Ask a Librarian

Ask a Librarian

Code of Conduct

The mission of the Texas Medical Center Library (TMC Library) is to deliver biomedical information and services to its member institutions for the advancement of medical education, research, and practice.

The TMC Library strives to provide users with:

  • Safe and comfortable surroundings.
  • Access to equipment and services, including computers, for academic purposes including research and other scholarly or educational projects.
  • Access to computers and Wi-Fi intended to support the education, research, and patient care missions of member institutions.
  • Privacy and confidentiality in use of services and collections.

Library Interior

Expectations for all library users:

  • Users are expected to comply with all staff requests and directives regarding behavior as well as safety and security.
  • Courteous and respectful behavior is required. All users are expected to speak and act in volume and behavior that shows respect for library staff, other library users, materials, equipment, and facilities. Library staff may ask you to adjust your noise level and recommend alternative study spaces, if available.
    • Examples of inappropriate behavior include excessive noise from loud voices, cell phones, and laptops without headphones; rowdiness; abusive language; rearranging of furniture that obstructs pathways or access to materials; smoking or vaping; inappropriate use of library equipment and computers; offensive sexual behavior; and bothering or interrupting other library users.
  • Users are expected to be dressed in a safe and sensible manner (shirts and shoes are required).
  • To ensure the safety of belongings, users are advised to keep laptops, backpacks, and other personal property with them or properly secured at all times. The TMC Library is not responsible for unattended belongings.
  • Requests to post flyers and other official print announcements may be made to the Circulation Supervisor. Non-approved postings will be removed. Solicitation or proselytizing activity of any type is not permitted.
  • Any person found in violation of the rules, or interfering with library activities, or creating a disturbance may be asked to leave the library and library-use privileges may be revoked.

Approved 5/2023