Ask a Librarian

Ask a Librarian

Circulation Services

The following services are provided through the Circulation Desk at the library.

Front entrance of The TMC Library

Renew Items

You can come by the library during normal library hours to renew your books or items. Call 713.799.7147 for more information or assistance.

Fax and Scanning Service

The copyright law of the United States (Title 17 U.S. Code) governs the photocopying of copyrighted material. The person using Library equipment is liable for any infringement.

It is the policy of The TMC Library to comply with all state and federal laws, including copyright laws. Although a work may be freely accessible on the Internet and contain no statement about copyright, copyright law provides that such works are protected. Clients must assume that works are protected by copyright until they learn otherwise.

As a general rule, you may print, reproduce and use the information on our web-based documents for non-commercial, personal or educational purposes only, provided that you do not modify such information and include any copyright notice originally included with such information. The user assumes all risks of copyright infringement.

All Library Clients
Local Fax$2.00 for the first page; $1.00 for each additional page
Long Distance Fax$3.00 for the first page; $2.50 for each additional page
International Fax$7.50 for the first page; $2.50 for each additional page
Printing$.20 per page B/W $.50 per page Color