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Library Staff Accomplishments

September 2020-present

The TMC Library staff participate in a variety of professional activities. Included on this page are recent publications, presentations, courses completed, professional service activities, and major library projects.



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  1. Grappone, T., Jones, S., Prentice, K., & Speer, E. The Increasingly Flexible and Agile Role of the On-Campus Library [Panel moderated by S. Ekebuisi]. OnlineEd 2022. May 19, 2022.
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  7. Prentice, K. The Role of the Library in the Age of Online Education [Panel Presenter]. Henry Stewart Events, OnlineEd 2021: The Global Event for Online Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. May 20, 2021.
  8. Richardson, M. (2021 April). Designing Your “Memory Lab”: Lessons from DIY Personal Archive Digitization Labs. Texas Library Association 2021 Virtual Annual Conference
  9. Richardson, M. (2021 April). The Power to Empower: Sharing the Library Vision with Support Staff [panel speaker]. Texas Library Association 2021 Virtual Annual Conference
  10. Huynh, N. (2021, April 23). OpenAthens Implementation [panel speaker]. Texas Library Association 2021 Conference.
  11. Romano, J. & Huynh, N. (2021, March 10). Resolving Access Issues in Real-time: Creating a Custom Ticket System in LibWizard [short talk]. 2021 Electronic Resources & Libraries online conference.
  12. Prentice, K. (2021, Jan 28). Assessment Culture and the Launch of a Library Dashboard [invited guest speaker]. Oklahoma Council of Academic Library Directors (OCALD) monthly meeting.
  13. Prentice, K. A. (2020, October). Launching a Library Assessment Dashboard. South Central Chapter of the Medical Library Association Annual Virtual Meeting.


  1. Jasmin Legaspi completed the American Library Association’s six-week course, Fundamentals of Cataloging in June 2022. This course focused on AACR2 and RDA cataloging rules, and subject analysis using Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) and other classification systems.
  2. Joanne Romano attended the NNLM class “What’s in a Data Story? Understanding the Basics of Data Storytelling” webinar in October 2020
  3. Nha Huynh completed Scrum Master training for IT project management, May 2021.
  4. Charles Njilefack completed Scrum Master training for IT project management, April 2021.
  5. Emma Silva completed the course “Bioinformatics and Biology Essentials for Librarians: Databases, Tools, and Clinical Applications” in December 2020. This is a 14-week self-paced course sponsored by the National Library of Medicine worth 30 hours of CE credit from the Medical Library Association.
  6. Travis Holder was accepted to the Texas Accelerated Library Leaders (TALL Texans) Development Institute. He graduated in December 2020.
  7. Beatriz Varman attended NNLM class “What’s in a Data Story? Understanding the Basics of Data Storytelling” webinar in October 2020.

Professional Service

  1. Katie Prentice is a member of the Medical Library Association 2023 National Program Committee, 6/2022-12/31/2023.
  2. Katie Prentice is an invited editorial board member and peer reviewer for the open access journal Advances in Online Education: A Peer-Reviewed Journal 2/2022-present.
  3. Beatriz Varman is 2022-2023 Chair Elect of the Public Services Caucus of the Medical Library Association.
  4. Katie Prentice is the 2022-2023 Chair-Elect of the Leadership & Management Caucus of the Medical Library Association.
  5. Emily Tuck is serving on the ELUNA (Ex Libris Users North America) 2022-2023 Steering Committee.
  6. Katie Prentice is the 2021-2022 Past President of the South Central Chapter of the Medical Library Association.
  7. Joanne Romano will serve a three-year team as medical library representative for the Texas State Library and Archives Commission Electronic Information Working Group, September 27, 2021
  8. Emily Tuck was accepted as an IRB member for TWU’s panel on human studies in diet and nutrition, July 2021.
  9. Travis Holder is serving on the Scholarship & Stipend Committee for the Texas Library Association’s College & University Libraries Division.
  10. Matt Richardson is serving as Registration Chair and a member of the Local Arrangements Committee for the Society of Southwest Archivists 2022 Annual Meeting in Houston.
  11. Travis Holder featured by Texas Library Association online (2021, April 8). Between the Lines: April Member Spotlight.
  12. Joanne Romano joined, by invitation, the Ovid Leaders Advisory Council, April 2021.
  13. Travis Holder served on the Programming Committee for the Texas Library Association (TLA) 2021 conference. Travis was also on the Programming Committee’s Contributed Papers subcommittee and was the liaison to the Special Libraries Division.
  14. Emma Silva is a member of MLA New Member Caucus, SCC/MLA Early Career Librarian Working Group and MLA Virtual Career Connection committees.
  15. Katie Prentice is the 2020-2021 President of the South Central Chapter of the Medical Library Association.

Major Library Projects

  1. Terrie Smalls-Hall and Jasmin Legaspi created and followed new procedures to catalog and prepare 12 board games and 100 books for the TMC Library humanities and health/wellness collection in the Dr. Fred Study Area, June-July 2021.
  2. Terrie Smalls-Hall and Jasmin Legaspi compiled updated cost per use reports including: Top 10 Most Expensive Journals, Top 10 Least Expensive Journals, and Cost per Use per Journals Package, showcasing library resource value. April 2021.
  3. Emily Tuck created Collection Highlights for the Library OneSearch discovery portal. Cover images and links to resource silos of ebooks and ejournals for 50 medical disciplines, enabling library users to easily browse for their specific fields of study within the TMC Library catalog. March 2021.
  4. Emma Silva and Travis Holder attended the UTHealth Salutation event. They created a video promoting library services that was presented at the event. October 2020.
  5. Emma Silva and Travis Holder started a project to assign NLM’s MeSH terms to the most popular biomedical informatics concepts for UTHealth School of Biomedical Informatics. (February 2020-present)

Grant-funded Projects

  1. Sandra Yates and Matt Richardson were awarded SCAMeL Speedy Startup funding for the project “Texas Medical Center Historical Audiovisual Resources Digitization” 2022.
  2. Yates, Sandra, Project Staff: Mentor, Web Resources Consultant; Audiovisual Care in Tribal Archives (2021-2021); National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), Preservation Education and Training; Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA),  Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museums (ATALM), Community Archiving Workshop (CAW).
  3. Yates, Sandra, Project Staff: Mentor; Web Resources Consultant; Community Archiving Workshop – A Regional Training of Trainers: Southwest (2021); Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), Laura Bush 21st Century Librarians Program (Supplemental Funding); AMIA, CAW.
  4. Yates, Sandra, Project Staff: Web Resources Consultant manages the web development for CAW Toolkit and CAW Handbook websites; Community Archiving Workshop – A Regional Training of Trainers (2018-2021); IMLS, Laura Bush 21st Century Librarians Program; AMIA, CAW.


  1. Amy Sisson and Lara Ouellette. First Place Contributed Paper, SCC/MLA Elizabeth K. Eaton Research Award for “It’s Worse than You Think: Significant Search Function Unreliability in the Major Medical Databases.” October 2021.
  2. Beatriz Varman. Distinguished Service Award (DSA), SCC/MLA’s highest honor recognizing outstanding service to SCC/MLA. 2022.
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