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Starting February 23 Gale and Ebsco database users will see a one question survey. Our Library Services and Technology Act five-year plan requires collecting outcomes for our programs, including the TexShare databases Gale and Ebsco. To accomplish this, the Texas State Library and Archives Commission conducts this bi-annual survey of patrons using the TexShare databases.

The survey is voluntary, anonymous, and you can opt out. Data collected will only include response dates and rankings; no identifying information will be collected. No IPs, cookies, etc.. will be collected after completing the survey. The survey provided by Gale may be blocked if pop-ups are blocked by your computer hosting service. The survey only appears on the Gale and EBSCO interfaces. Survey will be conducted twice a year for two week time periods.

The survey will run from February 23 to March 6, 2015.