetic and diagnostic information and includes an encyclopedia and other resources for patients. Orphanet was originally begun and funded in 1997 by the French Ministry of Health and INSERM (Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale.) Funding and information-gathering are accomplished and sponsored by various relevant, authoritative European and national organizations.
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Eye Pathologist, The


Provider: Duke University Medical Center
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Descriptions: This web-based instructional database is the product of a felicitous partnership between two professors, a pathologist and an ophthalmologist, at Duke University Medical Center. Designed as a teaching and reference tool for health professionals, from first-year medical students to ophthalmic pathologists, The Eye Pathologist presents more than 5,000 diseases affecting the eye and related tissues, is illustrated with several thousand high-quality images, and also includes dynamic links to a glossary of over 6,000 definitions. Overview pages on all diseases are accessible without registration, but to see all pages and take full advantage of the program's features, free registration is required. The developers encourage user feedback via a form available from the program's menu.  Note: Mac users may need to use FireFox browser with this database.
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