Dow Collection

Thomas Dow, DDS was a dentist in Michigan who collected books on dentistry and records of dental society during the first half of the 20th century. His collection was international and, while focused on late 19th century and early 20th century works, contains some manuscripts dating to the 1600s. In the early 1960’s the University of Texas Dental Branch (UTDB) Library purchased his collection. In 2010, Dr. Dow’s collection and other historical books on dentistry were transferred to The TMC Library.

Note: Although the collection is not fully cataloged, researchers are welcome to inquire about these holdings by contacting the McGovern Historical Center.

Some of the titles in this collection

Abbott, Frank. Dental pathology and practice. Philadelphia: White Dental Mfg. Co, 1896.
Arthur, Robert. A treatise on the use of adhesive gold foil. Philadelphia: Jones, White & McCurdy, 1857.
Baldwin, Lauris Blake and Ezra Read Larned. Syphilis in dentistry. Chicago: E. H. Colegrove, 190.
Flagg, J.F. B. (John Foster Brewster). Ether and chloroform: their employment in surgery, dentistry, midwifery, therapeutics, etc. Philadelphia: Lindsay and Blakiston, 1851.
Monro, Alexander. The anatomy of the human bones and nerves : with an account of the reciprocal motions of the heart, and a description of the human lacteal sac and duct. Edinburgh, Printed for G. Hamilton and J. Balfour, 1758. Corrected and enlarged in the sixth edition