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About Us

The Texas Medical Center (TMC) is home to the largest concentration of medical professional and experts anywhere in the world. Collectively, the Texas Medical Center is the largest employer in Houston. The most recent figures show that there are currently 50,000 life science students studying at TMC institutions, and 5,700 researchers, with an additional 17,500 faculty who educate the next generation of health professionals. The Library plays a vital role for the institutions inhabiting the 1,345 square acre campus that is the TMC.

The TMC Library is one of the 56 institutions that make up the Texas Medical Center. Unique to medical and research libraries across the country, The TMC Library is a private, stand-alone and not-for-profit organization independent from any university or research institution. Approximately 65,000 visitors walk through the Library doors annually.

As the Library serving all other TMC member institutions, it is one of the most inclusive and collaborative spaces on the campus. We provide a depth and breadth of electronic resources that rival other medical libraries, and we do so as cost efficiently as possible. We also provide a quiet space for study, and provide communal space for people from different institutions to meet at a central TMC location.

In fact, the Library’s a great value because:

  • It provides information researchers need to write grant proposals that fund cutting-edge research and scientific discovery.
  • It provides the latest medical information physicians readily need to make better, faster diagnoses.
  • It provides students with the information, resources and space they need to learn and succeed.
  • It is essential for institutional accreditation with SACS, LCME, and JCAHO.
  • As a consortial library, it saves the institutions of the TMC millions of dollars annually were they to have their own, independent libraries with the same breadth and depth of resources.

Everyone, regardless of institutional affiliation, benefits from the Library.

The official name of the Library is “Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library.” It is located at 1133 John Freeman Blvd., conveniently situated between the two major medical schools on the TMC campus, Baylor College of Medicine and the McGovern Medical School of The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. It employs a fully-functioning administrative and executive staff. The Library operates under a DBA as The TMC Library.

Vital to Success

“The Library is extremely valuable. It’s essential to our basic work. It’s a key factor in our accreditation and in us being able to maintain excellence vs. mediocrity.”

-Dr. Patricia Starck, Dean of the School of Nursing at UTHealth

“The Library is a source of support for Baylor that drives our engine and that cannot be denied.”

-Lynn C. Yeoman (ret), PhD, Director of UME Office & ERC, Professor of Pharmacology, Baylor College of Medicine