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South Central Chapter of the Medical Library Association records

The South Central Chapter (SCC/MLA) is one of 13 chapters of the Medical Library Association (MLA), a professional organization of individuals and institutions in the field of health sciences librarianship, serving the south central states of Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Upon a signed agreement in 2007, The McGovern Historical Center (MHC) of the TMC Library is the official repository for the institutional archives of the South Central Chapter of the Medical Library Association (SCC/MLA). Members of SCC/MLA deposit the records of the organization annually, and they have access to the materials. The information on this page is intended to facilitate the SCC/MLA membership to use and contribute to their archives.

Overview of Collection
About the Collection
Sending Materials to the Archive
Guidelines for Collecting
Requesting Materials
Processing & Access

Overview of Collection

Collection ID: IC 036
Collection Title: South Central Chapter of the Medical Library Association records
Dates: 1966-present
Size (2022): 40 boxes equaling 21.5 cubic feet
Inventory available and searchable at

About the Collection

The SCC/MLA records contain organizational history, photographs, bylaws, reports, policies, annual meeting records, executive board records, meeting minutes, committee documents, local arrangements materials, membership directories, procedure manuals, newsletters, oral histories, and digital media. The collection documents the activities, people, membership, leaders, and committee work of the SCC/MLA.

Materials also include records related to:

  • Hospital Library Interest Section
  • Texas Council of Health Libraries
  • South Central Academic Medical Libraries (SCAMeL) Consortium

Sending Materials to the Archive

  1. Review IC036 MHC Instructions for Submissions.pdf
  2. Consult with the Archivists (Contact Us)
    • MHC Archivists will be happy to talk with you and assess the details of your potential submission.
  3. Complete the Material Submission Form,
  4. Pack the materials
    • Maintain original order of the records. For instance, remove records from your filing cabinet, keeping files in order. If you used binders to organize your records, submit the binders as is. When we process the collection, we will remove the content in the order maintained in the binder. Binders will be discarded.
    • Ideally, place records in standard document boxes (12″ w x 15″ l x 10″ h). Contact the Archives staff if you have:
      • odd-sized items that do not fit in document boxes
      • any born-digital items (floppy disks, hard drives, or other computer equipment that contain related records)
    • Try to fill boxes. If more than one record group is in a box, separate each group with a labeled sheet of paper.
    • No hanging files. If you must submit hanging files, please do not hook hanging files on the box edges.  This keeps lids from fitting on boxes.
    • If sending confidential or restricted records, please indicate “Restricted” clearly on the box label.
  5. Label the boxes
    • Use the attached label template to label each box. The template provides two labels per page, so you can print several of these forms and complete them as you pack boxes.
    • Please complete the portion below the double-line.
    • Affix a label to each box or place in each box on top of contents.
    • Provide the following information indicated on the label:
      • Box #: Number boxes (1-99999) as you pack them, maintaining original order.
      • Date Range:  If indicated on the folders, provide the years in which the files are dated. If dates are not readily available, provide an estimated date range.
      • Description: Provide a brief description of the contents, indicated on the folders) in the box. For example, you can note various folder labels found within the box. This will provide general and immediate access to the records before a more detailed inventory is created.
  6. Provide brief list of contents (optional)
    • Provide a general inventory of the submission that includes the number of boxes and their content. You can use the provided spreadsheet template (IC036-Submission-inventory_yyyymmdd.xlsx) to complete the inventory.
  7. Deliver the materials
    • If local, contact Archives staff to schedule a date and time to bring the materials to the Archives.
    • Notify Archives staff that materials have been shipped. Provide estimated delivery date and tracking information. We recommend using a carrier that provides shipment tracking to ensure the materials arrive safely.
    • Send the Inventory to the Archives prior to shipping or delivering the collection.
    • We will contact you to confirm when materials are received by the Archives.

Guidelines for Collecting

According to the SCC Procedures & Guidelines for collecting archival materials:

  • SCC Secretary collects all documents to be deposited to the SCC/MLA Archives.
  • Materials should be submitted by December 31st each year.
  • Here is a list of suggested materials to contribute to the collection. Also, you can review the Archiving Guidelines for MLA Units,
    • Membership directories
    • Newsletters
    • Officer and committee chair reports
    • Officer and committee chair goals and objectives
    • Financial records and reports
    • Minutes of the Annual Business Meeting
    • Minutes of Executive Board Meetings
    • Procedure Manual and Revisions
    • Bylaws
    • Committee Rosters
    • Other Chapter Publications
    • Voting Records
    • Photographs from Annual Meeting
    • Annual reports to MLA
    • Official correspondence, president
    • Annual Meeting Documents
    • Website
    • Memorabilia
    • Chapter History Updates

Requesting Materials

You can request access to materials in the collection.

  • Search the site and identify items for request. Note any id# or the url link to the item description.
  • To view the items in-person: You can make an appointment to view in the reading room
  • For remote access: Contact Us or fill out a request form, and we can send copies to you.
  • Archives staff can provide:
    • Reference assistance
    • Low-resolution reference images or photocopies of folder contents
    • High-resolution scans of photos, papers, audiovisual materials
    • Digital media contents, like file list, disk images, or file transfers.
  • Original materials can be returned if needed. These are the organization’s records and SCC has full ownership.

Processing & Access

Once materials are sent to the archives:

  • The materials are accessioned upon arrival.
  • Materials are rehoused into archival boxes and folders. They are removed from binders and any fasteners (like staples) are also removed.
  • Folders are inventoried. Original order is maintained as much as possible.
  • New addendum is imported into the collection site at
  • The entire collection is searchable. Members can search and request materials from the collection.
  • Also, you can add descriptive information to the collection. We invite SCC members to enhance the collection’s descriptive content via the “Help describe this collection!” link in the collection page under Notes element. In the General Notes section, click the link Help describe this collection!
Screenshot detail highlighting Help describe the collection! link
Enhance the collection’s descriptive content via the “Help describe this collection!” link in the collection page under Notes element.