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Windows into the McGovern Historical Center

TMC Library Exhibit Featuring McGovern Historical Center Archival Collections

by Matt Richardson, Archivist and Special Collections Librarian October is Archives Month! The TMC Library is celebrating with a special opportunity to support the McGovern Historical Center. Help us secure the history of the Texas Medical Center. Since the McGovern Historical Center is headquartered a couple miles south of the main TMC Library, visibility… Continue Reading Windows into the McGovern Historical Center […]

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McGovern Medical Medallions Ready for Research

MS 200 Tray 1 McGovern Medical Medallions including Sigmund Freud and Marie Curie.

by Matt Richardson, Archivist and Special Collections Librarian. Attention numismatists, exonumists, historians of medicine, and lovers of all things McGovern! Your friendly neighborhood archivists are proud to announce the availability of the MS 200 John P. McGovern Medical Medallions Collection. This collection consists of medallions commemorating people, conferences, and other events in the history of… Continue Reading McGovern Medical Medallions Ready for Research […]

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“I Question" by Anonymous

by Kelsey Koym Archives Intern The Menninger collection contains hundreds of books spanning the various periods of psychological history and its specialties. Although the idealization of Freud and his near idol-like status saturate many of the pages of these books, unique items will stand out written by the patients of these medical professionals. One of… Continue Reading “I Question" by Anonymous […]

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Mad for Mading: A Glimpse Into the Past of Public Health

Snapshot of books on shelf from Mading Collection

Keya Gokhale Special Collections Intern Are you a current public health student or researcher? Do you just love old books? Come check out the Mading collection at the McGovern Historical Center! It is a one-stop shop for information regarding the worldwide history of public health. It has works dating back as far as 1767, all… Continue Reading Mad for Mading: A Glimpse Into the Past of Public Health […]

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By Philip Montgomery Head of the McGovern Historical Center Sophia Hsu, a doctoral candidate at Rice University, is the first Scholar-in-Residence at the McGovern Historical Center. The Scholar-in-Residence program is designed to allow researchers access to the McGovern Historical Center archives and special collections. The program encourages scholarly research and collaboration, teaching, and the use… Continue Reading Scholar-in-Residence […]

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E-Vesalius comes to TMC Library

  By Philip Montgomery Head of the McGovern Historical Center The Electronic Vesalius project has come to the TMC Library. The e-Vesalius is a digital facsimile of Andreas Vesalius’ De Humani Corporis Fabrica, a landmark text of Renaissance anatomy that has been credited with inaugurating Western internal medicine. The e-Vesalius is touch sensitive. Touching the… Continue Reading E-Vesalius comes to TMC Library […]

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by Philip Montgomery Female hysteria is the topic of today’s blog. MJ Figard, archivist and rare book librarian, recently acquired new books for our Rare Book Collection from Howard Rootenberg with B&L Rootenberg. The first is an 1889 two-volume set of essays titled “History of Pathology of Vaccination” edited by Edgar M. Crookshank. The second… Continue Reading Hysteria […]

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Dissertations and Theses

The culmination of an advanced degree is usually a document describing and proving an original contribution to scholarship. Today’s scholars typically put their Dissertations or Theses online, such as the ones available at DigitalCommons@ The Texas Medical Center No electronic publishing for the 17th century student! Students at Basel Switzerland were among some of the… Continue Reading Dissertations and Theses […]

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