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Provider: Quertle, LLC
Descriptions: Developed by two experts in bioinformatics and data analysis, Quertle offers a uniquely effective way to execute a combined search of the biomedical literature in PubMed, the RePORTER grants database, TOXLINE, and a medical/life science news outlet. This tool also searches the full text of open-access material in BioMed Central and PubMed Central, as well as that of user-submitted scientific whitepapers and research posters. Quertle uses natural-language query constructs very like sentence structure and uses relationships to return relevant results. For details on how it works, see the FAQ tab. A handy brochure on searching and video/other tutorials are found under the Resources tab. Quertle also works with various bibliographic management tools, including RefWorks. Searches can be saved, and alerts service is available (these features require the user to set up a free account.)
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