Ask a Librarian

Ask a Librarian

Giving to the Library

Who We Are

Unique to medical libraries across the country, the TMC Library is a private, stand-alone and not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization independent of any university or research institution, including the Texas Medical Center Corp. In 2013, the Library began operating under a DBA as The TMC Library.

As a consortium library, we function as the accrediting library for the teaching institutions across the TMC. Our resources are available to students, faculty, clinicians and researchers of these institutions. Being consortium in nature, we are able to provide a broad range and depth of resources at a far lower cost to each institution than they could realize by having their own, institutional library.

“Of all the libraries in all the educational institutions of our world,
There is none quite like this one…”

Why Give

The TMC Library relies upon assessments to our governing and supporting institutions of the TMC – and most significantly – philanthropy to achieve our goal of providing the best bio-medical resources our library patrons need to keep advancing the boundaries of science, medicine and medical applications.

Philanthropy plays an important role in maintaining our ability to provide a rich environment for study and collaboration, meet unexpected expenses, take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves and build a permanent fund for capital expenditures.

There are many ways to donate.

Our Donors

We are grateful to our donors who, through their generosity, have supported the Library over the past two years. We cannot thank you enough.

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