About the Centennial

Come take a walk down memory lane as we chart 100 years of our history. Yes, we’ve hit our Centennial mark, an accomplishment few institutions reach. How did we do it? Through hard work, good people and the recognition that the Library fulfills a very important function.

Behind each door, there are decades of memories, and each month we’ll highlight a decade in the long life span of the Library, with events, lectures and exciting moments in history, food, and fun. There will be giveaways, drawings and contests!

We’ll be celebrating for a full year – what’s a year when you’ve been around for a 100? Explore history with us, and see how each decade impacted the library, building it into what it is today.

In January, we’ll kick things off with Vesalius 500. A good old fashion birthday party for the acclaimed 16th-century medical illustrator’s 500th birthday. The rest of the year will be devoted to the history of the library and the events that transformed it from the first medical library in Harris County into the TMC Library serving as a consortial bio-medical library for the institutions of the TMC. Each month, we’ll present a decade in history:

  • February: 1910s
  • March: 1920s
  • April: 1930s
  • May: 1940s
  • June: 1950s
  • July: 1960s
  • August: 1970s
  • September: 1980s
  • October: 1990s
  • November: 2000s
  • December: 2010s

Stay posted and celebrate with us – we can’t wait to show you our history in pictures, words and fun!