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Traditional Chinese Medicine Database (TCM)


Provider: Bioinformatics and Drug Design Group, National University of Singapore
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Descriptions: This database of traditional Chinese medicine includes the formulae and instructions for preparing treatments, and detailed breakdowns of chemical compounds and their molecular characteristics, with links to PubChem entries included for some. Search, or browse under one of three tabs: formula, herb or compound. Many entries are incomplete.  Sign-in (free) required.
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Merck Manual Home Health Handbook for Patients and Caregivers


Provider: Merck
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Descriptions: This manual is a valuable medical resource for the layman, explaining medical conditions from every aspect, with introductions giving background information on the biology of body systems and organs, and providing supporting anatomical and 3-D visual aids. Causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment are defined. The Drugs section, with information on pharmacokinetics, drug interaction and adverse reactions, herbal supplements and over-the-counter drugs. The Special Subjects area contains information on medical decision-making, limb prosthetics, common imaging tests, travel health, women's health, alternative and complementary medicines, and more.
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Nursing and Allied Health Database – ProQuest


Provider: ProQuest
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Descriptions: This mostly full-text resource contains full text or indexing for about 850 journals, providing scholarly articles, dissertations, training videos, cultural awareness materials, evidence-based practice content and more.  It is a research resource for students of nursing and the allied health professions, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, radiography, dietetics, dental hygiene and the clinical laboratory sciences. Features include "Study Paths" (resource collections for RN or LPN students-- reach these via the Browse button); MMWR reports on public health statistics and issues; and practice guidelines.
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Alt Health Watch (TexShare)


Provider: EBSCO -- TexShare
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Descriptions: This database focuses on complementary, holistic and integrated approaches to health care and wellness; it offers full text articles from nearly 180 international reports and journals, many of which are peer-reviewed. In addition, there are hundreds of other publication types: pamphlets, booklets, special reports, original research, and book excerpts.
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