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Friends – Notecards

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The Friends of the TMC Library have created a series of note cards that highlight the history of medicine and those who practiced it. The first series of cards represent early depictions of nurses at work at various institutions throughout Houston and the Texas Medical Center. It is interesting to view these cards and see how far we’ve come in the nursing profession. They make great gifts for any note-writer regardless of whether they are history buffs or not. Each box of six cards features a variety of historic medical images and sell for $10.00 per box.

The second series of note cards features a single historic photo of Christmas Eve, 1937, in front of Memorial Hospital for Sick and Crippled Children. Compare the small house and building to today’s Memorial Children’s Hospital and you can mentally trace the commitment to care and growth of pediatric medicine for the health of our children. This unique note card comes in a box of six and sells for $10.00.

If you are interested in purchasing a box of cards, please contact Rebecca Denkeler at or phone 713.799.7108. Or complete the downloadable order form and mail to:

Friends of the TMC Library | 1133 John Freeman Blvd | Houston TX 77030