Manuscript Collections

The Manuscript Collection contain materials from prominent physicians and others that were influential in the Texas Medical Center, the Atomic Bomb Casuality Commission and in American Rheumatology. The collection contains correspondence, speeches, reprints, financial records, photographs and audiotapes.

The following is a list of the individual collections the McGovern Research Center holds, including the size of each collection. Individuals are physicians, unless shown as otherwise. Collections with print guides are designated.

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Last NameTitleCollection No.SubjectInstitution
JohnsonHerman Johnson, MD Papers (.25 cubic feet)MS 001Obstetrics-Gynecology 
BertnerErnst W. Bertner, MD Papers (6.5 cubic feet)MS 002Obstetrics and GynecologyTexas Medical Center
WolfE. Trowbridge Wolf, MD Papers (3 cubic foot)MS 003Internal Medicine 
SeyboldWilliam D. Seybold Papers (PDF) (52 cubic feet)MS 004Surgery 
BairdV.C. Baird, MD Papers (.5 cubic foot)MS 005Industrial Medicine 
O'HeeronMichael K. O'Heeron, MD Papers (.75 cubic foot)MS 006Urology 
BruchHilde Bruch, MD Papers (56 cubic feet)MS 007Psychiatry 
BurdonKenneth Burdon, PhD Papers (.5 cubic foot)MS 008Microbiology/Immunology 
StorkWalter J. Stork, MD Papers (.5 cubic foot)MS 009Radiology 
HalpertBela Halpert, MD Papers (.75 cubic foot)MS 010Pathology 
BatesWilliam Bates Papers (18 cubic feet)MS 011Attorney 
KasselDorothea Kassel, RN Papers (2 cubic foot)MS 012Occupational Health Nurse 
BickelLaura C. Bickel, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)MS 013Pediatrics 
FieldsWilliam Fields, MD Papers (3 cubic foot)MS 014Neurology 
MelnickJoesph Melnick, PhD Papers (109 cubic feet)MS 015Polio reprints. Virus Research 
BlattnerRussell J. Blattner, MD Papers (12 cubic feet)MS 016Pediatrics 
GandyJoe R. Gandy, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)MS 017Surgery 
KitSaul Kit, PhD Papers (0.25 cubic feet)MS 018Biochemistry
Benyesh-MelnickMS 019Psychiatry 
DmochowskiLeon Dmochowski, PhD Papers (1 cubic foot)MS 020OncologyUniversity of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
McGovernJohn P. McGovern, MD Collection of Texas Historical Medical DocumentsMS 021 
KarnakyKarl Karnaky, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)MS 022Gynecology 
HoffHebbel Hoff, DPhil Papers (2 cubic foot)MS 023Physiology 
AndrewsTom A. Andrews, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)MS 024Urology 
BloomSamuel Bloom, PhD Papers (1 cubic foot)MS 025Psychiatry 
CadyLee D. Cady, MD Papers (50 cubic feet)MS 026Veterans Hospital and Methodist Hospital 
HaasFelix Haas, PhD Papers (51 cubic feet)MS 027 University of Texas Health Science Center-Houston
BarkleyHoward Barkley, MD Papers (3 cubic feet)MS 028Thoracic Surgery 
GreenwoodJames Greenwood, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)MS 029Neurology 
RodgersL. Rodney Rodgers, MD Papers (4 cubic feet)MS 030Internal Medicine 
SchnurSidney Schnur, MD Papers (6 cubic feet)MS 031Cardiovascular 
HartgravesRuth Hartgraves, MD Papers (36 cubic feet)MS 032Obstetrics-Gynecology 
LevyMoise D. Levy, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)MS 033Rheumatology 
LedbetterPaul V. Ledbetter, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)MS 034Internal Medicine 
SutowWataru W. Sutow, MD Papers (43 cubic feet)MS 035PediatricsAtomic Bomb Casualty Commission. University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
PhillipsJohn Roberts Phillips MD and Rebecca Jane Hall Phillips, RN Papers (8.5 cubic feet)MS 036Surgery 
BlairRobert K Blair, MD PapersMS 037Internal Medicine 
PrinceHomer E. Prince, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)MS 038Allergy 
PokornyAlex D. Pokorny, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)MS 039Psychiatry 
BangsJack Bangs, PhD and Tina Bangs, PhD Papers (3 cubic feet)MS 040Speech and Hearing Institute.Speech and Hearing Institute
MeynierMaurice J. Meynier, Jr., MD Papers (12 cubic feet)MS 041Obstetrics-Gynecology 
MoursundWalter H. Moursund, MD (1884-1959) Papers (4 cubic feet)MS 042Internal MedicineBaylor College of Medicine
CooleyDenton A. Cooley, MD Papers (36 cubic feet)MS 043Cardiology.
TaylorH. Grant Taylor, MD Papers (23 cubic feet)MS 044OncologyAtomic Bomb Casualty Commission. University of Texas Health Science Center-Houston
OhlhausenSidney Gordon Ohlhausen, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)MS 045Family Practice 
DippelA. Louis Dippel, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)MS 046Obstetrics-Gynecology 
GreerAlvis Greer, MD (1885-1975) Papers (1 cubic foot)MS 047Internal Medicine/Chest Surgery 
GreenbergJoanne Greenberg Papers (1 cubic foot)MS 048Correspondence with Hilde Bruch, MD: MS Collection 7 
DoakEdmund K. Doak, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)MS 049Internal Medicine 
KelseyMavis P. Kelsey, MD Papers (40 cubic feet)MS 050Internal Medicine 
BlockerTruman G. Blocker, MD Papers (0.5 cubic feet)MS 051Surgery. University of Texas Medical Branch.
EhniGeorge I. Ehni, MD Papers (8 cubic feet)MS 052Neurology 
BrewerEarl J. Brewer, MD Papers (48 cubic feet)MS 053RheumatologyBaylor College of Medicine
DesmondMurdina Desmond, MD Papers (3.5 cubic foot)MS 054Pediatrics 
CodyClaude C. Cody, III, MD Papers (3 cubic feet)MS 055Otolaryngology 
HildJack R. Hild, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)MS 056Pediatrics 
HugginsRussell A. Huggins, PhD Papers (1 cubic foot)MS 057PhysiologyBaylor College of Medicine
CopelandDonna R. Copeland, PhD Papers (3 cubic feet)MS 058PediatricsUniversity of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
DreizenSamuel Dreizen, DDS, MD Papers (31 cubic feet)MS 059DentistryUniversity of Texas Dental Branch
LevyBarnet M. Levy, DDS Papers (1 cubic foot)MS 060DentistryUniversity of Texas Dental Branch
KelseyJohn Kelsey, MD Papers (4 cubic foot)MS 061Gastroenterology/Internal Medicine 
ParrisSam Parris Papers (2 cubic foot)MS 062 University of Texas Dental Branch
RussellWalter J. Russell, MD Papers (4 cubic feet)MS 063RadiologyAtomic Bomb Casualty Commission
LangeRobert D. Lange, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)MS 064 Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission
WigodskyHerman Wigodsky, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)MS 065Internal MedicineAtomic Bomb Casualty Commission
HamiltonHoward B. Hamilton, MD Papers (3 cubic foot)MS 066 Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission
SchullWilliam Schull, PhD Papers (54 cubic feet)MS 067 GeneticsAtomic Bomb Casualty Commission. University of Texas School of Public Health
TessmerCarl F. Tessmer, MD Papers (5 cubic feet)MS 068PathologyAtomic Bomb Casualty Commission
SkjonsbyHarold S. Skjonsby, DDS Papers (2 cubic feet)MS 069DentistryUniversity of Texas Dental Branch
ClarkR. Lee Clark, MD Papers (387 cubic feet)MS 070OncologyUniversity of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
ElliottFrederick C. Elliott, DDS Papers (9 cubic feet)MS 071DentistryUniversity of Texas Dental Branch. Texas Medical Center
LevineJack H. Levine, DDS Papers (1 cubic foot)MS 072DentistryUniversity of Texas Dental Branch
MoloneyWilliam Moloney, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)MS 073ABCC, Hematology, Atomic Bomb Casualty CommissionAtomic Bomb Casualty Commission. (Diary)
KahnEugen Kahn, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)MS 074PsychiatryBaylor College of Medicine
NixonSam Nixon, MD Papers (125 cubic feet)MS 075Family Practice 
HenchPhilip S. Hench Papers (124 cubic foot)MS 076RheumatologyMayo Clinic
RossGriff Ross, MD PapersMS 077Internal Medicine 
GregoryRaymond L. Gregory, MD, PhD Papers (0.25 cubic feet)MS 078Oral History .
DurhamMylie Durham, MD (1893-1962) Papers (0.25 cubic feet)MS 079Surgery. Oral History.
McCartyDaniel J. McCarty, MD Papers (3 cubic feet)MS 080Rheumatology 
PolleyHoward F. Polley, MD Papers (2 cubic feet)MS 081Rheumatology 
SheltonElwin L. Shelton, Jr., MD Papers (1 cubic foot)MS 082Surgery 
PruessnerHarold Pruessner, MD Papers (2 cubic feet)MS 083Family Practice 
CatlinFrancis Catlin, MD Papers (71 cubic feet)MS 084Pediatric Otolaryngology 
FernbachDonald J. Fernbach, MD Papers (31 cubic foot)MS 085Pediatric Hematology/Oncology 
HarringtonPaul R. Harrington, MD PapersMS 086Orthopedics 
BradyConnie Brady student nursing papers (0.25 cubic feet)MS 087Nursing, diary, journal, student nurse, student nursing, San Angelo
DeckerJohn L. Decker, MD Papers (33 cubic feet)MS 088Rheumatology 
NeelJames V. Neel, PhD Papers (19 cubic feet)MS 089 Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission
DuffIvan Duff, MD Papers (3.75 cubic feet)MS 090ABCC, Rheumatology. Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission.
CrainDarrell Crain, MD Papers (3 cubic feet)MS 091Rheumatology 
PutnamFrank W. Putnam, MD Papers (2 cubic feet)MS 092 Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission/Radiation Effects Research Foundation
KastenbaumMarvin A. Kastenbaum, PhD Papers (1.5 cubic feet)MS 093 Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission
PetersonLysle H. Peterson, MD Papers (6 cubic feet)MS 094Cardiology 
AndersonRaymond Anderson, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)MS 095 Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission
KnobilErnst Knobil, PhD Papers (71 cubic feet)MS 096Physiology/EndocrinologyUniversity of Texas Medical School
FolleyJarett Folley, MD Papers (1 cubic foot)MS 097Internal MedicineAtomic Bomb Casualty Commission
ArmstrongJohn T. Armstrong, Jr., MD Papers (5 cubic feet)MS 098Gynecology 
SpencerWilliam Spencer, MD Papers (11 cubic feet)MS 099PediatricsThe Institute for Rehabilitation and Research
BeebeGilbert Beebe, PhD Papers (6 cubic feet)MS 100 Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission/Radiation Effects Research Foundation
MillerRobert W. Miller, MD PapersMS 101OncologyAtomic Bomb Casualty Commission
HickeyRobert Hickey, MD Papers (2 cubic foot)MS 102OncologyUniversity of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
ChapmanDon Chapman, MD Papers (5 cubic feet)MS 103Cardiology/Medical Writing 
SteeleJames H. Steele, DVM, MPH Papers (55 cubic feet)MS 104EpidemiologyUniversity of Texas School of Public Health
PrestonJane H. Preston, MD Papers (7 cubic feet)MS 105Psychiatry 
MuradFerid Murad, MD Papers (3 cubic feet)MS 106Internal MedicineUniversity of Texas Health Science Center-Houston
RussellWilliam O. Russell, MD Papers (30 cubic feet)MS 107Pathology 
CresonDaniel L. Creson, MD, PhD Papers (27 cubic feet)MS 108PsychiatryUniversity of Texas Health Science Center-Houston
CharalampousKanellos D. Charalampous, MD PapersMS 109PsychiatryUniversity of Texas Health Science Center-Houston
PatonDavid Paton, MD PapersMS 110OpththalmologyBaylor College of Medicine
RenfertHenry Renfert, MD Papers (1.5 cubic foot)MS 111EndocrinologyAustin, Texas
BelskyJoseph L. Belsky, MD Papers (8 cubic feet)MS 112 Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission
PruittRaymond D. Pruitt, MD Papers (6 cubic feet)MS 113CardiologyBaylor College of Medicine
CopelandMurray M. Copeland, PhD PapersMS 114Oncology 
McGovernJohn P. McGovern, MD PapersMS 115Allergy 
CutlerJohn Earl Cutler, MD PapersMS 116Family Practice 
MerrillJoseph Merrill, MD PapersMS 117Internal Medicine 
JensenFrancine Jensen, MD PapersMS 118Public Health 
GreenbergStanley Donald Greenberg, MD PapersMS 119Pathology 
VossWilliam R. Voss, DVM CollectionMS 120Veterninary Medicine 
AutreyA.M. Autrey, Jr., DDSMS 121Dentistry
AbleLuke William Able MDMS 122
Women Physicians (2 cubic feet)MS 123Family practice, midwife
BaumJohn Baum MD papers (0.5 cubic feet)MS 124Rheumatology with E. Brewer
GuynnRobert Guynn MD papers (14 cubic feet)MS 125Psychiatry, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
BuschHarris BuschMS 126
BarrettBernard M. BarrettMS 127
WarwickHarold Lynwood Warwick MD papers (4 cubic feet)MS 128family practice, U.S. Army, inventor
BoutwellBryant Boutwell papers (7 cubic feet)MS 129University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
AutreyA. M. Autrey, Sr., MD, and family papers (1 cubic feet)MS 130Family Practice
MilesThomas F. Miles MD papers (1 cubic feet)MS 131Family Practice
HalstedWilliam S. Halsted genealogy collection (0.5 cubic feet)MS 132Geneology, surgery
BarnesFrank L. Barnes MD papers (1 cubic feet)MS 133Family practice
Dental Ads from San Diego Union and ephemera (1.5 cubic feet)MS 134Dentistry
MannNorman E. Mann medical realia collection (17 cubic feet)MS 135medical realia
BrownA. G. Boss Brown M.D. Black Bag and other materials (1.5 cubic feet)MS 136Family practice
PughMartha Pugh MD papers (2.75 cubic feet)MS 137Neurology
AIDS Practice Manual (0.5 cubic feet)MS 138AIDS, National Lawyers Guild AIDS Network
RanfranzOscar E. Ranfranz papers on Lutheran Hospital, Houston (0.25 cubic feet)MS 139Lutheran hospital
ByersJohn R. Byers papers (0.25 cubic feet)MS 140
ArnettFrank Arnett, MD, papers (7 cubic feet)MS 141Rheumatology, UT Medical School, University of Texas.
EllettWilliam H. Ellett's ABCC papers (0.5 cubic feet)MS 142ABCC, Hiroshima, Nagasaki
StembridgeVernie Stembridge M.D. papers (18 cubic feet)MS 143UT Southwestern School of Health Professionals, pathology, University of Texas
GarrisonMildred & Edith Garrison (0.5 cubic feet)MS 144World War II nurses
KnowlesW. Roy Knowles, MD, amputation kit (1 cubic feet)MS 145amputation kit, surgery, medical realia
MatneyThomas Matney, MD, papers (10.5 cubic feet)MS 146public health, UT School of Public Health,
LowensteinOtto Lowenstein papers (0.25 cubic feet)MS 147pineal body experiments, German.
MeyerJohn S. Meyer, MD, papers (5 cubic feet)MS 148neurology
Folleto del Plan de Leccion de Lesion a la Medula Espinal (0.25 cubic feet)MS 149spinal cord injuries, Phyllis Syers, Jean Ackerman, rehabilitation, Baylor College of Medicine, TIRR, The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research
RuizRichard S. Ruiz, MD Papers (2 cubic feet)MS 150OphthalmologyHermann Eye Center
McCorkleRobert G. McCorkle family papers (5 cubic feet)MS 151
StanleyJ. Richard Stanley family papers (1 cubic feet)MS 152
CooperAlan B. Cooper MD papers (1 cubic feet)MS 153psychiatry, psychoanalysis, Baylor College of Medicine
CutlerJohn Earl Cutler MD papers (0.5 cubic feet)MS 154family practice
Hiroshima Scrapbook (0.25 cubic feet)MS 155ABCC, Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission, Louise Cavagnaro, Hiroshima
MatkinMarion Matkin ambrotypes (0.25 cubic feet)MS 156U.S. Civil War, early physician
Hiroshima Tapestry from SHIGEMATSU Itsuzo (1 cubic feet)MS 157Tapestry of modern Hiroshima
"Lypemaniaque" reproduction prints (0.05 cubic feet)MS 158Reproduction prints of 1838 of the work of Jean Etienne Esquirol.
FredHerbert Fred, MD Papers (112 cubic feet)MS 159Internal MedicineUniversity of Texas Health Science Cente-Houston
RankinDouglas H. Rankin MD papers (40 cubic feet)MS 160medical quackery, early medicine, medical realia, rare books
ENAMIENAMI Akiko ABCC-RERF papers (0.0625 cubic feet)MS 161ABCC, RERF, SHIGEMATSU Itsuzo, U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy
UEMOTOUEMOTO Merry ABCC-RERF papers (0.0625 cubic feet)MS 162ABCC, RERF, George Darling, SHIGEMATSU Itsuzo
Baptist Hospital letter to Houston donor (0.0625 cubic feet)MS 163Baptist Hospital, Houston, Robert Jolly, Mrs. S. F. Carter, Women's Auxiliary,
The Methodist Hospital Diagnostic Clinic implosion video (0.0625 cubic feet)MS 164The Methodist Hospital, Diagnostic Clinic, implosion, Texas Medical Center
Billy Andrew's medical illustrations (1 cubic feet)MS 165medical illustration, humor
Fleischmann's Compressed Yeast and Good Health pamphlet (0.0625 cubic feet)MS 166health care, home remedies
Doan's Directory of the United States pamphlet (0.0625 cubic feet)MS 167U.S. census for 1930, health care, home remedies, Doan's Pills,
Jan De Hartog's "Compassion and the Art of Medicine" (0.0625 cubic feet)MS 168Jefferson Davis Hospital
JohnsonJane E. Johnson's Texas Children's Hospital nursing papers (0.0625 cubic feet)MS 169Texas Children's Hospital, nurshing
SchullWilliam Schull, PhD Photo Collection (8 cubic feet)MS 170 GeneticsAtomic Bomb Casualty Commission. University of Texas School of Public Health
Texas Medical Center women's history project (0.5 cubic feet)MS 171Texas Medical Center, nursing, women, PARTNERS, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
SteinbergerEmil Steinberger MD papers (1 cubic feet)MS 172andrology, spermatogenesis
OttoDorothy Otto, MSN EdD papers (0 cubic feet)MS 173University of Texas School of Nursing
MarcusMarianne Marcus EdD RN papers (1 cubic feet)MS 174University of Texas School of Nursing; addiction
Hurricane Katrina nursing stories (0.25 cubic feet)MS 175emergency care, University of Texas School of Nursing, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita
SmytheCheves Smythe MD papers (9.5 cubic feet)MS 176University of Texas Medical School
United States Strategic Bombing Survey: Atomic Bombs, Japan's Struggle to End the War (0.0625 cubic feet)MS 177World War II, atomic bombs, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, strategic bombing, United States Strategic Bombing Survey
BarkleyJames E. Barkley Pharmaceutical Collection (1 cubic feet)MS 178Pharmaceuticals, medicine, Wellcome
KraftDr. Irvin A. Kraft Papers (4 cubic feet)MS 179Psychology, children
WaldenSenoritia Greene Walden RN papers (0.05 cubic feet)MS 180Nursing
DenhamLeta Denham, RN papers (1 cubic feet)MS 181Nursing, Houston Baptist Sanitarium and Hospital
RossGriff Ross MD oral history scrapbook (0.25 cubic feet)MS 182oral history, scrapbook, UT School of Medicine
SobocinskiRobert Sobocinski, MD Collection (0.5 cubic feet)MS 183General Medicine, medical realia
VallbonaCarlos Vallbona, MD Papers (54 cubic feet)MS 184Physical Theraby, Post-Polio, Baylor College of Medicine
Japanese parasite moulage (1 cubic feet)MS 185moulage of parasites with text about parasite vectors, including fish and vegetables.
Nursing Informatics Project (18 cubic feet)MS 186Nursing, informatics, bioinformatics, University of Texas
MooreJohn.T. Moore MD realia (0.0625 cubic feet)MS 187
TWU Historical Research in Nursing Class Japan papers (0.25 cubic feet)MS 188Hiroshima, nursing, ABCC, Texas Women's University, Nursing History
StarckPatricia Starck, Dean UTSON, papers (24 cubic feet)MS 189UT SON, pain and suffering, nursing, SON annual reports, SON history
Visiting public health nursing uniforms (0.5 cubic feet)MS 190Visting public health nursing.
EfronBernard G. Efron MD papers (0.25 cubic feet)MS 191American College of Allergists, allergies, allergy, New Orleans,
MooneyCurtis C. Mooney Papers (To Be Donated)MS 192Community Mental Health in Texas, Psychiatry
Live Oak Friends Meeting on Community Health (0.0625 cubic feet)MS 193Live Oak Friends Meeting, community health, Jefferson Davis Hospital, oral history, Healthcare for the Homeless.
Sir William Osler portrait by Konrad Hack, 1984-1985 (1 cubic feet)MS 194
WittichFred Wittich, MD, diploma collection (1.25 cubic feet)MS 195Fred Wittich, allergy, medical diplomas
SuzukiMac Suzuki, MD, images of Japan and other subjects (0.5 cubic feet)MS 196Mac Suzuki, ABCC, Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission, Japan
OstwaldSharon Ostwald, RN, papers (12 cubic feet)MS 197Nursing, University of Texas School of Nursing
PowellPowell family medical bag (1 cubic feet)MS 198General Medicine, medical realia
JonesJesse H. Jones portfolio scrapbook [deaccessioned to Rice University]MS 199Jesse H. Jones, induction into Pantheon of Philanthropy Hall of Fame
McGovernJohn P. McGovern medical medallions collection (0.75 cubic feet)MS 200John P. McGovern, medical medals, medical medallions
BaunMara M. Baun, PhD, RN, nursing papers (4 cubic feet)MS 201Nursing
WainerdiRichard E. Wainerdi, Ph.D papers (4 cubic feet)MS 202Texas Medical Center
DeteringHerman Detering History of Photography and Psychiatry collection (25 cubic feet)MS 20319th century Psychiatry, 19th century photography
BartonSara Ann Barton's Lithium and Trace Metal research papers (3 cubic feet)MS 204Lithium, trace metals, Chile
Japanese wood block prints (0.0625 cubic feet)MS 205Wood block prints, Hiroshige, Koho, ukiyo-e style, shin-hanga print, Ohashi Bridge, Lake Biwa
RozinSara Rozin papers (1 cubic foot)MS 206Radiation Effects and Events
MinatoKiyoko Minato papers (0.0625 cubic feet)MS 207ABCC, RERF
YostJoyce Yost papers (3.5 cubic feet)MS 208HIV / AIDS
WattsDental papers of Elie M. Watts III, DDS, papers ( cubic feet)MS 209General Dentistry
TaylorJudson L. Taylor, MD papers (0.75 cubic feet)MS 210
WeinbergArmin Weinberg, PhD papers ( 3 cubiic feet)MS 211Radiation effects and Events, Baylor College of MedicineBaylor College of Medicine
ShillerRuth Joy Shiller, RN, history of nursing collectionMS 212Books and realia related to the history of nursing.
HayesTeresa Hayes, MD, PhD papers (0.5 cubic feet)MS 213Radiation Effects and Events, Baylor College of MedicineBaylor College of Medicine
AdayLu Ann Aday, PhD, papers (10 cubic feet)MS 214UT School of Public Health (UTSPH) Houston, University of Texas.UT School of Public Health
YoffeBoris Yoffe, MD papers (0.25 cubic feet)MS 215Radiation Effects and Events, Veteran's AdministrationVeteran's Administration
JablonSeymour Jablon (4 cubic feet)MS 216Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission, ABCC, Radiation Effects Research Foundation, RERF,Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission
CadyLee Cady Veterans Administration Hospital Photograph Collection (1.75 cubic feet)MS 217Veterans Administration HosptialVeteran's Administration
BurbankReginald Burbank, MD papers (2 cubic feet)MS 218Rheumatology, Rare Books