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Library Subscribes to Micromedex®

Do you need to know the pregnancy category of Klonopin™, or whether diazepam and oxaliplatin are compatible in a Y-Site?  How about what black cohosh can be used for, or the elimination half-life of penicillin?*

All of these questions and more can easily be answered using Micromedex®.  The TMC Library is pleased to announce the addition of the Micromedex® Healthcare Series to its list of databases accessible to our academic institutions.  Micromedex® is a comprehensive database providing information on drugs, diseases, toxicology, laboratory tests, alternative medicine, and patient education.  From in-depth pharmacokinetics to dosing and therapeutic tools, Micromedex® presents thorough, unbiased information on thousands of topics.  Watch the Library homepage for upcoming classes on searching Micromedex®.

Please Note:  While Micromedex® is available to our academic institutions remotely, it is licensed to us for academic and training use only.  Use of this subscription to affect outcomes in any clinical setting, whether it be a laboratory or a care facility, is strictly prohibited by the terms of our license.  Please comply with this restriction.

For more information on Micromedex® and how to access, go to the Library website click on the Databases link and select M from the alphabetical list.

*Answers: D; No; menopausal symptoms, 20-50 minutes.