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Ask a Librarian

One Button Studio

TMC Library One Button Studio

How Does it Work?

The One Button Studio is a video recording space that can be used to create video projects or practice class presentations. This Studio is designed for ease of use, especially if you have no previous video production experience. Video creation is as easy as the touch of a button!

Who Can Use the One Button Studio?

Use is available to all students, faculty, staff of our member institutions can schedule a time for the specific services we provide in the One Button Studio. These services include: One Button Studio, One Button Studio with an external monitor for presentations, and One Button Studio using the green screen.

Create videos in 3 simple steps:

  1. Press the button to start and stop recording
  2. Review your files and upload the files to your cloud storage
  3. Delete the files when done

Quick Start Guide

Reserve the One Button Studio

  1. Reserve by using Reserve a Room and select “One Button Studio”
  2. Reserve for up to a maximum of 2 hours per session
  3. Studio use is limited to current faculty, staff, and students for purposes of recording

Record Your Video(s) in the Studio

  1. Have a Cloud Storage Account (eg. Dropbox, Google Drive, Box) and make sure it has ample space (1 GB = approximately 10 minutes of video footage)
  2. The One Button Studio uses “green screen” technology to insert background images so always avoid shades of green clothing for recordings or it will record and display incorrectly
  3. Activate Studio camera and lights by clicking on the Session Launch on the control panel
  4. Press the red floor button to start/stop recording
  5. When finished recording, review your video using the Mac OS computer. Deactivate Studio camera and lights
  6. Upload the files you just viewed to your favorite cloud storage space.
  7. You can ask a staff member for assistance

What Can I Do With the One Button Studio?

The One Button Studio can be used to:

  1. Practice, record and critique student classroom presentations
  2. Practice and review thesis or dissertation defenses
  3. Produce course introductions for brick and mortar or online classes
  4. Practice and critique interviewing skills for job-seekers
  5. Create dramatic effects with the green screen
  6. Practice and review speaking a second language

One Button Studio Pro Video Demonstration

Need Help With the One Button Studio?

  1. Visit the Circulation Desk
  2. Call: (713) 795-4200
  3. Email: