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Provider: ProQuest
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Descriptions: ProQuest provides the service of a searchable repository of freely available full-text dissertations and theses here. These are documents the authors have decided to publish under the Open Access model. Covers many disciplines.
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Wikimedia Commons


Provider: Wikimedia
Descriptions: A database of nearly 4 million freely usable images and other media files. The majority of those not in the public domain are under Creative Commons or GNU licenses; explanations and guidance are provided. In addition, anyone can contribute images.
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Science at Creative Commons [formerly Science Commons]


Provider: Creative Commons
Descriptions: From the website: "The more we understand about science and its complexities, the more important it is for scientific data to be shared openly. It’s not useful to have ten different labs doing the same research and not sharing their results; likewise, we’re much more likely to be able to pinpoint diseases if we have genomic data from a large pool of individuals. Since 2004, we’ve been focusing our efforts to expand the use of Creative Commons licenses to scientific and technical research."
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Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice


Provider: Duke University Medical Center Library and Health Sciences Library, UNC-Chapel Hill
Descriptions: This classic tutorial provides a clear explanation of the reasons for using an evidence-based approach to patient care, and uses a detailed example to illustrate how to research a case using the evidence-based method. There is a self-test at the end.
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