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Provider: Elsevier
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Descriptions: Clinical Key provides access to: approximately 666 Elsevier medical journals (154 of which are unique to Clinical Key), 1,000+ medical reference books, more than 17,000 medical and surgical videos, 300+ Procedures Consult videos and articles, over 2.2 million images, Gold Standard drug monographs, and 50+ Clinics of North America. From the publishers: “Clinical Key is a clinical insight engine that addresses the key [information] requirements of physicians, medical librarians and health professionals. It is comprehensive, trustworthy and fast. Clinical Key draws answers from Elsevier’s vast online portfolio covering every medical and surgical specialty.”  
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CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)


Provider: CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Descriptions: The CDC's home page is a well-organized portal to the wealth of resources it provides for the public, practitioners and first responders. Along the top of the page is a very complete index of the information CDC provides, with cross-referenced terms. Links to the Diseases and Conditions index and Emergency Preparedness, along with other frequently-sought resources, including MMWR, are posted prominently here on the CDC home page.
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Provider: Merck
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Descriptions: From the mission statement: "MerckMedicus is an advertising-free medical portal designed specifically for U.S. healthcare providers. MerckMedicus provides breaking medical news, a wide variety of scientific learning resources, and cutting-edge diagnostic tools...  Merck launched MerckMedicus in 2001 as part of its century-long commitment to providing unbiased health information as a public service to consumers and health care professionals..." Free registration is required for access to the resources provided here, which include: full text content from books and journals (Springer journals, recent JAMA articles, and "latest updates" from The Lancet), patient handouts, news, a PDR drug database, an image/media library, and audio files.
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