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History of Vaccines


Provider: The College of Physicians of Philadelphia
Descriptions: The History of Vaccines is an award-winning informational, educational website created by The College of Physicians of Philadelphia, one of the oldest medical societies in the United States. Timelines, articles and a gallery enhance the reader's knowledge and understanding of how vaccines work and the history of their development.
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Provider: Springer Science & Business Media LLC
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Descriptions: SpringerProtocols is said to be the most comprehensive and trustworthy online database of reproducible laboratory protocols in the biomedical and life sciences. From the book series Methods in Molecular Biology and numerous other sources, this collection offers researchers access to decades of step-by-step protocols for use in the lab. With an emphasis on clarity, each protocol is organized in an easily-reproduced, recipe style. All protocols have been written by experts in the field, and are reviewed first by editors distinguished in the relevant specific subject areas, and then by Springer's own editorial staff. Contains some open-access protocols. Mobile version of website available.
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Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research


Provider: Canton of Geneva, Switzerland
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Descriptions: The objective of this Swiss foundation is to provide health education and research programs to be applied by developing countries and countries in economic transition, and to foster collaborations between entities from public and private sectors to that end. The Foundation is a WHO (World Health Organization) Collaborating Center in Education and Research in Human Reproduction, and it publishes the open-access journal, Reproductive Health. In addition to a linked publications list arranged by medical specialty, this site provides a remarkably detailed section of links to information on the full spectrum of practices in traditional and alternative medicine .
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