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Provider: Health Sciences Library, Harborview Medical Center, University of Washington
Descriptions: EthnoMed was designed to be used in clinics in the few minutes before seeing a patient. This website actually provides an excellent multi-faceted service, a hub of well-rounded ethnic information for those who serve diverse communities. Links to, or full text of, multilingual patient education materials constitute one solid reason for visiting this website. There are also sections that present a wealth of useful and interesting knowledge about cultures-- customs and mores, religion, health beliefs and practices-- helpful to care providers who want to take a correct and culturally competent approach when relating to their immigrant and refugee patients.
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CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)


Provider: CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Descriptions: The CDC's home page is a well-organized portal to the wealth of resources it provides for the public, practitioners and first responders. Along the top of the page is a very complete index of the information CDC provides, with cross-referenced terms. Links to the Diseases and Conditions index and Emergency Preparedness, along with other frequently-sought resources, including MMWR, are posted prominently here on the CDC home page.
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NSW Multicultural Health Communication


Provider: New South Wales Ministry of Health
Descriptions: The chief resources of interest here that are applicable for healthcare professionals in any country are the multilingual translations available (from Albanian to Urdu) for communicating to patients about a large number of healthcare topics (from domestic violence to yellow fever.) Cue cards in various languages can also be downloaded. Browsing under Publications may yield more useful material.
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Health Hotlines


Provider: U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services/National Library of Medicine
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Descriptions: A useful toll-free number directory of government and private organizations, from the federal to the local level, that support research on and/or provide assistance to individuals and special populations; it also includes links to disaster resources. Health Hotlines is a community service to help the public locate health-related information. The toll-free telephone numbers in Health Hotlines were provided by the organizations and verified. The National Library of Medicine has not reviewed or evaluated the services of the organizations listed. The inclusion of an organization in this publication does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement by the Federal Government of the organization's services or views.
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Provider: Smart + Strong
Descriptions: provides news, treatment and side effects information, fact sheets, and many other resources, including links to blogs and forums, conference schedules, a health services directory searchable by ZIP code, and the ezine, POZ: Health, Life & HIV.
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