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Descriptions: BioMedSearch combines Medline/PubMed citations with data from other sources- dissertations, theses, practice guidelines-  with the aim of creating the most comprehensive biomedical literature search available. Free registration gives the user access to advanced account features: saved searches, alerts, saving documents to portfolios, commentary and sharing of documents with other registered users. Registration is unnecessary for searching without advanced features. This search engine also provides grouped subject clusters and sub-clusters for refinement of results, and detailed syntax instructions and record field abbreviations for use in Advanced search mode. Browser plug-ins are supplied for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.
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Provider: Virginia Bioinformatics Institute
Descriptions: While PubMed searches for "keywords", our search engine lets you input an entire paragraph and returns MEDLINE abstracts that are similar to it. This is something like PubMed's "Related Articles" feature, only better because it runs on your unique set of interests. For example, input the abstract of an unpublished paper or a grant proposal into our engine, and with the touch of a button you'll be able to find every abstract in MEDLINE dealing with your topic. No more guessing whether your set of keywords has found all the right papers. No more sorting through hundreds of papers you don't care about to find the handful you were looking for--our search engine does it for you.
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