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New PubMed Interface

The National Library of Medicine switched to a new PubMed interface in mid-May. One of the reasons to improve PubMed, was to make it compatible with mobile, desktop, or tablet devices using the same database features and functionality.

What is new in PubMed?

  • Automatic Term Mapping now includes additional British and American spellings, singular and plural word forms, and other synonyms to provide consistent and comprehensive search retrieval.
  • To access MeSH, Clinical Queries and Journal database scroll down the page and click on the links. PubMed has a list of trending articles and highly accessed journals at the bottom of the page.
  • Citations are sorted by best match. To change the display default, click on the Display options button and choose most recent or publication type
  • Cite feature displays citations in AMA format
  • You can share citations via Twitter or Facebook

Have questions about the new PubMed interface? Check the TMC Library LibGuide at:

Do you want to use the legacy PubMed version? Scroll down the page for the link. . PubMed legacy will be operational until September 30, 2020. Should that date be extended, the National Library of Medicine will notify users with a banner on legacy PubMed.
Need assistance searching PubMed? Librarians from the Research and Instruction department can help. Send questions to

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