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Centennial Photo Display: 1940's, Part II

Alethea Drexler
archives assistant
Opening day of Baylor College of Hermann Hospital’s Corbin and Wilhelmina Robinson Pavilion, 1949.  This addition doubled the number of beds available at Hermann [McGovern Historical Collections P-882].
The new building, with the Hermann Professional Building in the distance to the left.
IC091 Houston_36 Hermann 1949 800dpi JPG
The autoclave room.  P-892 Hermann 1949 autoclave1 1500
The cafeteria.  (Industrial kitchens have changed very little.  This could easily be the serving line in the dining hall in which I worked as a college student, fifty years later.)
P-892 Hermann 1949 cafeteria2 1500
Cafeteria kitchen with vegetable cookers.P-892 Hermann 1949 cafeteria3 vegetable cookers 1500Sheet pressers and folding machine in the hospital laundry.
P-892 Hermann 1949 laundry1 1500Hugh Roy Cullen, Mrs. Cullen, and friends:

P-892 Hermann 1949 opening3 1500* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The construction of Baylor’s Cullen Building, 1946-1947:
P-882-6 600dpi JPGP-882-5 600dpi JPGP-882-2 600dpi JPGP-882-4 600dpi JPGP-882-1 600dpi JPGP-882-3 600dpi JPGIC 91 box 2 Houston_20 Baylor