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Partners in Animal Health

Provider: Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine
Descriptions: Partners in Animal Health was established in 2005 by Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. The program's mission is to improve animal health and well-being through the creation and distribution of innovative educational materials for veterinary professionals and pet owners. All text and videos geared to pet owners are freely available, while videos for veterinary students and veterinarians may require a subscription.
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Pathways to Science

Provider: Institute for Broadening Participation
Descriptions: Pathways to Science emphasizes "connecting underrepresented groups with STEM programs, funding, mentoring and resources." Sections for Faculty, K-12 Students, Undergrads, Grad Students, and Postdocs are included.
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PharmGKB: Pharmacogenomics Knowledge Base

Provider: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services/Stanford University
Descriptions: PharmGKB's mission is "to collect, encode, and disseminate knowledge about the impact of human genetic variations on drug response. We curate primary genotype and phenotype data, annotate gene variants and gene-drug-disease relationships via literature review, and summarize important PGx genes and drug pathways."
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Provider: PHPartners Editorial Board
Descriptions: Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce is a collaboration of U.S. government agencies, public health organizations, and health sciences libraries which provides timely, convenient access to selected public health resources on the Internet. Collaborating organizations include: the American Public Health Association, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Medical Library Association, National Library of Medicine, and the Public Health Foundation. The site serves as a portal for information compiled with the intention of helping the public health workforce find and use information effectively to the end of improving and protecting the public's health. The site provides links to information in several categories, including: health promotion and education; literature and guidelines; health data tools and statistics; grants and funding; and education and training.
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Podcasts from the University of Oxford

Provider: University of Oxford
Descriptions: A collection of about 600 predominantly audio, and some video, files of lectures by and interviews with Oxford University faculty. Of particular interest are those from the Medical Sciences and the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Divisions, including several podcasts on Darwin. (Instead of clicking the hyperlink title of a listing, click on the "show media items" button to see individual podcasts under that heading.)
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Provider: SDI Health, LLC
Descriptions: Primarily a quick linker that facilitates navigating to information on current pollen conditions and short-term forecasts (as well as weather forecasts) by zip code, this site also provides a seasonal allergen plant reference tool, a sign-up for receiving pollen alerts, and links to many other allergy websites. A mobile application is available for free download.
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Provider: Prezi Inc.
Descriptions: Prezi is a user-friendly application for creating interesting presentations that are much less linear, or slide-based, than the presentations that can be made using PowerPoint. The basic level of Prezi is free, and there are two paid levels that provide both more features and more storage capacity. The site includes tutorials. Note: All Prezi presentations created at the Free level are publicly available.
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PRIM&R: Public Responsibility in Medicine & Research

Provider: Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research
Descriptions: Via publications and press releases, accreditation, education and networking activities funded through memberships, this organization promotes the ethical treatment of human and animal research subjects. Some of the white papers and general information are freely accessible, but much of the site is restricted to PRIM&R members.
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PRIMO Database

Provider: American Library Association/Association of College and Research Libraries
Descriptions: PRIMO = Peer-Reviewed Instructional Materials Online Database. "PRIMO is a means to promote and share peer-reviewed instructional materials created by librarians to teach people about discovering, accessing and evaluating information in networked environments. The Committee hopes that publicizing selective, high quality resources will help librarians to respond to the educational challenges posed by still emerging digital technologies."
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PRISMA: Transparent Reporting of Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses

Provider: PRISMA
Descriptions: Providing a standard useful for authors, peer reviewers and editors, PRISMA (Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses) is an evidence-based, minimum set of items for reporting in systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Although it focuses primarily on the reporting of reviews evaluating randomized trials, PRISMA's standard can also be used as a basis for reporting systematic reviews of other types of research, particularly evaluations of interventions. See the link to PRISMA extensions for more statements developed to facilitate reporting of abstracts, protocols, individual patient data and more.
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Profiles in Science

Provider: National Library of Medicine
Descriptions: This collection from the National Library of Medicine provides biographical, career and bibliographic information on a selection of scientists in the medical and biomedical fields.
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Project Gutenberg – Online Catalog

Provider: Project Gutenberg
Descriptions: "Project Gutenberg is the place where you can download over 33,000 free ebooks to read on your PC, iPad, Kindle, Sony Reader, iPhone, Android or other portable device. We carry high quality items: Our books were previously published on paper by bona fide publishers and digitized by us with the help of thousands of volunteers. All our ebooks can be easily downloaded: Choose between ePub, Mobipocket, HTML and simple text formats. Our books are free in the United States because their copyright has expired. They may not be free of copyright in other countries. Readers outside of the United States must check the copyright laws of their countries before downloading or redistributing our ebooks."
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Project Safety Net

Provider: St. Luke's Episcopal Health System
Descriptions: Project Safety Net, endorsed by Harris County Public Healthcare System Council, is a free, interactive and bilingual (English/Spanish) public health page from St. Luke's Episcopal Health Charities. Find information on local free healthcare access: safety net clinic locations, services, hours of operation, languages spoken, and financial requirements. Project Safety Net also facilitates health planners in identifying and prioritizing areas of insufficient capacity with a view to expansion of services.
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Public Health Genomics

Provider: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Descriptions: The CDC presents links and resources for consumers and health professionals here. Topics include genetic counseling and testing, newborn screening, population research, genomics and more.
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Public Health Image Library (PHIL)

Provider: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Descriptions: From the website: "...the PHIL offers an organized, universal electronic gateway to CDC's pictures. We welcome public health professionals, the media, laboratory scientists, educators, students, and the worldwide public to use this material for reference, teaching, presentation, and public health messages. The content is organized into hierarchical categories of people, places, and science, and is presented as single images, image sets, and multimedia files."
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