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TMC History Showcase Video

Screenshot from the TMC History Showcase video by McGovern Historical Center, Texas Medical Center Library.

By Sandra Yates, Head of McGovern Historical Center

We created a short, 5-minute video to give you a taste of the great audiovisual materials that we have at the McGovern Historical Center. The video contains clips from four films and one phonograph record preserved in the archives, dating from 1947-1969. The video showcase highlights the early history of the Texas Medical Center.

List of materials featured in the showcase:

The Texas Medical Center as featured on Television by Humble Oil & Refining Co.” (1952) [IC 002 Texas Medical Center records, AVF.IC002.003]

First 20 years of the Medical Center produced by KPRC-TV (1964) [IC 002 Texas Medical Center records, AVF.IC002.002]. Features: Dr. Michael DeBakey, Baylor College of Medicine

Passing in Review, M. D. Anderson Hospital Blood Bank (1946) [MS 002 Ernst William Bertner, MD papers, AVA.MS002.001]. Features: the voice of Dr. E. W. Bertner. Includes: Portrait of Dr. E. W. Bertner (circa 1942) [MS 070 R. Lee Clark, MD papers]

Interview With Haskell Karp 12 Hours After His Artificial Heart Implant (April 4, 1969) [IC 043 Texas Heart Institute Film Collection, AVF.IC043.270]. Features: Dr. Denton Cooley, Texas Heart Institute.

Report on the Texas Medical Center: a public service presentation recorded by the KHOU-TV (1960s) [IC 002 Texas Medical Center records, AVF.IC002.004] Features: Dr. William Spencer, TIRR.