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Medical Artwork

The McGovern Center has many original artworks and artifacts that relate to the health care profession. Some of the resources are oil paintings, pastels, or sculptures. These art pieces were created by health care providers or by artists who used health care providers as their subject matter.

Representative of these works are Doris Appel’s pastels of Madame Marie Curie. Bas reliefs and clay sculptures of historical medical figures, such as William Osler and Hippocrates, by Ms. Appel are on display at The TMC Library.

Other art work was created as part of the educational and information material provided to health care providers. Examples of this type of artwork are the original drawings and subsequent prints made for The Heart Bulletin by Joseph Schwarting. Cartoons of red arteries and blue veins illustrate the principles of cardiovascular medicine.The figures underwent a transition over the years, as the artist refined his ideas about illustrating medical quotes. The quotes prompting the cartoons came from a variety of philosophers and physicians who pondered cardiovascular theory through the centuries.

Joseph Schwarting was the foremost artist for Medical Arts Publishing Foundation, which was noted for using original art for each graphic in every journal. The Heart Bulletin was published by the Medical Art Publishing Foundation, Houston, TX, which also published The Cancer Bulletin and The Psychiatric Bulletin. Each of these journals was notable for the original portraits and illustrations produced for the front covers.

Heart Bulletin

“The heart has enormous powers of recuperation.” Logan Clendening. Heart Bulletin, page 33, July-August, 1957. (click for larger image)

Heart Bulletin

“… by a signal artifice the subtle blood is driven by a long passage through the lungs…fit to become the vital spirit.” Michael Servetus. Heart Bulletin, page 5, November-December, 1952.

Appel Curie

Madame Marie Curie, by Doris Appel. On display at The TMC Library.