Texas Medical Center Women’s History Project

The Texas Medical Center Women’s History Project documents the lives of women who have made scientific contributions to the biomedical and health care fields at the Texas Medical Center. Since 2013, five women have been honored each year, contributing an oral history about their career. These oral histories and papers are available for researchers at The TMC Library’s John P. McGovern Historical Collections and Research Center. Digital versions are available in DigitalCommons@The Texas Medical Center.

The Project

The purpose of the Texas Medical Center Women’s History Project is to collect, preserve and make available the oral histories of the women who helped build the TMC through their contributions of significance that furthered advancements in the health sciences, including women in ancillary services or administration. An individual may be recognized for leadership, scholarship, research, clinical care, teaching or lifetime contributions.

Many women of the TMC paved the way for achievement through administration and/or scientific inquiry for their generation and future generations of women to come. They were part of the story of the TMC, yet for the most part, is an untold and invisible piece of the success of the TMC.

The Texas Medical Center Women’s History Project wishes to tell their stories, honor them, and record their stories so that they will be remembered and not relegated to a footnote in the history of the TMC. Oral histories will be transcribed and preserved in the archives of the TMC Library.

Nomination Criteria

The collection is still growing! Every year the Women’s History Project honors five women, and the project committee is always accepting nominations for women who have contributed to the success of the TMC. The criteria for nominating inductees into the Women’s History Project are listed below.

Minimum years in field:25
Who can nominate:Most nominations come from colleagues or institutional leaders. (Self-nomination not permitted)

  1. Completed Nomination Form
    (NOTE: download and save to your computer before completing. This will allow your information to be saved on the form.)

  2. Letter of nomination citing accomplishments, personal integrity, leadership, including personal knowledge of nominee and any stories of interest if applicable or desired.

  3. CV of nominee or short documentation in support of accomplishments.

Contributions to the field:Leadership, research, clinical application, administrative accomplishments, mentorship, education
Personal Qualities:Exemplifies professionalism and is respected by her peers as well as other professionals in other disciplines. Is a positive role model and has demonstrated a commitment to high standards of conduct.

To nominate someone, download the Women’s History Project Nomination Form and save the completed form. Please, email your nomination to abbymitchell@mdanderson.org.