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“LibKey Nomad, tear down this [pay] wall!”

Have you ever been searching PubMed or Google Scholar and you hit a citation to an article you really want, then click to access the full-text, only to be shunted to a shopping cart? Of course you have!

The TMC Library has a solution for this problem. Introducing LibKey Nomad, a Chrome extension which runs in the background to maximize your access to scholarly publications. As your own personal sentinel (“nomad”), LibKey Nomad will locate a good source to full-text, either in that source or some another (if it is available through the library’s entitlements, or through an open source repository), then provide one-click access to the PDF of the article.

The app creates a good-sized visible button on the page which allows you to instantly download the PDF.

LibKey Nomad Extension functionality

For instructions of where to get it and how to install it, visit Installing LibKey Nomad.

To learn more about LibKey Nomad, watch this video:

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