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shelves at the HRCWelcome to the The Black Bag: Foundations of Medicine created by the staff of the  John P. McGovern Historical Collections and Research Center.  The McGovern Collections are part of the Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center (HAM-TMC) Library located in the heart of the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas.  Visit our web site for more information.
This blog is a tool to let our friends know what is new at the McGovern Collections (or what is really really old), what our current projects are and, in general, what we are up to.
The McGovern Collections consist of rare books, manuscripts and institutional collections. The archive contains collections about past physicians in the Houston area, the history of medicine in Texas, the Texas Medical Center, the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission, North American rheumatologists, medical-related photographs, artifacts, and ephemera. The rare books include the Burbank/Fraser collection on arthritis, rheumatism and gout; the Cora and Webb Madding collection on public health; and the McGovern collection on the history of medicine.