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Provider: Library of Congress
Descriptions: Until the end of 2014, the Library of Congress will continue to provide this searchable portal to a wide range of Congressional documents and activities-- directories, bills and resolutions, committee reports, treaties, the Congressional Record's Daily Digest, the U.S. Code, primary historical resources like the Federalist Papers-- and also links with other sites, most notably, the official gateway to all US government information. After 2014, the new site for all this information will be (currently ).
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Provider: University of North Texas Libraries/U.S. Government Printing Office
Descriptions: The CyberCemetery was established in 1997 to archive the websites of U.S. Government agencies, committees, commissions, departments etc. that would otherwise have disappeared from the Internet when the organizations became defunct. It also serves as a depository for content of more enduring government websites that is either eliminated or replaced by each new administration. Search or browse this collection of agencies, etc. by name, date of expiration or branch of government, or use keywords in the search box.
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Alliance for Aging Research


Provider: Alliance for Aging Research
Descriptions: The Alliance for Aging Research, a private non-profit, is an advocacy organization dedicated to supporting research on aging through various means-- forming coalitions among related organizations, lobbying, fund-raising and providing information to seniors on common diseases and conditions of aging and on matters of policy. The website contains many useful resources for consumers, including articles, podcasts, links and a blog.
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