Ask a Librarian

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Alethea Drexler
archives assistant
Gina and I have been numbering the rare books so that they will be easier to reshelve when they’re moved to the new space on the first floor.
Yesterday afternoon, I pulled a volume of Wood’s Library of Standard Medical Authors (1883) off of the shelf in and saw this:
McGovern Woods Library 97 vol 2 front cover
My first thought was that I did not want to meet the insect that could do that, but then we realized it wasn’t insect damage.
That, friends, is a bullet hole.
(Insert Texas jokes here.)
Thankfully, there aren’t any bloodstains, but it did quite a number on the pages
McGovern Woods Library 97 vol 2 pages
The exit wound:
McGovern Woods Library 97 vol 2 page edges
There was collateral damage.   This is the back cover of next book in the set.
McGovern Woods Library 98 vol 1 back cover