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Cross species applicability of psychiatric diagnosis and treatment (1969)

Alethea Drexler, archives assistant
I found this recently on the back of an article saved in MS159, the Dr. Herbert Fred papers (it’s crossed out because it wasn’t the item of interest).
Cross Species applicability - cat
British Medical Journal, volume 299, 23-30 December 1969, page 1569.
Scientists will note that one subject is not a valid sample size, but cat owners will note that of course cats are happier with toys, snuggles, and playmates.
It’s also good to know that the British Medical Journal values patient anonymity, even when you’re a cat.
Note: Please don’t give your cats milk.  Most adult cats are lactose intolerant and, as noted in the article, milk can cause gastric upset and diarrhea[1].
[1] PetMD, “Top Five Cat Myths Debunked“.