Ask a Librarian

Ask a Librarian

Technology Available

In addition to Library provided computers, a wireless network is available for clients. Wireless connectivity is available within the Library and in Webber Plaza for wireless devices.

To connect:

  1. Look for site ID (SSID) = THETMCLIBRARY
  2. When prompted for a password, type THETMCLIBRARY (all caps)

This login is for your safety. This allows the wireless network to automatically encrypt all of your data.

Technology available

One Button Studio

One Button Studio
The One Button Studio is a video recording space that can be used to create video projects or practice class presentations. This Studio is designed for ease of use, especially if you have no previous video production experience. Video creation is as easy as the touch of a button!

Use is open to all students, faculty, staff affiliated with TMC member institutions for the specific services we provide in the One Button Studio. These services include: One Button Studio, One Button Studio with the Learning Glass, One Button Studio with an external monitor for presentations, and One Button Studio using the green screen.

To schedule, reserve a room for the One Button Studio. Students also must schedule with an school issued email address account. For more information, consult the One Button Studio information page.

Library Provided Computers

Although electronic services are provided at no additional cost, use is governed by the Library’s Acceptable Use Policy. Please familiarize yourself with the policy before using the computers.

Technologies provided include:

  1. 2 Classrooms each with a Clear Touch Integrated Panel and up to 60 laptops
  2. Study Rooms with Clear Touch Panels for use in presentation/discussion. Panels can be accessed with minimal instructions.
  3. Additional laptops can be reserved/checked-out from the Circulation desk with a government-issued picture ID

Please see the Circulation desk with any question.

All of these services have connectivity to the Internet as well as to several national high-speed research networks.



In the Classroom, workstations are loaded with the Microsoft® Office Professional Suite.

Custom versions of licensed software can be loaded on the Classroom computers. This services is available upon request and requires a 30-day notification.