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Encyclopedia of Life


Provider: Encyclopedia of Life
Descriptions: The Encyclopedia of Life is a work in progress that aims to dynamically synthesize biodiversity knowledge about all known species: taxonomy, geographic distribution, genetics, evolutionary history, morphology, behavior, ecological relationships, and importance for human well being. As it becomes more complete, it may serve as the primary resource for scientists, natural resource managers, conservationists, teachers, and students around the world. The EOL's creators and contributors believe that "...its encompassing scope and innovation will have a major global impact in facilitating biodiversity research, conservation, and education." The EOL is staffed by both scientists and non-scientists working from museums and research institutions around the world.
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FDA Poisonous Plant Database


Provider: Frederick Fry, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
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Descriptions: This database provides references to mostly historical (pre- 2007) abstracts in the scientific literature, primarily studies and reports, on the toxic properties and effects of poisonous plants. This database indexes only materials in the public domain.
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