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When searching various indexes such as PubMed, CINAHL, Scopus, PsycInfo, etc., you’ll see buttons that say “Find It!” Usually these buttons appear by the citations in a results list.  PubMed places these buttons next to the article’s abstract. Clicking “Find It!” should link you to the full text within the Library’s collection.

If the “Find It!” tool can’t direct you to the full text, a pop-up screen appears, linking to other access options. This “Link Resolver” form appears when:

A) You have the choice of more than one access point

B) Your item is available, but not as an e-resource (on the shelves or housed off-site)

C) The item is not in our collection (use Document Delivery/Interlibrary loan service to obtain it)

D) Citation data has not transferred to the form correctly.

If you see This article is not available directly from TMC Library, you may want to click “Refine/Change Citation” to verify that each field contains only the appropriate data. (For example, volume numbers sometimes land in the Title field.) If you edit the form data, click “Look Up,” and still don’t get access, order a copy from Document Delivery Service/Interlibrary Loan (DDS/ILL.)

Occasionally “Find It!” is unable to link you straight to the full text, even when the library has the resource it’s contained in. This occurs sometimes when the citation is “non-standard” in some way. An article may turn out to be in a supplement, or it could be a meeting abstract or letter to the editor, for instance. You could try following a link to the next higher level, like the volume. For further help, please, Ask Us!