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Burbank-Fraser Collection

Burbank-Fraser Collection on Arthritis, Rheumatism and Gout

The Burbank/Fraser Collection contains over 3,600 volumes, including books, pamphlets, bound reprints, and translations.

With publications ranging from a sixteenth century manuscript to the modern works of John Talbott and Charles Short, this collection documents the changing regimens for rheumatic diseases and the foundations of the modern specialty of rheumatology.

With publications from over 20 countries, the collection offers innumerable opportunities for research on the history of the rheumatic diseases and the cross-cultural transference of medical information.

The major portion of the collection is from the libraries of:

  • Dr. Reginald Burbank, New York City
  • Dr. Kevin Fraser, Melbourne, Australia
  • Dr. Philip S. Hench, Rochester, Minnesota
  • Dr. Samuel Tarnopolsky, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Additional materials were donated by:

  • Dr. Earl J. Brewer, Houston, Texas
  • Dr. John Talbott, Chicago, Illinois
  • Dr. John L. Decker, Bethesda, Maryland

Some of the titles in this collection

Bartholomaeus. De arthitica and de podaga. S.l., s.n., 1372.
Ferro, Donato Antonio. De podagra enchiridion : quod quidem plurima ad medicinae theoricam & practicam ; nec non omnia ad sanitatem tuendam necessaria comprehendit. Neapoli: Apud Horatium Saluianum & Caesarem Caesaris, 1585.
Philander Misaurus. The honour of the gout: or, a rational discourse, demonstrating, that the gout is one of the greatest blessings which can befall mortal man… London, J. Roberts, 1720.
Pirckheimer, Willibald. Apologia seu podagrae laus. Nurenbergae: Foederici Peypus, 1522.
Rodnan, Gerald P. and Thomas G. Benedek. Essays on the history of rheumatic diseases. Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh, 1984.
Stukeley, William. A letter to Sir Hans Sloan … about the cure of the gout, ob the oils externally apply’d: read befor the Royal Society, Feb. 1, 1732-3. London, J. Roberts, 1733.