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Provider: Frontiers
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Descriptions: Frontiers was launched in 2007 by scientists from the Swiss Federal Institute of  Technology in a grassroots initiative.  Frontiers is an open-access, scholarly, primarily scientific publisher, producing 26 community-driven journals with growing impact factors, and with more than 25,000 high-impact researchers on its editorial boards. Frontiers is notable for a democratic system of peer review, the details of which can be examined under the "About" section. Authors with accepted articles who demonstrably cannot bear the cost of publication can apply to the Frontiers Research Foundation for a grant to waive some or all author fees. Waivers are dependent on the World Bank economic status of the author's country. Many video lectures are posted in a keyword-searchable, subject-browse interface. Read abstracts of about 180 downloadable e-books, which can be purchased for a negligible fee. The Frontiers Community part of the site is home to an image bank, an international conference/events schedule, a blogging platform with numerous active blogs, and a jobs board. Authors, editors and reviewers come from prestigious institutions worldwide, many of them from the Texas Medical Center. To participate in the networking components, Frontiers Research Network and Frontiers Community, complete the free online registration form. Maintain contact and receive alerts via almost any social networking tool or via RSS feed. Many TMC researchers participate.
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SUMSearch 2

Provider: University of Kansas School of Medicine, Wichita
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Descriptions: SUMSearch 2 simultaneously searches free Web resources: PubMed, DARE (Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects) and National Guideline Clearinghouse for evidence-based healthcare information. It groups results by category: original studies, systematic reviews, and guidelines. Entries from the blog ClinDx are displayed, along with the New England Journal of Medicine's Image Challenge, CME cases, and Physician's First Watch medical news. Recent articles from ACP Journal Club are also displayed.
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