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Case Files Collection – AccessMedicine


Provider: McGraw-Hill Medicine
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Descriptions: Find this resource within AccessMedicine. Refer to the list of our subscriptions at top left of the McGraw-Hill page and click.  This interactive collection includes cases in all medical specialties and is divided into Basic Science, Clinical Rotation, and Post-Graduate sections. Includes personalized functionality (via a free "MyAccess" account) that allows students to track their own progress through the cases and answer the questions provided with each. Faculty can also use this module as part of their curricula. Cases include a discussion of approach, knowledge pearls, references, and comprehension questions.
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Springer Protocols (in Springer Nature Experiments)


Provider: Springer Science & Business Media LLC
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Descriptions: Springer Protocols is a comprehensive, trusted online database of reproducible laboratory protocols in the biomedical and life sciences. Taken from the series Methods in Molecular Biology and numerous other sources, this collection offers researchers access to decades of step-by-step protocols. With an emphasis on clarity, each one is organized in an easily-reproduced, recipe format. Protocols are written by experts in the field, and reviewed first by distinguished editors with the specific expertise, then by Springer's editorial staff. Contains some open-access protocols.
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U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)


Provider: U.S. Geological Survey
Descriptions: The USGS researches, monitors trends, and provides impartial scientific information on geologic topics, from Earth's ecosystems and environment to natural hazards like volcano and earthquake activity, floods, storms and drought, to the impacts of climate and land-use change on natural resources, to the geomagnetic field and meteorite activity.
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Cells Alive!


Provider: James A. Sullivan, M.A., 1970, Developmental Biology, University of Virginia
Descriptions: Photos, animations and interactive models of cells and cellular processes; definitions and explanations included.
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Provider: Transinsight
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Descriptions: GoPubMed is an innovative, powerful search tool that combines the MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) and GO (Gene Ontology) terminologies to optimize the effectiveness of queries to PubMed- for everyone, but for molecular biologists in particular. Searching elicits results presented very quickly (maximum display: the most recent 1,000 citations), along with a sidebar presenting the full results in categorized, hierarchical groups of terms that help the user to focus in further- the producers of this search engine refer to it as a "knowledge-based semantic search." There are many more features to this search tool than can be described here.
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ScienceDirect Open-Access Journals


Provider: Elsevier
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Descriptions: From this point in ScienceDirect, the user can explore a complete list of open-access journals published by Elsevier, and in the same drop-down menu, a list of subscription journals containing open-access articles.
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eBook Collection – EBSCOHost (EBooks on EBSCOHost)


Provider: EBSCO
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Descriptions: An expanding collection with more than 100,000 titles in trade, reference, science, technology, medicine and literature. Some content is out of copyright, free with subscription; some is licensed by th

e Texas State Library for TexShare; and some is provided by the University of Texas at Austin.  
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Current Protocols


Provider: John Wiley & Sons
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Descriptions: Users have access to the following peer-reviewed and regularly updated laboratory procedures via the TMC Library:

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