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Gifts to the Library can be directed to a specific purpose or used for the greatest area of need.

When you contribute to the Library, your gift benefits student success through classroom and remote instructions, one-on-one research assistance and a facility where everyone can convene for quiet study or collaborative efforts. Your gift helps the Library provide the very best services and expertise, along with access to the world’s best bio-medical resources to advance education, research and clinical practice in medicine, sciences, and public health.

A strong library has a natural and mutually beneficial relationship between itself and its supporters, and we thank you for the support you have given over the years.


Our collections fuel learning and research. The Internet may have revolutionized scholarship, but there is one thing scholars cannot do without: the specialized collections and selective academic content that enable research and constitute a medical Library. As the digital future evolves and research and learning methods change with it, the need to maintain a significant library collections – in print and digital format – must remain a priority for a truly great health sciences center.

John P. McGovern Historical Collections

Amazing gems of rare books, photos, artworks, personal papers, institutional records, medical related artifacts and manuscripts lie hidden in the McGovern archives. Take part in expanding access to the Center’s notable collections.

General Fund

The Library strives to retain and cultivate an exemplary cadre of librarians, and other dedicated professionals. Our librarians make the Library work for you by providing instruction, curriculum development, research and applications. The general fund helps the Library to recruit the best librarians we can find and provide them with continuing education to enhance their skills, cover unforeseen contingencies and take advantage of unexpected opportunities as they arise.  The General fund is also extremely important in funding technology and specialized software programs that libraries are so critically dependent upon. Technology changes at lightening speed and we must stay on top of it to be able to continuing providing resources and services to our patrons.

Our semi-annual campaigns contribute to the general fund.

The Permanent Fund (Endowment)

The building of a permanent fund will create a future pool of funds for large capital needs such as replacing furniture and seating as it wears out, building maintenance and necessary updates and renovations. Planned Gifts increase our permanent fund.

Texas Medical Center – Women’s History Project

The Texas Medical Center – Women’s History Project recognizes women who have made contributions in the fields of public health, medical and nursing education, and scientific research here at Texas Medical Center. The efforts of these pioneering women helped advance the status of women in medicine, and paved the way for new generations of women scientists. The project will preserve their oral histories and materials  in our archives for posterity, and make available online the transcriptions of their oral histories.