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Reference Files

Below is the Texas Medical Center Library, McGovern Historical Center, Reference Files Inventory


Archive of the Texas Medical Center Library, John P. McGovern Historical Collections and Research Center. The archive is located at 8272 El Rio, Suite 190, Houston, Texas 77054. The main library is located at 1133 John Freeman Blvd. Houston, Texas 77030

Creation of Document:

The original creation date for this inventory is February 4, 2014.  This document is regularly revised as new items are added.


30 linear feet; 6 horizontal filing drawers

Scope and Contents:

The Reference Files of the Historical Research Center is a collection of materials compiled by archivists.  The collection deals with items of historical note regarding the history of medicine in Houston, in Texas or related to the Texas Medical Center. The Reference Files house materials that are of interest but may not warrant a named archival collection because the materials may consist of copies, lack adequate provenance, or simply not be rich enough in detail. However, the Reference Files provide insight and helpful historical information to researchers. The files include news stories, articles and scholarly papers written by journalists, scholars, and historians who used McGovern Historical Center materials for research. The material deals with all aspects of the history of medicine in Texas.  The files, also contain information on institutions, leaders in the medical community, Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission files, Houston medical history, and items related to the foundation of medicine in the Houston area. Formats include newspaper clippings, magazine articles, pamphlets, and papers. Languages are predominately English with some Japanese.

Most of the collection is open for research, copyright restrictions may apply. Consult an archivist for more information. Call 713-799-7899 or email


Files are arranged in alphabetical order.

Custodial History:

The Reference File collection began in the 1970s.


New items are added to the collection continuously.

Note: Folders are filed with family name first. For the most part, Asian names, particularly Japanese names, are shown with the family name in all capital letters. This is a standard method for denoting non-Western family names. Family names in all capital letters help Westerners who are unfamiliar with Japanese or Chinese spellings to determine the family name of an individual.


Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission (ABCC)

Abeles, Sigmund

ABCC Symposium- Memory and Records of the Nuclear Age, November 20, 2011

Abney, Olin L. 1852-1923

Abortion – Texas by Martha Hume

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome – Houston Post Supplement

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome – Houston, Texas

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome – Houston,

Acupuncture – Houston, Texas American College of Acupuncture …

Acupuncture- Torre, Christina MD; St. Joseph Credentials

Adam, George Frederick, 1909-1965

Adamo, Dominick C; 1918-1990

Addiction – Drugs and Alcohol

Adriani, John M.D. – Finding Aide

Affordable Care Act (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act)

Aguilar, E.A. Fred

Aids History Group News

Air Pollution- – Houston, Texas

Albina, D. Bernard

Alexander, George G. 1926 –

Alexander, Dr. James K. 1920 – 2009

Alford, Bobby R. Bobby Ray, 1932

Alger, Leon James 1900 –

Alkek, Albert B. 1909 -1995

Allen, Don L.

Allen, Dr. Leroy – ABCC

Alpha Omega Alpha

American Academy of Ophthalmology

American Association for the history of medicine

American Association of Critical care nurses Houston Gulf Coast Chapter

American College of Surgeons – South Texas Chapter

American Heart Association

American Heart Association – Houston Chapter

American Holistic Nurses Association

American Institute of the History Pharmacy

American Medical Association – Principles of medical ethics, 1954

American National Red Cross – Houston- Harris county Chapter

American Osler Society

American Philosophical Society Library Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

American Physical Therapy Association Texas Chapter

American Rheumatism Association

American Society of Clinical Pathologists directory 1954

Ames, Frederick Daniel, 1907-1959

AMI, Inc. Shreveport, Louisiana

Anatomy – History – Denmark

Anatomy, Artistic

Anderson, Benjamin Monroe, 1916 -2007

Anderson, Monroe Dunaway,

Anderson, Thomas Dunaway, 1912-2007

Anderson, Tom A. 1923- 1991

Anderson, William Leland- 1994

Andrews, Billy F.

Andrews, Tom A. 1903-1977

Anesthesia, Epidural – History

Anesthesia –Exhibitions

Anesthesia, Spinal – History

Appel, Doris, 1904-1995

Appel, Bernard & Doris Holmes Bookcase & Artwork

Architecture—Houston, Texas

Armstrong, Edward McCarty- 1870-1939

Arnett Center for Autoimmunity and Immunobiology

Arnim, Sumter Smith, 1904-1990

Arnold, E.M. 1881- Memoir of World War I service as a doctor with the American Expeditionary Force (AEF), 1917-1918

Arnold, Hiram Pinckney, 1917-2008

Arnold, Jasper H. M.D. – 1908-1996

Asthma- *

Arthritis Foundation- Texas Gulf Coast Chapter

Artificial Heart Valve

Asian- American Health Coalition- Hope Clinic

Assistance League of Houston, Texas

Atomic Wounds: a film by Marc Petitjean (2006, DVD, 52:00)

Atomic Bomb Initial Survey 原爆初動調査: Hidden Truth 隠された真実, NHK Special, Documentary Film (2021, moving image/mp4, 1:15:30)

Austin State Hospital

Avanti Medical Centers

Aves, Charles M.

AWA, Dr. Akio (ABCC)


Bachtel, May Bradley, 1896-1992

Bailar, John III, MD, PhD; epidemiologist and bio statistician

Baird, Villiant Clinton, 1904

Baker, Hines H.

BAKKE, Allan- Legislation

Barnes, Frank L. 1872-1943

Barnes, Johnson Peyton, 1903-1987

Bangs, Jack & Tina

Barnett, Herman Aladdin, 1926-1973

Barnhart, Joseph Monroe, 1920-1993

Barrera, Cayetano, E. M.D. 1895-1947

Barrett, John H. 1906-1962

Bass, Barbara Lee

Bates, William Bartholomew, 1889-1974

Bayland Center for Mental Rehabilitation HOUSTON, TEXAS

Baylor College of Medicine

Baylor College of Medicine – Baylor Clinic

Baylor College of Medicine – Ambulatory care strategy – June 2003

Baylor College of Medicine Biotechnology

Baylor College of Ethics medicine and public issues

Baylor College of Medicine- Dept. of Medicine

Baylor College of Medicine – Obstetrics & Gynecology News

Baylor College of Medicine – Pain Palliative care

Baylor College of Medicine – Department of Pathology

Baylor College of Medicine – Department of Psychiatry

Baylor College of Medicine – Department of Surgery

Baylor College of Medicine – History of Medicine Society

Baylor Medical Foundation

Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center

Bean William Bennett

Beaumont, William, 1785-1853(Alexis St. Martin

Beazley, Homer Liston

BEEBE, Dr. Gilbert W. (ABCC)

Bell, Charles Christian

Bellaire Medical Center, Houston, Texas

Bellows, Warren S. 1889-

Belsky, Joseph L. (ABCC)

Ben TAUB General Hospital – Houston, Texas

Bennett, Dr. Leslie Latty; “Conversation with Dr. Leslie Latty Bennett, The Research Tradition of UCSF.”

Benjish –Melnick, M

Bering Dental Clinic- Houston, Texas

Berkeley, Benjamin Franklin- 1875-1962 Alpine, Texas

Berkowitz, Albert Stanley, 1948-2011

Bernard, Lynn Allen, 1919-2000

Berry, Charles A.

Bertner, Ernst William, 1889-1950- (See manuscript collections no.2

Best, Paul Wesley, 1891-1981

Bettmann , Archive (New York)

Bichart, Xavier, 1771-1802

Billings, John Shaw, 1838-1913

Bingel, Abraham G.A.

Bishop, Norma Elaine (ABCC)

“Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us”; Time Magazine; February 20, 2013

BiVACOR Artificial heart by Daniel Timms

Blacks – Bibliography


Blair, John Marquis – 1859-1937

Blair, Lyman C. 1905

Blair, Robert K. – Manuscript Collection no. 37

Blattner, Russell John, 1908

Blocker, Truman G, Jr. M.D.

Bloom, Kerry Mark, 1951-

Bloom, Samuel William, 1921-

Bloxsom, Allan, P., Sr. 1991

Blue Bird Circle – A History 1923-1973

Blum, Alan, 1949

Blum, MARIANN, 1955-2003

Blundell, J. Reese, 1901-1991

Bogalusa Heart Study

Bolin, LODWICK T., 1899-1980

Bond, Dr. Victor- ABCC

BONIUK, Milton M.D.

Bookplates Associated with HAM-TMC LIBRARY

Book- Houston

Borges, Dr. Wayne- ABCC

Boutwell, Bryant

Bowers, Dr. John (including 1947 photos of Nagasaki taken by Capt. Shields Warren and photos of Berlin circa 1950)

Boyd, Adam Napoleon, 1987-1979

Boyles, J.M. – 1858

BRAASTAD, Fred W., M.D. 1915-1996

Bradley, Raymond L.

Brady, Randle James – 1903-

Braden, Albert Henry, 1886-1953 (including correspondence, speeches, professional papers covering nursing, pathology, the history of laboratory medicine. )

Bradshaw, John

Brandes, Emanuel B., MD, (former chief of the pediatric service at Methodist Hospital. Includes memos, correspondence and official papers.)

Brannon, Jack, Gordon 1913

Bridges, William HILLORY, 1911-1991

Brill, Dr. Bertrand A.

Brinkley, John Richard, 1885-1942-Dates Middle name Vary

Brodsky, Alexander E. 1918-1991

Brody, Baruch A.

Brody, Dr. Jacob- ABCC


Brooks, BENJY Frances, 1918

Brown, Harold- 1917

Brown, Lee R.

Brown, Wilson Gordon, 1914-1990

Brown, Foundation – Foundation- Houston, Texas

Bruch, Hilde – Biography

Bruch, Hilde – Manuscript Processor’s Correspondence

Bruch, Hilde – Manuscript Collection no.7

BRUHL, Charles K. 1909-1980

Brumby, William McDuffie, 1866-1959

Buja, Louis Maximilian Gregory 1942-

Bulger, Roger J., MD

Bunting, John James, 1913-

Burdon, Kenneth L. Kenneth Burdon Papers- manuscript collection no.8

Burks, Thomas F. University of Texas Houston

Burks, Chester, R, 1937-2006

Burns, Archive – Medical Photography

Burr, Harry B. 1899-1990

Burroughs, John J.

Burzynski, Stanislaw Rajmund -1943-

Bush, George – Presidential Library and Museum

Bussey, Charles Dan, 1908-1972

Butcher, Reginald W.

Butler, May Camille, M.D., 1931-2011

Buytendijk, Hermanus Johannes (including a manuscript of his thesis “Esophageal Pressure and Lung Elasticity,” 1949)



Cady, Lee D. 1896-

Caffarena, Jamie- 1938?-1993

Calvert, Rogene Gee

Campbell, Oak, 1824-

Cancer Care Facilities –History

Cancer Counseling Inc.

Cannabis –History

Caplovite, Harry- 1895-1979

Caram, Pedro, 1922-2000


Cardiovascular Collection

Cardiovascular Surgery in Houston, Texas

Care Star News Letter University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Carnegie, Andrew

Carrick, Manton, M. 1879-1932

Carroll, James, 1854-1907

Carson, Mrs. Paul

Carter J. Weldon-List of Book forms his estate which were donated to the library March 1987

Cater, Joye M.

Cary, Edward Henry, 1971-

Caskey, C. Thomas

Casscells, S. Ward

Catholic Health Initiatives

Cato, Dorothy Annette-1999

Cavagnaro, Ms. Louise P.  (ABCC)

Center on Aging- The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Center for Hospital and Health care Administration History (Chicago, Illinois)

Center for the Study of the History of Nursing (Philadelphia Pennsylvania)

Center Pavillion Hospital

Cesario, Sandra

Chandler, Edwin Allen, 1901-


Chapman, Don W. 1916-2007

Chapple, Eliot – Chronograph

Charalampoos, Kanellos  D.

Child Health Services–History

Children’s Nutrition Research Center Houston, Texas- Institutional Collection No. 66

Chiropractic – Texas

Chiu, Wah

Christus  Spohn  Health System, 1905-2005 Corpus Christi, Texas

Chromosome Mapping

CIGARROA, Franciso Gonzales, 1957-

Civil War Surgeons and Medicine; 1861-1865

Clark, Leon Wilson, 1924-1992

Clark, R. Lee – PR

Clark, Randolph Lee- The R. Clark Manuscript Collection/ John R. Payne

Clark, Randolph Lee

Clark, R. Lee – The M.D. Anderson Cancer Hospital that R. Lee Clark Built by Charles M. Balch, MS, FACS, FASCO [Annals of Surgical Oncology, 14 June 2021]

Clark, R. Lee – The Politics of Recruiting Dr R Lee Clark Jr. as the First Permanent Director of The University of Texas MD Anderson Hospital for Cancer Research by Charles M. Balch, MD, FACS, FASCO [Bulletin of the History of Medicine, 2021]

Clark, R. Lee – The Surgical Legacy of Randolph Lee Clark, Jr., MD by Charles M. Balch, MD, FACS, FASCO [Annals of Surgical Oncology, January 2021]

Clarke, J. E. – Correspondence – Biographical  Information

Class of Cardiology Library – Birmingham Alabama

Classics of Medicine Library- Delram New Jersey

Cochram, James Chester Gayle Jr. 11/10/1921- 10/21/2004

Cody, Melville Lockett, -1983

Cohn, Billy MD

Colasurdo, Guiseppe, MD

Cole, Thomas R.

Coleman, John Brady, 1925-1994

Coleman, Preston Chiles 1853-1932

College of Physicians of Philadelphia

Collette, Gay 1945-2011, (John P. McGovern Foundation)

Collins, Lawrence Dudgeon, 1907-

Collins, Dr. Lois Cowan

Colquhoun, Eileen- [1921] – 2011

Common Computer Service Facility

Community Council of Houston Harris County –Health Section- Directory of clinics — 1957

Cone, Henry Hale

Connell, Alva  d.1871?

Conner, Beadie Eugene, MD- African- American Physican

Conrad, Fred G. – 1929-1982

Conrad, Dr. Robert – ABCC

Cooper, Tim PhD.

Copeland, Donna R.

Copeland, Murray, Marcus, 1902-

Cornell, Dr. Frank H. – ABCC

Corriere, Joseph N.

Costa, Max, 1952-

COVID-19 Weekly Revisions, 2020-present – Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment (CMDT), Viral & Rickettsial Infections, SEVERE ACUTE RESPIRATORY SYNDROME—CORONAVIRUS 2019 (SARS-CoV-2)

Covington, Benjamin Jesse

Crain, Edward Lillo

Crawford, E. Stanley, 1922-1992

Crick, Francis, 1916-

Cronin, Thomas D., 1906-1993

Crosthwait Family

Crouch, Robert Beverly, 1924-1991

Cullen, Hugh Roy, 1881-1957

Curie, Marie

Cutler, John Earl Mar.3, 1877-1929

Cuttler, Jerry (related to Radiation Effects & Events)

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Texas Gulf Coast Chapter




Daniel, J.W. 1842-

D’anton, Erbert W.

Darling, Dr. George B. (ABCC)

Daven Port, Peter 1977-

Davies, Peter John Arwyn 1945

Davison, W.C. Bibilography

Day, Geoffrey – ABCC (Pictorial Review of ABCC from 1955)

De Bakey, Cooley N.Y. Times – Nov.27, 2007

DeBakey, High School

DeBakey, Library & Museum

DeBakey, Medical Foundation

DeBakey, Michael  E.

DeBakey, Michael E.

DeBakey, Michael – Congressional Gold Medal 2007-2008

DeBakey, Michael E. 1908- 2008- Obit

DeBakey, Selma and De Bakey, Lois

DeBakey, Letters ——–

Decker, John L.

Denman, Peyton Roland 1879- 1955

Dentistry – United States – History

De Pelchin Children’s Center

Depression & Bipolar Support & Alliance – DBSA

Detering Herman

Diagnostic Clinic Hospital, Houston, Texas

Diagnostic Clinic of Houston

Dickey, Nancy, M.D.

Dickson, J. Charles, 1903-

Dickson, Thomas Aubrey, 1870-1929

Dippel, A. Louis, 1901-

Disaster Plan- HAM-TMCL

Disease Outbreaks

Dmochowski, Leon L., – 1981

Doak, Edmund K. – Manuscript Collection no.49

DOC – Doctor Ought to care

Dock, Dr. Donald  S.

Doc Talk  Magazine  Doc Talk

Dock, George, 1860 –

The Doctor” By Sin Luke Fildes –

The Doctor’s Club (see IC# 31)

Doctor’s Day- March 30th

Doctors for change (Houston, Texas)

Doll, Richard 1912-

Drake, Daniel, 1785-1852

Dudgeon, Howard Rush

Dukakis, Panos S.,

Duke, James H. 1928 –

Duncan, Dan L.

Duncan, Dan – BCM Trustee – $35m gift- 2004

Dunglison, Robley, 1798-1869

Dunn, John S.

Dunnington, Joel S. 1954-

Durham, Mylie E., Sr., 1893-1962

Dutch Airlift

Dutton, Robert Vance M.D.



Eastwood, Richard T.

Eaton, Elizabeth King – 1944-2009

Eckhardt, Williams R.

Education – Texas

Education, Medical – Dallas, Texas

Education, Medical – 19th Century

Education, Medical – United States

Edwards, Lonnie Joe (sculptor- George H. Hermann)

Ehlers, H.J., 1899 –

Eisenstadt, Heinz B. 1905 –

Elhammady, Eslam – Newspaper clipping – 2009

Elliott, Charles A. 1873 – 1939

Embryology – United States

Emergency Medical Services – Houston, Texas

Epilepsy Association of Houston / Gulf Coast – Newsletter

Ernst, Frank John 1908-1978

Espada, Rafael

Eye Banks



Faculty Wives and Women Faculty, University of Texas Medical School at Houston

Family to Family Network

Family Practice – Texas

Fatherree, Thomas Jefferson 1907 –

Feagin, Horace Cecil, 1885-1951

Feiqin, Ralph D.

Feneger, Christian, 1840-1902

Fetus – Surgery – History

Few Modern titles on health Legislation in the United States

Finch, Dr. Stuart C. (ABCC)

Finn, Alfred, Charles, 1883- 1964- Manuscripts – Catalogs

Fitzgerald, John Barnard, 1931-2011

Flavin, Thomas, 1850-1901

Fleming, Joseph Patrick

Fleming, Lamar, 1892-1964

Florence, John Hicks, 1868-1938

Florence, Nightingale museum trust

Flowers, Jefferson, MD, 1929- ?

Folley, Jarrett H. (ABCC)

Forensic Science Associates of Houston

Foster, Joel Beverly, 1895-1949

Foundations—Houston, Texas

Fournier, Alfred, 1932-1914

Fox, Everett Clarence, 1902-1991

Fox, Donald A.

Franklin, David Allan

Frantz, Betsy, Chadderdom

Franzheim, Kenneth 1890 –

Frances,Tavern  Museum (New York)

Frazier, Oscar Howard 1940 –

Frederick Cancer Research Center of the national Cancer Institute

Frederick, Simon, 1926

Freeman, Bromley, Smith 1913 (?) -1990

Freeman, John H. (1886-1980)

Frensley, Hebert James, 1906-1981

Frieden, Lex

Friends of the Texas Medical Center Library

Fries, John G. 1929-2009

Frnka, Todd Huber, 1935-1978



Gakushuin University Graduate Course in Archival Science (ABCC)

Galenus- Bibliography

Gandy, Joe R., 1908-, Manuscript Collection No.17

Garcia Clotilde P., -2003

Garica, Hector Perez 1914-1996- Gazetters records #11887

Gardner, Herman Lawrence, 1912-

Garrett, Edwin E., 1915-1978

Garrott, Helen Holt

Genetics Population—Bibliography

Gerow, Frank Judson, 1929-1993

Gesner, Conrad, 1516-1565

Giannini, Edward- Rheumatalogy Collection

Gibbon, John Heysham, 1903-1973

Gibbs, James, Philip, 1875-

Gibbs, James, Philip, 1875-1965

Gibson, William C.

Gigli, Irma, M.D.

Girard, Louis J.

Gittings – History

Glen, John King – 1899-1969

Goar, Everett L.

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von, 1749-1832

Goff, Frances E., 1916-1994

Gomez-Mira, Christina

Gonzales, Dr. Jorge Mario (1951? -2009)

Good Samaritan Foundation (Houston, Texas)

Goodall, Robert J. (?-1996)

Goolishian, Harold A. 1924-1991

Gorgas, William Crawford, 1854-1920

Gotto, Antonio M. 1935-


Grabois, Martin

Grafenreed, Mark ( a paper titled “…the differences between God’s children…” about integration of Methodist Hospital in Houston)

Graham, Evarts Ambrose, 1883-

Graham, John-1918-1992

Grant/ Fay Park (Houston, Texas)

Graves Family

Gray, Henry, 1825-1861

Gready, Donald Miller, 1912-1996

Greater Houston Hospital Council

Greater Houston Partnership Health Care Houston2004/2005

Green, Lawrence W.

Greenberg, Joanne

Greenberg S. Donald, 1930-1999

Greenwood Sanitarium (Dr. James Greenwood, M.D.)

Greer, Alvis E., 1885-1975

Gregory Raymond L., 1901-1988

Griswold, Culver McFerrin, 1845-1964

Grose, Nellie P., 1943-

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center- Institutional Collection no. 39

Gunn, Albert E.

Gyorkey, Ferenc 1918-1993




HCCS – John B. Coleman College

HEI –Publishing, Inc.

HIV Service Providers

HMO’s  Healthy Wealthy, Wise? Houston Chronicle Series 4/1/87- 4/5/87

Haas, Felix L. Manuscript Collection no. 27

Haden, Henry C. 1873-1956

Hagberg, Carin  Ann M.D.

Hahnemann University (Philadelphia, Pennyslavnia)


Hall C. William

Hallson Charles H.-1994

Halpert, Bela, 1896-June 4, 1984

Ham, Goldie Suttle, 1896-1979

Hamilton, Alice 1869-

Hamilton, Carlos Robert, 1908-1991

Hammond, James W., 1913-

Hammond, William alexander, 1828-1900 Bibliography

Hamrick, Wendell H. 1907-1978

Harberg, Franklin James, MD

Harrell, Helen Cardone R.N. 1922-2009

Harrell, Travis Mangrum, 1962-

Harris, Herbert Houston, 1906-

Harris County Academy of General Practice Institutional Collection no.52

Harris County Health Department (Texas) Institutional Collection no.30

Harris County Hospital District

Harris County Hospital District- Lyndon B. Johnson General Hospital

Harris County Hospital District- Quentin R. Mease

Harris County Hospital District- Monthly 1991- Sept- Dec 1992, not available from Publisher

Harris County Medical Society

Harris County Medical Society Auxiliary (materials related to the gathering of biographical sketches of physicians)

Harris County Medical Society – Early member—Ca 1894-1903

Harris County Medical Society – Historical Committee

Harris County Medical Society – Foundation for the Museum of medical science

Harris County Medical Society – Retired Physician organization

Harris County Medical Society – Your Guide to Health, 1983-1985

Harris County Psychiatric Center (Texas)- Institutional Collection no.67

Harris County Public Health Care System Council -2005

Harris, Robert Bruce- 1928-1995

Harrison, Preston, E. 1911-1975

Hartgraves, Ruth, MD 1901-1995

Hartsell, Horace Clay, 1918-1995

Harvin, William C. -1919-2007

Hassenbush, Samuel, M.D.

Haughton, James G.

Hause, Abe, 1902-

Hauser, Robert I. 1933-1996

Hayes, Herbert Thomas, 1891-

Health Access Texas

Health Awareness Week news vol.1 no. 1981-

Health Legislation- 1730-1988

Health Legislation Exhibit –List of books used

Health Care International

Heard, Jesse Griffin (Pat) 1905-1967

Heart Transplantation

Heart Assist Devices – Timeline

Heart Bulletin – List Images covers- Location codes for artwork

Hefner, James M.D.

Heights Hospital Houston, Texas

Helfland, William H.

Hench, Philip Showalter, MD, 1896-1965 (See MS# 76)

Herff, Ferdinand-1820-1912 – Gazette #541 and 1208

Hermann, George Henry, 1843-1914

Hermann, H. George Memorial

Hermann Hospital, Houston, Texas

Hermann Hospital – Laboratories

Hermann Hospital – Mission, History, Pictures

Hermann Professional Building

Herrera, Jose Jr., M.D.

Herzog, Sofie Dalia, 1846-1925

Hi Care Hiroshima International Council for the Health Care of the Radiation- exposed (ABCC)

Hickey, Robert C.

Higgins, Clarence Ronald Jr. 1925-2004

High school for the Health professions – Houston, Texas

Hilkemeyer, Renilda Estella 1915-2001

Hill Col. George A. Jr. – Nov.2, 1949

Hill, James A. -1872-1956

Hill, R. Kelly Jr. 1952

Hill, Reba Ann Michels, 1930-1994

Hill, Robert Moore 1914-

Hill William T. Lecture Series

Hinds, Edward C.

Hiroshima, City of, Peace Declaration (Hibakusha) August 6th 2013-2021 (ABCC)

Hiroshima, Nursing Care after bombing (ABCC)

Hiroshima Peace memorial museum  (ABCC)

Hiroshima – “Welcome to Hiroshima: a guide to newcomers”; 1984 (ABCC)

Hirsh, Bertha -1884-1956

History of Dentistry – Texas

History of Medicine

History of Medicine – Cuero, Texas

History of Medicine—El Paso, Texas

History of Medicine – Dallas, Texas

History of Medicine – Galveston, Texas

History of Medicine – Taylor Jones–Haskell County Medicine Society

History of Medicine – Texas Timeline – Texas Medicine, Jan. 2003

History of Medicine – U.S. J.A.M.A centennial celebration articles by L.S. King, M.D.

History of Medicine, Medieval “Medical Lore” Booklet distributed by Jones Apothecary, Houston Texas

History of Medicine, — U.S. 18TH central threads of treatness a bicentennial tribute to physician- statemen political stethoscope, vol.15 no.1, Feb. 1976

History of Medicine – Pittsburgh, PA Pittsburgh: a city and its medicine

History of Medicine—Montgomery County,Texas 20th century  medical  register – 1907-1949 (Gift of Dr.Hutchins, Conroe, Texas)

History of Medicine –Texas Pioneer Medical Men—by Chauncey D. Leake 1955

History of Texas Medicine and Quackery in 19th Century Texas by Ellen N. Murry H.C. 6-11-1989

History of Medicine 20th Century “Texas Medical Education in Dallas, 1900-1910”

History of Medicine –Harris County, Texas “History of Organized medicine in”—by Historical Committee of H.C.M.S. 1948

History of Medicine –Hidalgo County, Texas “Society and Health in the lower Rio Grande Valley” by William Madsen 1961

History of Nursing – Bibliography

The History of Psychiatry in Texas: A collection of interviews and programs (165 video cassettes) in library catalog Bib # 304320

History of Science Society

Hitt, Sam

Hobby, Oveta Culp

Hodges, James Edward, 1875-1957

Hodgkins, Thomas, 1798-1866

Hoff, Hebbel Edward 1907-1987, manuscript collection no. 23

Hoffman, Philip Guthrie 1915-2008

Hogg, Frank Baylor, 1869-1908

Hogg—Mike Hogg Fund – Mike Hogg Award

Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

Holcombe, Oscar F.

Holistic Health Association

Holloway, Lisabeth M.

Holman, Emile, 1890-

Holmes, Dr. Robert H. – ABCC

Hope Clinic

Hoovestal, P.J. 1925-1996

Horning, Evan C., – 1993


Hospice at the Texas Medical Center

Hospital and Health Survey of Harris County -1947

Hospitals and Health Survey of Harris County

Hospitals Corporation of America

Hospitals – History –Texarkana

Hospitals – History – Texas

Hospitals – History, Texas – 1985 Directory

Hospital – United States

Hospitals – U.S. – History

Hospitals Psychiatric –18th Century

Hospitals, Psychiatric – Texas

Hospitals public – Houston Texas (19th Century) (Civil war)

Houston, City of

Houston Academy of Family Practice

Houston Academy of Medicine

Houston Academy of Medicine – Texas Medical Center Library – History

Houston Academy of Medicine – Texas Medical Center Library Plaques

Houston Academy of Medicine –Texas Medical Center Library – Operating  Agreements

HAM Academy of Medicine – Texas Medical Library – Institutional Collection no.1

Houston Area Health Care Coalition (Texas)

Houston Area Rehabilitation Association (HARA)

Houston Area Research Center

Houston Area Research Library Consortium

Houston Area Survey, 1982-2005

Houston, Chamber of Commerce

Houston City Magazine, March, 1981-Life and Death by Mimi Swartz

Houston City Magazine – December, 1981  Electro convulsive Therapy – “Shocking”

Houston City Magazine – April 1983 Cosmetic Surgery –“ A Stitch in time”

Houston City Magazine – Nov.1983 Medical Guide—“Houston Health care 1983”

Houston City Magazine – Nov. 1982- Street Therapy – Houston Mental Health Maze

Houston City Magazine – December, 1982- the Money Raisers

Houston City Magazine – June 1984, Medical Guide- Advertising Section

Houston City Magazine – June 1985, Medical Guide- Advertising Section

Houston Community College

Houston Dermatological Society

Houston District Dental Society

Houston Ear Research Foundation

Houston eye ear nose & throat hospital clinic

Houston Endowments Inc. – 1937-1997 1997 Annual-Report

Houston Fitness

Houston Forum on Aging (Texas) – U.T. Health Science Center

Houston Galveston Area Council and HGAC Health systems of agency institutional collection no.37

Houston/ Galveston Psychoanalytic institute

Houston Graduate School of theology (Texas)

Houston General Hospital

Houston group psychotherapy society

Houston Gynecological and obstetrical society

Houston-Harris County TB Association (tuberculosis)

Houston home & garden- July, 1985 – medical guide – advertising supplement

Houston Hospice

Houston Hospice & Palliative care system – Tributes, 2003-

Houston International Hospital

Houston Maps

Houston mass transit

Houston Negro Hospital

Houston Nutrition Research forum

Houston Ophthalmological and OTO-laryngological section of the Houston academy of medicine

Houston Ophthalmological Society

Houston Pediatric Society

Houston psychiatric society – upstream

Houston review history and culture – fall, 2004- v.2 no.1- Texas Medical Center Issue-

Houston Society of Clinical pathologists – Seminars 1964-65

Houston Society of Clinical Pathologists – Seminars 1966-

Houston Society of Internal Medicine

Houston Speech and Hearing Center (Texas)

Houston Surgical Society

Houston Symphony

Houston Urological Society- History

Houston (Texas) Health Department

Houston (Texas) – History

Howard, Hughes medical institute

Hsu, Katharine H.K. 1914-2007  (tuberculosis)

Huggins, Russell A., 1910 –

Human Inc. (Louisville, Kentucky)

Humor—Manubrium Heights,  Artist Bill Andrews

Humor – Medical

Hunter, John, 1722-1793

Hurt, Dr. R. Wayne



IIDA, Kaori – Genetics – Development of Genetics in Japan in First Half of 20th Century

Influenza – History – New Orleans

Innova (Houston, Texas)

Institute for the Inter professional of Health Law- U.T. H.S.C & U. of H. Bates College of Law

Institute of Hemotherapy

Institute for Rehabilitation and Research (TIRR) Houston, Texas

Institute for Spirituality and Health (formerly Institute of Religion) See IC# 16

Internal medicine – History – Maryland

International Cancer Congress, 10th , Houston, Texas 1970

Iraq – Medical stories

Irwin, Debra Sue – Newspaper clipping, 2009



Jablon, Seymour – ABCC

Jackimczyk, Joseph, M.D. – July 31,1977

Jackson, Richard H. 1925-1993

Jackson, Ruth, 1902-

James, Dean

Jaworski, Leon

Jefferson Davis Hospital

Jewish Institute for the medical research Houston, Texas

Johnson [L.B.J.] General Hospital (Lyndon B. Johnson General Hospital)

Johnson, Hermann W. 1883-1958

Johnson, Paul Edwin, 1936-2011

Johnson, Richard J.V., 1930 –

Johnson, Robert Marion, 1904-1971

JOJI Kenji (ABCC, Hiroshima bombing account) (ABCC)

Jones, Jesse Holman, 1874 -1956

Jordan, E. Dwight and Timothy D. Jordan- Correspondence List of Donated Books

Jordan, Paul H., 1919-

Jordan, George Lymann, 1921-1994

Jorns, C Forrest, 1908 –

Juliano, R.L.

Jung (C.G.) Educational Center of Houston, Texas

Junior League of Houston Children’s clinic Collection

Justice, William Wayne (Judge) – “Is the law’s treatment of the insane sane?” s



KS/ Aids Foundation of Houston Inc

Kahn, Eugen – Manuscript collection no.74

Kaiser, Dr. Larry

Karkowski, Joseph Lee

Karnaky, Karl John, 1907- Manuscript collection no.22

Karotkin, Lester 1915-2010

Kassell, Dorothea- Manuscript collection no. 12

Keen, William Williams, 1837-1932

Keegan, James M. 1923-2007

Keilers, Royce M.D.

Keiller, Violet Hannah MD

Kellaway, Peter, 2003

Kelsey, John – Manuscript collection no.61

Kelsey Seybold Clinic – International Collection no.49

Kelsey Seybold Foundation See also-Kelsey clinic no. 49

Kerr, Charles Denton, 1903-1976

Kester, Dale

King, Bill (-2009)

King, Frank Bozemann, 1864-1936

King, Joe Wesley, 1915-1979

Kingsley, Josephine d. 1907

Kirkendall, Walter Murray, 1917-1991

Klanke, Charles Williams 1909-1990

Kleberg, Richard M.

Kline, Mark Wendell 1957

Klineberg, Stephen L. (“Interesting Times” video and Houston survey)

Klotman, Paul

Knight, James A.

Knight, Vernon

Knobil, Ernst

Knolle, Guy Edmund 1898-1973

Knotts, Glen R.

Kobs, Alfred “Pidd”

Kodama, Kazunori, MD (ABCC)

Kodani, Masuo- (ABCC)

Komaki, Ritsuko (ABCC)

Kraft, Irvin A.

Kubie, Lawerence S. (Psychiatry)

Kyle, J. Allen 1871-1951



Labadie, Nicholas D. 1802-1867

Ladwig, Charles Lloyd – 1993

Lam, Dominic Man – Kit

Lancaster, Edgar H. d. 1943

Lange, Dr. Robert – ABCC

Language and Speech Disorders

Larrey, Richard M.

Latimer, Mark H. 1900-1966

Lavaca County, Texas- Alpine

LeMaistre, Charles A.

Leader, Abel J. 1911-1980- Obituary in Texas Medicine vol.77 Feb. 1981 page 86

Leake, Chauncey

Leavens, Milam MD

Leavitt, Lewis Audrey – 1919-1977

LeBus, Howard Ervin- 1922-2006

Ledbetter, Abbe Alzo- 1902-1978- Obituary appears in Texas   Medicine v.77 pg.82 June, 1978


Legislating Health (milestones involving Government and Health)

Legislation, Drug – History

Leonardo, da Vinci, 1452-1519

Leper Colonies

Lerner, Samuel R.1921-1987

Levine, Jack H. – Manuscript collection no.72

Levine, Philip

Levy, Barnet M.1917- Manuscript Collection no. 60

Lewis, Everett Bryan, – 1992

Lieberman, Michael, Dr.

Life Flight

Life Gift Organ Donation Center

Lifeline Chaplaincy (Houston, Texas)

Link Family- Dr. Edwin William Link and Dr. Henry Reeves Link

Lions Eyes of Texas Eye Bank

Lister, Joseph, 1827-1912

(The) Living Bank, Houston, Texas

Louge, Lyle J. 1884-

Long, Crawford Williamson-1815-1878- Anesthesia Discovery- pg.27

Longley, Neill B. 1931-2011

Low, M. David

Lucci, Dr. Joseph A. – 1921-2008

Lucile, Robey -1893-1983

Lufkin, Hyperbaric Center

Lummis, Frederick R.

Lutheran Hospital- Reuss Memorial, Cuero, Texas

Lyme Disease – History



MAAS, Julius & Dorothy – Book Collection

MacDonald, Eleanor J

MacIntyre, Robert S. 1912-1976

Mading, Webb 1887-1953

Madsen, Alva Charles- 1901


Majors Scientific Books – History -1997

Malpractice – Texas

March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation

Marcus, Marianne, Ed. D

Matas, Rudolph 1860-1957

MATSUZAKA, Yoshimasa, M.D., “Notes on a Study of Former ABCC,” 1985 (ABCC)

Mattox, Kenneth, M.D., Ben Taub Hospital trauma care

Maurer, Joseph – Collection of Photographic Negatives

Mauskar, Anant -1932

Mauric, George- Julian-Jacques- Le Disque intervertebral incomplete article introduction and Bibliography gift of Joseph M. Munill, MD 1995

Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota –Texas Connection – Pages 10-25

Mayo, Williams James and Charles Horace mayo M.D. Anderson Cancer – History

McClimans, Robert A. 1924-1993

McCredie, Kenneth B., – 1991

Mc Dowell, Ephraim, 1771-1830

McFarland, Russell 1919-2006 – Friends Board Member

McGehee, Frank O. 1911-1995

McGovern, Allergy Clinic (Houston, Texas)

Mc Govern, John P. Collected works

McGovern, John P. – Festschrift in Honor of – 1981

McGovern, John P. – at Historical Research Center

McGovern, John P. – Book Collection

McGovern, John P. Biographical Information Folder #1

McGovern, John P. – Pamphlets Lectureships—

McGovern, John P. – Obituaries

McGovern, John P. – Curriculum Vitae

McGovern Center for Humanities and Ethics

McGovern Historical Collections

McGovern Museum of Health and Medical Science

McHenry, Jr. R. Kingsley 1926-1993

McHenry, Sr. R. Kingsley 1890-1949

McIntosh, Henry Deane 1921-2008

McKay Family

McKeever, Duncan Clark, 1905-1959

McLean Lecture- Verna and Marrs Mc Lean

McMechan, Francis Hoeffer-1879-1939

Mc Mullen, Jr. Faber Francis L. (-2009)

Mc Neese, Alymer G. Jr. 1911-

Mc Whorter, James Edison, 1862-1933

M.D. Anderson Cancer Center — History

M.D. Anderson Cancer Letter

M.D. Anderson Hospital from Thomas D. Anderson

Medical Arts Building (Houston, Texas

Medical Center Del Oro Hospital (Houston, Texas)

Medical Collectors Association

Medical Community Television System

Medical Habit Control Centers Inc.

Medical Heritage Art Waco, Texas

Medical History – United States

Medical Illustration – History

Medical Illustration—Texas

Medical Symbolism (2copies) – Renaissance and Baroque

Medical Arabic – History

Medical, Herbal

Medicine, Traditional

Medicine in Art- Folder 1

Medicine in Art- Folder 2

Medicine in Art- Folder 3

Medi Clinic

Medrano, Dr. Estela (1943?-2010)

Medserv Inc. (Houston, Texas)

Memorial City Medical Center (Houston, Texas)

Memorial – Hermann Timeline

Memorial Hospital System [Baptist Sanatorium], (Houston, Texas)

Memorial Hermann Health Care

Memorial Hermann Health – Various Brochures

Memorial Hermann Life Fight

Mendelsohn, John

Menninger Miracles in Mind, 2007-

Menninger, Karl Bibliography

Menninger, W. Walter

Menninger Clinic (Houston, Texas)

Menninger Library –Publicity

Menniger, Perspective

Menninger Psychohistory Review

Menninger – Rare Book List & Cataloging – Grimes Appraisal

Menninger – Rare Book Catalog – Notes to Compare Holdings with HAM-TMC Library

Menninger – Rare Book & History Committee –

Menninger – Trip to Topeka

Mental Health Association of Houston and Harris County

Mental Health Needs Council- needs for mental health services in Harris County

Merchant, Alice G. 1860-1940-(Nee Blackadder)

Methodist Hospital

Meyer, Leopold, Leopold (1892-1982) Baylor Board Member

Microbiology – Texas

Microscopes — History

Middleton, Nathaniel Hill 1856-1900

Military Medicine – History

Military Nursing

Mills, James Theodore (1901-1974) – Plastic Surgery

Minority Health Reception 2002 or 2003

MLA South Central Chapter So. Cent Connection

Moloney, Dr. William C.  (ABCC)

Mood Points – Pubby: DMDA Houston & Harris County – Name change spring 2003 – DBSA Houston & Harris City

Moody, Irving Wright, 1911-1968

Moore, Duncan Lewis, 1919-1996

Moore, Francis Daniels, 1913-

Moore, Francis Daniels -1913-Bibliography

Moore, Harvin Cooper 1875-1917

Moore, John T., -1951

Moreton, Robert D. 1913-1992

Morris, George C. Jr. M.D. – (1924-1996)

Morrow, Kyle & Josephine

Moursund, Walter Henrik, 1884-1959- Article entitled relapsing fever in the Americans

Muller-Eberhard, Hans J. –May 5, 1927-March 3, 1998

Mullins, Charles Edward 1932-

Mumford, David Meday

Murad, Ferid, 1936-

Museum of Printing History Houston, Texas

Mygdal, Eugenie Kamrath (Sculptor)

Mystery Doctor, Houston ca. 1948



NAGASAWA, Katsuji [ including NAGASAWA’s paper in Japanese on Wat Sutow] (ABCC)

NAKAHARA, Satoe (Rongelap,  nuclear testing, Marshall Islands)

NAKAYAMA, Mr. Tsutomu (ABCC)

NASA- History Office

National Academy of Sciences

National Association of Free Handling emergency center

National Center for Human Performance (Houston, Texas)

National Foundation for Ileitis and Colitis, Inc- Houston Gulf Coast Chapter

National Heart and Blood Vessel Research and Demonstration Center (Houston, Texas)

National Kidney Foundation

National Library of Medicine

National Network of Libraries of Medicine – South Central Region

Neel, James V. (Part1)  (ABCC)

Neel, James V. (Part2) (ABCC)

Nelson, J. Robert (John Robert) -1920

Neoplasma – Texas

Nervous System – Pathology

Netter, Frank H.

Neurology – History

Neurosensory Center of Houston

Neustadt, Elsa- Letter

New age hospice of Houston, Inc.

New Beginnings

Newsletter of the Vulnerable & Indigent population Health care Task Force (UIP Forum)

Nichols, Burford L., 1931-

Nixon, Sam A. 1927-2003

The Nobel Prize 1963

Normann, Stephaine L.

Norris, Annie L. Richardson

North, John Paul, 1901-1977

Northeast Medical Center Hospital (Humble, Texas)

Novy, Frederick George, 1864-

Nurses (Nurse’s Coalition for Action in Politics)

Nursing – Houston, Texas

Nurse Practitioners – Houston, Texas

Nursing – Houston, Texas

Nursing – Texas

Nursing Leadership Institute

Nutrition Education Association



Obstetrics – History

Odyssey House

O’Heeron, Michael Kinney, 1908-1980- Manuscript collection no.6

Ohlhausen Sidney Gordon, 1912- Manuscript Collection no.45

Ohlson, Virginia (ABCC)

Olson, John Victor

O’Malley, Bert W.

Orton Society

Olser B. Norham Gardens- Green College, Oxford University

Olser, William, Sir 1849-1919

Olser, William – notes for articles on ‘‘The Olser Table”

Olser Society –Bulletin 1951-1953(Houston)

Osteopathic –Medical Center of Texas- 1946-2004

OTA, Masakatsu “Masa” (ABCC)

Otolaryngology – Houston, Texas



Painter, Joseph T.

Palm, William M. 1913-1995

Papadopoulos, Constantinos N. 1931-8/2007

Pargament, Kenneth Ph.D.

Parish, Elizabeth Ellen “Betsy” 1946-2018

Park Plaza Hospital

Parker, Virginia- HAM-TMC Librarian

Parkland Hospital, Dallas

Parrish, B. Brian, 1946-1992

Pate, John W.1917(?)-1999


Pathology “The History of Pathology inn Texas “1996 Digitized 2012

Paton, David

Paton, Donald Munro, 1906

Patrick, Ralph Curtis, 1898-1979

Patten, Bernard M.-Reprint

Pawelek, Louis G. 1895-

Pediatrics Center for Personal cancer genomics and Therapeutics (Baylor)

Pediatrics – History

Penicillin-C.S.C. Reporter

Pennsylvania Hospital (Philadelphia)

Perez, Jose, 1929-

Periodicals – Texas

Petersen, Henry A. 1894-1965

Peterson, Lysle H.

Petri, Dana Eastes, RN, 1921-2019

Petri, Karin Aileen, 1908-1984

Pharmacopoeias, Dispensatories and Formularies in the John P. McGovern History of Medicine Collection

Philo, Ronald

Physicians – Georgia

Physicians – Southeast Texas

Physicians – Texas –African American-1964

Physicians – Texas –Brewster County

Physicians –History – Eagle Lake

Physicians – Texas Howard County

Physicians – West Texas

Physiology – United States

Pierce, R.V.

Pittman, James Edward, 1904-2004

Plarred Parenthood – Houston

Plants Medicinal – Bibliography

Pokorny, Alex D. 1918-2007-Manuscript Collection no.39

Pokorny, William J.-1994

Polio Vaccines 1960 Symposium Academy of Medicine New Jersey


Positron Diagnostic & Research Center, UTHSC

Postcards – Glossary Dating

Posten, Francis

Program Daily Bulletins, Other Bulletins-1949

Postgraduate Medical Assembly of South Texas

Potter, Claudia, 1881-1970- Gazetter #4543

Powell, Elizabeth Balas-1914-2007

Prairie View A&M College Nursing

Pregnancy – Teenage

Preservation Report -2007

Pressler, Herman-1902-1995

Preston, Jane

Preston, John

Project Orbis Inc.

Pruitt, Raymond D. M.D.

Psychiatric Bulletin

Psychiatric Services of Houston

Psychiatry—History –Texas

Psychiatry – United States

Psychosomatic Medicine –History

Public Health –Great Britain –Bibliography

Public Health –Texas –History

Pugh, Martha

Purdie, Robert McNair- 1898-1945

Purdue, Gary, M.D. – 1945?-2010


Qualtrough, Walter Frank, 1904-

Quinn, Clinton Simmon- 1883-1956



Radiation Effects research facility – (Hiroshima & Nagasaki, Japan) (ABCC)

Radiology – Texas

Radnofsky, Barbara Ann – Friends Board Members

Radovancevic, Branislav -1952-2007

Railroad Medicine –

Rakel, Robert E. 1932 –

Ramazzinig, Bernardino, 1663-1714

Raven, Dr. Clara-(ABCC)

Ray, Priscilla

Raymer, Warren Joseph, 1920-2000

Rayon “The Story of Rayon” Maud and Miska Petersham 1939

Research Center for Cooperative Civil Societies, Rikkyo University, Tokyo (papers related to civil activism around nuclear issues)

Red, Samuel Clark, 1861-1940

Redman, A.H. Jr.

Reece, Charles Dickens-1903

Reed, Joel E. 1925-

Regional Medical Library Program

Regional Medical Program of Texas

Regional Medical Program of Texas – Newsletter

Reid, William L. 1921-2003

Reiser, Stanley Joel

Religion and Medicine – Medical History in the bible

Remmers, August Raymond -1929-2007

Renfert Henry Jr. 1920-2003

Retina Research Foundation (Houston, Texas)

Retina Research Foundation (United States)

Ribble, John C. 1931-

Rice University, Houston

Rice University Women in Medicine

Riley, James A. – (ABCC)

Rita (Research Initiative, Treatment Action)

Riverside General Hospital (Family Houston Negro Hospital)

Roadman, Charles Harvey- 1914-2000

Robbins, E. Freeman, 1888-

Robbins, Robert C., MD

Robinette, Dr. Dennis

Robinson, Hampton C., 1914-

Robinson, W. Tryon- 1912-1993

Rockefeller Archive Center

Rodger, Lawrence Rodney -1920- Manuscript Collection No. 30

Root, Elihu N., -2007

Rosewood General Hospital Houston, Texas

Ross, Griff T. –Manuscript Collection No.77

Ross, Garrett and Association

Royce, Thomas Luhm – 1914-1967

Rubella Epidemic

Rudolph, Arnold Jack- 1918-1995

Ruiz- Razura, Arnado, -2008

Rush, Benjamin -1745-1813-Bibliography

Russell, Phil R., -1894

Russell, Dr. Walter J. – (ABCC)

Ryan, Andrew Jack -1928-2000



St. Anthony Center (Houston, Texas)

St. Anthony Hospital Amarillo, Texas

St. Elizabeth Hospital (Houston, Texas)

St. Joseph’s Hospital (Houston, Texas)

St. Joseph’s Infirmary (Houston, Texas)

St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital (Houston, Texas)

St. Marks Hospital, La Grange, Texas

Sabine Vaccine Institute (Texas Children’s Hospital)

Saburi, Yuki – Paper on Difficulties of Americans and Japanese (ABCC)

Sakoda, Mr. George (ABCC)

Saltzberg, Bernard 1919-1986 – U.T. Medical School 1976-1989 –“See who was who in America”

Sam Houston Memorial Hospital (Houston, Texas)

Same-sex marriage (Supreme Court ruling, June 26, 2015)

Sammons, James Harris, 1927-

San Jacinto Lung Association

San Jose Clinic (Houston, Texas)

Sawada, Shaji – Residual Radiation Effects (ABCC)

Scardino, Peter H. 1833-1964

Scher, David

Schiflett, Mary

Schilling, Nicholas, 1845-1919

Schimel, John L.

Schools, Medical –History –Texas Medicine May 1980

School Institute (Houston, Texas)

Schull, William J (Part1) (ABCC)

Schull, William J (Part2) (ABCC)

Schull, William J (Part3) (ABCC)

Schultz, Jacob 1905-1971

Schultz, Stanley G.

Schneider, Rose G.

Schull Institute (ABCC)

Schwarting, Joseph

Schweppe, H Irving Jr.-1930

Scott and White Memorial Hospital –History

Scott F. Brantley 1930-1991

Scurlock, Eddy Clark, 1905-

Scurlock, Eddy Clark-1905-1988


Seals, Dr. Mary – ABCC

Selke, Oscar O. 1917?-2003

Sellers, David S. 1852-1927-(MO)

Serafino, Joseph Paul, 1898-1953

Seybold, William D. – Manuscript Collection no.4

Sharpstown General Hospital (Houston, Texas)

Shea, Genevieve, MD

Shearer, Thomas Palmer 1902-1970

Shenaq, Saleh M. 1948-2007

Sher, Malcolm Foote -1914-2006

Sherrill, Ethan Allen -1907-1968

Sherrill, William Morgan -1994

SHIGEMATSU, Itsuzo; SEE Manuscript 157 (ABCC)

SHIRABE, Raisuke (ABCC-related, Nagasaki bomb survivor) (ABCC)

Shine, Kenneth MD (UT Medical Chief)

Short, David H., -1994

Shriner’s Hospital for Crippled Children-Institutional Collection no.28

Sid W. Richardson Institute for Preventive Medicine

Siegler, Howard


Silverfish – Pest Control –

Sims, James Marion, 1813-1883

Sinclair, Thomas A. 1843-1940

Singleton, Albert Olin, 1882-1947

Singleton, Albert O. 1915-1980

Singleton, Edward B.

Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate word—United States

Slataper, Felician J. 1880-1954

Smith, Edward T. -1901

Smith, Edwin L.

Smith, Lavra K. 1926-2005

Smith, May Forster-1874-1938

Smith, Dr. Mervyn L. 1943?-2009

Smith, Richard J.H., 1953-

Smocovitis, Vassiliki, Betty (See also KODANI  Masuo) (ABCC)

Smoking –New York J. of Medicine 1983-1985

Smythe, Cheves McCord

South Main Center Association-Institutional Collection No. 55

South Texas Medical Association

Southeast Texas Poison Center

Southern Pacific Hospital

Southwest Institute of Immunological and Infectious Disorders (Houston, Texas)

Southwest Native Arts Festival Oct.3-Nov.1-1986

Southwestern University Medical College Dallas, Texas – 1908-Pharmacy Graduates

Space Bioprocessing Research Institute (Houston, Texas)

Sparkman, Robert S. – Correspondence –off points

Spies, Tom Douglas, 1902-1960

Spina Bifida Association of Texas- Houston Chapter

Spinal Cord – History

Spjut, Harlan J., 1922-

Spontaneous Human Combustion


Stapleton, William John, 1876-1976

Steele, James H. U.T.S.P.H. Lectures-(part.1)

Steele, James H. – Manuscript Collection No.104-(Part.2)

Steele, James H. – Food Irradiation Papers –Manuscript Collection No.104-(Part3)

Stehlin Foundation for Cancer Research

Steinberger, Emil & Anna

Stemmler, Christina

Stephenson, Betty Pearce, 1927-

Sterling, Ross S.

Sterling, Walter G.

Stewart, Robert Hampton-1939-2008

Stoll, Barbara J., MD (dean of U.T. Health Medical School)

Stone, Marvin J., 1937-

Stork, Walter Jacob 1900-1994-Manuscript no.9

Story, Orville

Stough, John Threw, 1902-1974

Strashun, Aileen Petway -1911-2006

Strassman, Erwin O. 1895-1972-His Father Paul –Strassman

Strassman, Paul Ferdinand, 1866-1923

Stream, Kathryn S. PhD

Stuart, David Finney -1833-1909

Stunkard, Albert “Mickey” MD (copy of proposed book “An American in Ruins of Japan) (ABCC)

Sullivan, Dr. Margaret P.

Surgical Kits (pre-antiseptic era)

Surgery—History –Virginia

Surgi, Marie Louise, 1915-1995 (Married names Speck)

SUZUKI, Dr. Masamichi  (ABCC)

Swine Flu -2009




Tang, Rosa A.

Tarr, Anges De Lawder, 1907-1977

Taub, Ben – 1889-1982

Taub, Henry, J.N

Taylor, Fred M., 1919-

Taylor, H. Grant, 1903-1995 Lectureship (ABCC)

Taylor, Judson Ludwell, 1881-1944

Taylor, Martin Junius, 1870-1949

Tebo, Heyl G.

Texas –County History

Texas – County History

Texas General Land Office


Texas A&M University / Baylor College of Medicine Joint Graduate Program

Texas A & M University Institute & Bioscience and Technology (Houston, Texas)

Texas Academy of Family Physicians

Texas Allergy Society

Texas Association of Railway Surgeons

Texas Cancer Plant Spirit

Texas Children’s Hospital (Houston, Texas)

Texas Children’s Hospital (Houston, Texas) – History

Texas Children’s Hospital -20th Anniversary

Texas Club of Internists –Directories

Texas Clinical Research Center (Houston, Texas)

Texas Commerce Medical Bank (Houston, Texas)

Texas Consortium of Geriatric Education Centers

Texas Department of Health

Texas Heart Institute, Houston IC #43

Texas Journals (early)

Texas Kidney Institute

Texas Medical Association – Notes TMA President on page 20

Texas Medical Association – Fifty Year Club -2002

Texas Medical Association -1997- History of Medicine Calendar

Texas Medical Association-2005 History of Medicine Calendar 100 Years Texas Medicine

Texas Medical Center- Gardens

Texas Medical Centers, Inc.

Texas Medical Center 1965(?)

Texas Center – Economics

Texas Medical Center – “Road to Excellence” by Thomas H. Guthrie, Jr., MD

Texas Medical Federal Credit Union

Texas Medical Center History

Texas Medical Center Inc. Historical Resource Project

Texas Medical Center, Inc. Transportation Coordinator

TMC – Maintenance Group

Texas Medical Foundation

Texas Medicine Jan.2003 150th Anniversary Issue

Texas Monthly May, 1973 Freaks in the Examining Room

Texas Monthly April, 1979- Super Medicine Issue

Texas Monthly March 2005 Doctor’s Behaving Buddy

Texas Monthly – January 1980 – The Baby Factory – Jeff Davis Hospital

Texas Nursing Students Association

Texas Orthopedic Hospital

Texas Osteopathic Medical Association

Texas Otolaryngological Association

Texas Pain and Stress Center

Texas Partnership for End – of Life Care

Texas Podiatry Association

Texas Radiological Society

Texas Rehabilitation Commission

Texas Research Institute of Mental Sciences (Houston)

Texas Research Institute of Mental Sciences (TRIMS) – Ref. Newspaper Clippings (with Xeroxes)

Texas Scientific Communicators

Texas Society of Anesthesiologists

Texas Society of Child Psychiatry – Institutional Collection No.64

Texas Society of Pathologists, Inc. Directory -1996

Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians

Texas Sports Medicine Center (Tomball, Texas)

Texas State Board of Medical Examiners – Medical Practice Act

Texas State Board of Medical Examiners- Licensure Application Files Publicity for Collection –

Texas State Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation

Texas State Library

Texas State Surgical Society

Texas State Tuberculosis / McKnight State Sanatorium (San Angelo, Texas)

Texas Voice Center

Texas: West Texas area Doctor’s

Texas Women’s University College of Nursing

Thomas, Orville C. 1915-2007

Thompson, Thomas C.

Tie – History

Titus, Jack L.

Titus, Harris Society (Galveston, Texas)

Traber, Peter G.

Tree of Hippocrates, UT Health Medical School

Trentin, John Joseph, 1918-

Trevisio Restaurant, Houston, Texas

Trible, John 1885-1947

Tropical Storm Allison- June, 2001

Tropical Storm Allison-2001

Trotter, Betty Wheless

Trujillo, Jose M.

Trumble, Theodore Joseph, 1929-1993

TSU School of Pharmacy

Tuberculosis – Bibliography

Tuberculosis – Texas

Tuberculosis, Pulmonary – Bibliography

Tucker, J. Norris, 1912-1993

Tulane, University – Medical School (Houston, Texas)

Tunnell, John and Rose

Turbeville, Dr. Ann Cook, 1935-2009

Turner, Benjamin Weems, 1889-1972

Turner, Claude Gary, 1904-1963

Turner, John Harolde, 1894-1940

Tuttle, Lee Lyman Dewey, 1898-1981

Tuttle, Robert L. 1922?-2004

Twelve Oaks Hospital (Houston, Texas) – Work in Progress



Ulert, Izaak Alan, 1913-2012

Underwood, David M. 1937-

University of Houston

University of Houston- College of Optometry

University of Houston Sleep and Anxiety Center for Kids

University of St. Thomas – School of Nursing

University of Texas – History and Legislation-

U.T. Health Science Center-Graduate School Biomedical Sciences

U.T. Health Science Center- Center for Health Promotion Research and Development

University of Texas Southwestern Psychiatry

U.T. Health Science Center at Houston-Mental Health Institute

UTHSC – Mobile Clinic -2006

UTHSC- Pathology (Dept of)

UTHSC- Public Affairs

UTHSC – School of Health Information Sciences

U.T. Health Science Center- Speech and Hearing Institute

University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

U.T. Medical Branch- Folder1

U.T. Medical Branch- Folder 2

U.T. Medical Center Galveston- Folder1

U.T. Medical Center Galveston- Folder2

UTMB- Galveston- UTMB Magazine -2004

University of Texas Medical Branch- Institute for the Medical Humanities –

U.T. Health Science Center- Space Health Sciences and Technology Form

U.T. Medical School Dept. of Family Practice – History

U.T. Medical School

U.T. Medical School – Social Invitations

University of Texas Houston Medical School-faculty wife and women faculty

U.T.M.S – Organ Transplantation- Texas Kidney Institute

University of Texas Mental Sciences Institute (Houston, Texas)

University of Texas Neuroscience Research Center

UT- Postgraduate School of Medicine

University of Texas Postgraduate School of Medicine, Houston

University of Texas School of Biomedical Informatics

UT School of Dentistry at Houston

U.T. School of Nursing

U.T. School Public Health

University of Texas System Development Board Development Newsletter

Urologic thought in ancient Mesopotamia



Vandenbossche, Leo John, 1907-1994

Vandenhoof, F.D. Collection

VanZant, Birto Thomas, 1875-1955

Varner, Roy V., 1936-2004

Velek, Miroslav, 1932-1992

Verna and Marrs McLean Lectures

Vesalius, Andreas

Veterans Administration Hospital, Houston, Texas Institutional Collection no.32

Veterans Administration (Houston, Texas) – History of Street Names

Veterinary Medicine

Vetter, David

Virchow, Rudolf Ludwig Karl, 1821-1902

Visiting Nurse Association of Houston, Inc

Voss, William R – Collection of Laboratory Equipment



Wagner, Ephriam L. 1917

Walker, E. Don – Chancellor of U.T. System

Wainerdi, Richard

Wainerdi, Richard E. – Oral History – Oct.2007

Wakil, Salih J.

Wald, Dr.Niel –ABCC

Wallace, David Richard, 1825-1911

Wallace, Grover C.

Wallace, Mark

Wanak, Ms. Mary Anne

Warner, Clyde M. 1897-1969

Ware, Elgin W

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