ABCC Photograph Collection

Institutional Collection No. 99


Repository: Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library; The John P. McGovern Historical Collections and Research Center, 1133 John Freeman Blvd.Houston, Texas 77030-2809.
Creator: Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission.
Title ABCC Photograph Collection
Dates: 1946-1979
Quantity: 9 Boxes (4.5 cubic feet)
Abstract: The ABCC Photograph Collection contains pictures of staff, survivors, buildings, and events that pertain to the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The dates of the photographs range from 1946, when the ABCC was established, to 1975 when it became the Radiation Effects Research Foundation (RERF). The collection contains 9 boxes of photographs that vary in size and are in good condition.
Identification: IC 099
Location: Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library, Houston, Texas.
Language: English

Organizational Notes

The Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission (ABCC) was formed after the bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and August 9, 1945. On November 18, 1946, President Harry Truman authorized the National Research Council to establish the organization β€œto undertake long range, continuing study of the biological and medical effects of the atomic bomb on man.” Key members of the ABCC included Lewis Weed, Austin M. Brues and Paul Henshaw, physicians from the National Research Council, and Army representatives Melvin A. Block, and James V. Neel. By the time the ABCC arrived in Japan on November 24, 1946, the Japanese had already started studying the effects on both immediate and delayed atomic bomb damage in survivors. Masao Tsuzuki was the leading Japanese authority on the biological effects of radiation and determined the different types of damage caused by the bombs and the effects on the human body.

By 1951, the ABCC had 1063 employees, 143 allied and 920 Japanese. The most important contribution of the ABCC was the genetics study which focused on the long-term effects of radiation exposure on pregnant women and their unborn children. The study also looked at the effects of radiation on survivors and their children. The ABCC did not actually treat the survivors that they studied, but it did give the survivors an opportunity to receive several medical checkups each year.

By the mid-1950s, trust in the ABCC was declining. The Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) had threatened to stop funding in 1951, but James Neel managed to convince them to continue funding for another three years. In 1956 Neel and William J. Schull published their final draft of The Effect of Exposure to the Atomic Bombs on Pregnancy Termination in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Over time, the ABCC would become the Radiation Effects Research Foundation (RERF). The RERF was officially establish on April 1, 1975 and is a binational organization run by both the United States and Japan to this day.

This information was taken from the Radiation Effects Research Foundation website at and from the donor cards of the collection located in the The John P. McGovern Historical Collections and Research Center.

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Scope and Content Note

The ABCC Photograph Collection consists of photographs of various sizes of staff, survivors, buildings, and events that pertain to the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The vast majority of the photographs are black and white and in good condition. The dates of the photographs range from 1946 to the 1970s. The collection is in one series, with the photographs housed in envelopes and totals nine boxes. The collection provides photographic evidence of the destruction and injuries caused by the atomic bombs, and how the Japanese and allied doctors and military personnel worked together and the cultural exchanges that occurred. The photographs focus on the staff and the different things they did with their Japanese counterparts and not of the survivors that they studied. The photographs are in good condition. Some photographs have corners that are bent or have been crumpled. Others have come off of the backing they were glued to. There are some photographs that have yellowed or have some discoloration on them.

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Arrangement of Collection

The photographs are separated into subjects for the most part. Examples include staff, subjects, buildings, and events. Not all of the photographs are arranged appropriately which has led to the collection being arranged into just one series.

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Access restrictions

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User restrictions

Some restriction may apply, including copyright restrictions. Consult an archivist.

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The McGovern Historical Center holds collections of papers of personnel who worked at the Atomic Bomb Casualty Committee and the Radiation Effects Research Foundation. These collections include: IC 085 ABCC-RERF records, MS 063 Walter J. Russell, MD Papers, MS 064 Robert D. Lange, MD Papers, MS 065 Herman Wigodsky, MD Papers, MS 066 Howard B. Hamilton, MD Papers, MS 067 William Schull, PhD Papers, and MS 068 Carl F. Tessmer, MD Papers, MS 170 William Schull Photo Collection, MS 073 William C. Moloney, MD Papers, MS 089 James V. Neel, PhD Papers, MS 090 Ivan Duff, MD Papers, MS 092 Frank W. Putnam, MD Papers, MS 093 Marvin A. Kastenbaum, PhD Papers, MS 095 Raymond C. Anderson, MD Papers, MS 097 Jarett Folley, MD Papers, MS 100 Gilbert Beebe, PhD Papers, MS 101 Robert W. Miller, MD Papers, MS 112 Joseph L. Belsky, MD Papers, MS 161 ENAMI Akiko ABCC-RERF papers, MS 162 UEMOTO Merry ABCC-RERF papers, MS 207 Kiyoko Minato papers, MS 044 H. Grant Taylor, MD Papers. This collection was pulled from IC 098 and similar collections. All photographs have been catalogued and are available through the online catalog.

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Index terms


This collection is indexed under the following headings in the online catalog. Researchers desiring materials about related topics, persons, or places should search the catalog using these headings.

Subject (Persons)

Allen, LeRoy R.
Asano, Tateo
Belsky, Joseph
Brewer, Ken
Brewer, Nancy
Brewer, Richard
Burks, Polly Riley
Chitts, Phyllis Riley
Darling, George, Dr.
Fillmore, Paul G., Dr.
Folley, Jarrett H., Dr.
Isaka, Shiro
Kadota, Emily
Kennedy, Edward M.
Maki, Hiroshi, Dr.
Matsumoto, Y. Scott
Moloney, William C.
Moriyama, Iwao, Dr.
Nagai, Isamu, Dr.
Nakamura, Mohei
Ono, S., Dr.
Pryde, Arthur W., Dr.
Rappaport, Mick
Roosevelt, Eleanor
Sakoda, George
Schull, William J.
Setsuko, Chichibu, Princess
Shimomura, Jane
Stein, Glenroy A.
Sutow, Mary
Sutow, Wataru, Dr.
Taylor, Harvey Grant, Dr.
Tsukafuji, Neal, Dr.
Tsuzuki, Masao, Dr.
Umeda, Thomas
Warren, Earl
Wedemeyer, Midori Ogawa
Wedemeyer, William J., Dr.

Subjects (Organizations)

Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission
Japan Science Council Special Committee on Atomic Energy
Japanese National Institute of Health
Kyushu University
Radiation Effects Research Foundation
United States Army
United States Atomic Energy Commission
World Health Organization


Marshall Islands
Rongelap Atoll


Atomic Bomb Damage
Atomic Bomb Effects
Atomic Bomb Survivors
Atomic Bombings
Atomic Bombs
Burn Scars
Department of Clinical Laboratories
Department of Medicine
Department of Obstetrics
Department of Pathology
Department of Pediatrics
Department of Radiology
Department of Statistics
Department of Surgery
Effects of Atomic Bombs
Effects of Radiation on Health
Flash Burns
Growth and Development
Marshall Island Studies
Staff Meeting
Tumor Registry

Subject (Genres)


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Preferred Citation

ABCC Photograph Collection, 1946-1975, IC 099; John P. McGovern Historical Collections and Research Center, Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library.

Please cite the box and folder numbers where appropriate.

Processing Information

Items were taken out of a larger collection (IC 098 TMC Library Historical Photograph Collection). P-5185 was taken out of its individual box and put in order with the rest of the collection. P-5181 remains in its own individual box. To maintain consistency with the library catalog and IC 098 TMC Library Historical Photograph Collection, items were processed at the item level and ordered according to catalog numbers. Recommendations for future action include re-housing photographs from their current envelopes into appropriate folders, and reorganizing the collection to group photographs of the same subject together.



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Other Finding Aids

Other finding aids that are available that pertain to the ABCC include MS 044 H. Grant Taylor, MD Papers, MS 063 Walter J. Russell, MD Papers, MS 064 Robert D. Lange, MD Papers, MS 065 Herman Wigodsky, MD Papers, MS 066 Howard B. Hamilton, MD Papers, MS 067 William Schull, PhD Papers, MS 068 Carl F. Tessmer, MD Papers, MS 073 William C. Moloney, MD Papers, MS 089 James V. Neel, PhD Papers, MS 090 Ivan Duff, MD Papers, MS 092 Frank W. Putnam, MD Papers, MS 093 Marvin A. Kastenbaum, PhD Papers, MS 097 Jarett Folley, MD Papers, MS 112 Joseph L. Belsky, MD Papers.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: Photographs; 1946-1975
Scope and Content Note: This series consists of photographs of personnel who worked at the Atomic Bomb Casualty Committee (ABCC), subjects that were studied, photographs of the facilities at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and parties and events that involved the doctors and nurses of the ABCC. These include individual and group vacations, staff and administration meetings, and visits from key figures such as the Crown Prince of Japan and Senator Edward Kennedy.
Box Folder
1 P-3747 ABCC’s Dept. of Pediatrics 1950
P-3748 ABCC’s Security Staff 1950
P-3749 ABCC’s Dept. of Radiology 1950
P-3750 ABCC’s Dept. of Statistics, Biometrics, and Epidemiology 1950
P-3751 ABCC’s Director’s Office 1950
P-3752 ABCC’s Dept. of Surgery 1950
P-3753 ABCC’s Illustration and Duplication Section 1950
P-3754 ABCC’s Dept. of Pathology 1950
P-3755 ABCC’s Dept. of Clinical Laboratories 1950
P-3757 ABCC’s Construction and Maintenance Section 1950
P-3758 ABCC Employees 1950
P-3759 ABCC’s Illustration and Duplication Section 1950
P-3760 ABCC’s Library Staff 1950
P-3761 ABCC’s Dept. of Medicine (Obstetrics) 1950
P-3762 ABCC’s Clinical Laboratories 1950
P-3763 ABCC Personnel Section 1950
P-3764 ABCC’s Dept. of Medicine 1950
P-3765 ABCC Director’s Office 1950
P-3766 ABCC Clinical Laboratories 1950
P-3767 ABCC’s Dept. of Statistics (Medical Records) 1950
P-3768 ABCC Food Services 1950
P-3769 ABCC Maintenance Crew 1950
P-3770 ABCC’s Pathology Laboratories 1950
P-3771A ABCC’s Japanese Nursing Staff and Technicians 1950
P-3771B ABCC Nurses 1950
P-3772 ABCC’s Dept. of Sociology 1950
P-3773 ABCC’s Departmental and Section Heads 1950
P-3774 ABCC Administrative and Professional Staff 1950
P-3775 W.H.O. Sponsored Meeting 1960
P-3776 Meeting of NAS-NRC Advisory Committee to ABCC 1967
P-3777 ABCC’s Dept. of Statistics 1950
P-3778 Meeting and ABCC 1960s
P-3779 Meeting and ABCC 1960s
P-3780 Group picture taken at a meeting at ABCC 1960s
P-3781 Coronation Day Celebration (British Officers Club) 1953
P-3782 Internal Medical Staff 1954
P-3783 Picnic on an uninhabited island 1953
P-3784 Valentine’s Day Party 1954
P-3785 ABCC members socializing at a bar 1954
P-3786 ABCC members and guests socializing 1950
P-3787 Party at BOQ 1953
P-3788 ABCC members in front of wreath 1953
P-3789 William C. Moloney, M.D. 1954
P-3790 Party at the BOQ 1953
P-3791 Group of ABCC Members 1954
P-3792 Japanese Nurses in Class 1949
P-3793 ABCC Nursing Display 1948-1951
P-3794 ABCC Nurses 1970s
P-3796 Kure Nurses 1948
P-3797 ABCC Japanese Nurse Supervisors 1950
P-3798 Japanese Nursing Staff 1951
P-3799 ABCC nursing home visit kit 1948-1950
P-3803 Dr. Black-Schaffer, Pathology 1948-1951
P-3805 Dr. Maki, NIH 1948-1951
P-3806 Dr. Folley and Dr. Fillmore, Internal Medicine 1948-1951
P-3807 Dr. Poole, Pediatrics, and Harry Dean, Administration 1948-1951
P-3808 Dr. Carson, Biochemistry 1948-1951
P-3809 Dr. Pryde, Radiology 1948-1951
P-3810 Dr. Luykx, Biostatistics 1948-1951
P-3811 Dr. Neal Tsukafuji, Surgery 1948-1951
P-3812 Polly Riley Burks 1948-1951
P-3813 Dr. Wedemeyer, Pathology 1948-1951
P-3814 Ken and Nancy Brewer 1948-1951
P-3815 Physical Examination Room, Kure 1948
P-3816 Fleet of ABCC cars at Hijiyama 1949
P-3819 Mrs. Pearl Kimura teaching nurses 1950
P-3820 Miss Akutagawa, ABCC Nursing Supervisor 1950
P-3821 Japanese nurses studying in library 1950
P-3823 Mrs. Eliasson teaching public health class 1950
P-3824 Dr. Arthur Tucker and Chiye Yamanaka giving Japanese B shots 1950
P-3825 Mrs. Kimura, ABCC nursing supervisor 1950
P-3826 First ABCC Field Day 1952
P-3827 Members of the April Group, ABCC 1947
P-3828 Initial Technical Assistants, ABCC 1947
P-3829 Autopsy Report 1947
P-3830 View of the city of Kure 1947
P-3831 General view of ABCC control are, Kure, Japan 1947
P-3832 Kure Mutual Relief Hospital 1947
P-3833 Laboratory of ABCC 1947
P-3834 Conference in office of Dean, Nagasaki Medical College 1947
P-3835 Members of ABCC hold a conference with Governor of Nagasaki 1947
P-3836 Conference at Nagasaki 1947
Box Folder
2 P-3837 Shinohara Chart of Radioactivity 1947
P-3838 Conference in Dr. Oro’s Laboratory 1947
P-3839 Members of ABCC hold a conference with medical faculty in Fukuoka, Japan 1947
P-3840 Members of ABCC hold a conference with school officials at the School of Agriculture, Fukuoka, Japan 1947
P-3841 Members of ABCC examine Shinohara 1947
P-3842 Dr. S. Ono, ABCC with Dr. Tsuzuki at the Kyushu Institute of Pathology 1947
P-3843 Chart of Blood Counts 1947
P-3844 ABCC Control Work 1947
P-3845 Members of the Unitarian Mission inspecting parasitology 1950
P-3846 Members of the Unitarian Mission arriving at Ujima 1950
P-3847 Abnormal bone marrow form 1947-1952
P-3848 Lymph node follicle and syncytial ring 1947-1952
P-3849 Hiroshima Atomic Strike 1945
P-3850 Scar, H. Niimi, Hiroshima, Japan 1947
P-3851 Keloid and contracture, K. Kikkawa, Hiroshima 1947
P-3852 H. Niimi, Hiroshima 1947
P-3853 H. Niimi, Hiroshima 1947
P-3854 Keloid and ulcer, K. Kikkawa 1947
P-3855 Yamaguchi, M. Nagasaki 1947
P-3856 Sonoda, Y., Nagasaki 1947
P-3857 Sakamoto, N., Nagasaki 1947
P-3858 Sonoda, Y., Nagasaki (pix II) 1947
P-3859 Shimada, Y., Nagasaki 1947
P-3860 Miura, C., Nagasaki 1947
P-3861 Miura, C., Nagasaki 1947
P-3862 Y. Shimada, appendectomy scar 1947
P-3863 Fukahori, T., Nagasaki 1947
P-3864 Miura, H., Nagasaki 1947
P-3865 Yoshikawa, F., Nagasaki 1947
P-3866 Keloid of chest 1947
P-3867 Motomura, K., Nagasaki 1947
P-3868 Flash-burn scar of hand with contracture 1947
P-3869 Flash-burns of breasts with hyper-pigmentation and depigmentation 1947
P-3870 Miyazaki, K., Nagasaki 1947
P-3871 Nishida, C., Nagasaki 1947
P-3872 Mori, S., Nagasaki 1947
P-3873 Sakaki, Y., Nagasaki (scar of forehead) 1947
P-3874 Scars of back from glass fragments 1947
P-3875 Ryu, S., Nagasaki 1947
P-3876 Flash-burn scars of arms with contracture 1947
P-3877 Flash-burn scar with keloid 1947
P-3878 Scar of forehead (2) 1947
P-3879 Kozasa, S., Nagasaki 1947
P-3880 Kozasa, S., Nagasaki 1947
P-3881 Kozasa, S., Nagasaki 1947
P-3882 Traumatic scar of arm 1947
P-3883 Flash-burn scar of leg with contracture, N. Nakayama, Nagasaki 1947
P-3884 Keloids of neck and right shoulder 1947
P-3885 Flash-burn scar with keloid and hyper-pigmentation 1947
P-3886 Miyazaki, N., Nagasaki 1947
P-3887 Nakamura, S., Nagasaki 1947
P-3888 Flash-burn scar with keloid 1947
P-3889 Flash-burn scar with depigmentation and keloid 1947
P-3890 Traumatic scar of hand 1947
P-3891 Tanaka, T., Nagasaki 1947
P-3892 Flash-burn scar of arm and face 1947
P-3893 Flash-burn scar of arm and face 1947
P-3894 Ide, Y., Nagasaki 1947
P-3895 Nakamura, C., Nagasaki 1947
P-3896 Hirayu, S., Nagasaki 1947
P-3897 Flash-burn scar 1947
P-3898 Flash-burn scar (2) 1947
P-3899 Flash-burn on feet 1947
P-3900 Tsuji, S., Nagasaki 1947
P-3901 Traumatic scar of chest 1947
P-3902 Traumatic scar on back 1947
P-3903 Shibata, E., Nagasaki 1947
P-3904 Matsumoto, S., Nagasaki 1947
P-3905 Nakao, S., Nagasaki 1947
P-3906 Nakao, Kuniko, Nagasaki 1947
P-3907 Nakao, Tak, Nagasaki 1947
P-3908 Matsuo, H., Nagasaki 1947
P-3909 Matsuo, H., Nagasaki 1947
P-3910 Matsuo, H., Nagasaki 1947
P-3911 Nakao, Mitsuyoshi, Nagasaki 1947
P-3912 Nakao, Kiyoshi, Nagasaki 1947
P-3913 Face, Lupus 1947
P-3914 Matsuo, Yoshitaka, Nagasaki 1947
P-3915 Von Recklinghausen’s Disease (?) 1947
P-3916 Tsuru, C., Nagasaki 1947
P-3917 Traumatic scar (thigh) 1947
P-3918 Traumatic scar of leg 1947
P-3919 Linear scar of scalp 1947
P-3920 Umawatari, R., Nagasaki 1947
P-3921 Traumatic scar (tape over term) 1947
P-3922 Ikeda, Y., Nagasaki 1947
P-3923 Flash-burn scar of neck 1947
P-3924 Flash-burn scars of arm and hands 1947
P-3925 Keloids of chest 1947
P-3926 Keloid of arm and lip 1947
P-3927 Keloid of right arm 1947
P-3928 Nagaoka, M., Nagasaki 1947
P-3929 Matsuo, Nai, Nagasaki 1947
P-3930 Nakao, Matsu, Nagasaki 1947
P-3931 Yamaguchi, Iwamatsu, Nagasaki 1947
P-3932 Urakawa, Mume, Nagasaki 1947
P-3933 Urakawa, Setsuko, Nagasaki 1947
P-3934 Yamaguchi, Teru, Nagasaki 1947
P-3935 Uchino, Z., Nagasaki 1947
P-3936 Shibue, Y., Nagasaki 1947
P-3937 Traumatic scars, right arm 1947
P-3938 Hirashima, K., Nagasaki 1947
P-3939 Nakazono, K., Nagasaki 1947
P-3940 Araki, T., Nagasaki 1947
P-3941 Migita, T., Nagasaki 1947
P-3942 Flash-burn scar of chest 1947
P-3943 Flash-burn scar of face 1947
P-3944 Suzuki, H., Nagasaki 1947
P-3945 Suzuki, Nara, Nagasaki 1947
P-3946 Oshima, Y., Nagasaki 1947
P-3947 Nakamura, T., Nagasaki 1947
P-3948 Tsuru, Katsuziro, Nagasaki 1947
P-3949 Matsuo, S., Nagasaki 1947
P-3950 Matsuo, Ichimatsu, Nagasaki 1947
P-3951 Matsuo, Kiyoko, Nagasaki 1947
P-3952 Iwanaga, K., Nagasaki 1947
P-3953 Nakashima, K., Nagasaki 1947
P-3954 Urakawa, Matsu, Nagasaki 1947
P-3955 Masuda, A., Nagasaki 1947
P-3956 Araki, Yasuo, Nagasaki 1947
P-3957 Araki, Teruyoshi, Nagasaki 1947
P-3958 Araki, Shizu, Nagasaki 1947
P-3959 Flash-burn of left ear and face 1947
P-3960 A. Sato, flash-burn scar of face 1947
P-3961 A. Sato, flash-burn scar of face 1947
P-3962 A. Sato, flash-burn scar of left knee 1947
P-3963 Traumatic scars 1947
P-3964 Multiple glass fragment scars 1947
P-3965 Flash-burn scar of face 1947
P-3966 Iwatsu, M., Nagasaki 1947
P-3967 Shimokawa, Y., Nagasaki 1947
P-3968 Flash-burn scars of face and arms 1947
P-3969 Flash-burn scars of face and arms 1947
P-3970 Flash-burn scar with contracture 1947
P-3971 Flash-burn scar with contracture 1947
P-3972 Nakagawa, T., Nagasaki 1947
P-3973 Keloid 1947
P-3974 Multiple wound scars, back 1947
P-3975 Fukahori, M., Nagasaki 1947
P-3976 Tagawa, K., Nagasaki 1947
P-3977 SHibahara, Y., Nagasaki 1947
P-3978 Epilation 1947
P-3979 Yamamoto, K., Nagasaki 1947
P-3980 Hyper-trophic scar, right arm 1947
P-3981 Flash-burn scars, arms 1947
P-3982 Flash-burn scars, back 1947
P-3983 Flash-burn scars, left arm 1947
P-3984 Flash-burn scar, left elbow and traumatic scars, buttocks 1947
P-3985 Jyuhashi, K., Nagasaki 1947
P-3986 Yoshida, S., Nagasaki 1947
P-3987 Yonekura, K., Nagasaki 1947
P-3988 Morinaga, T., Nagasaki 1947
P-3989 Crusted Impetigo, Y. Shibahara 1947
P-3990 Matsuo, Toshituki, Nagasaki 1947
P-3991 Matsuo, Toshiyuki (child), Nagasaki 1947
P-3992 Inohira, F., Nagasaki 1947
P-3993 Keloids on chest 1947
P-3994 Takada, M., Nagasaki 1947
P-3995 Nakao, T., Nagasaki 1947
P-3996 Kosasa, T., Nagasaki 1947
Box Folder
3 P-3997 Yamaguchi, T., Nagasaki 1947
P-3998 Yamaguchi, K., Nagasaki 1947
P-3999 Matsuo, Isao, Nagasaki 1947
P-4000 Shimizu, T., Nagasaki 1947
P-4001 Haraguchi, T., Nagasaki 1947
P-4002 Yamamoto, O., Nagasaki 1947
P-4003 Nakashima, K., Nagasaki 1947
P-4004 Flash-burn scar of chest and left arm 1947
P-4005 Keloid of left side 1947
P-4006 Flash-burn scar with depigmentation 1947
P-4007 Ginno, A., Nagasaki 1947
P-4008 Nakao, Tsunehisa, Nagasaki 1947
P-4009 Urakawa, Shigeru, Nagasaki 1947
P-4010 Urakawa, Eyi, Nagasaki 1947
P-4011 Tsuru, Teutae, Nagasaki 1947
P-4012 H. Niimi showing face, neck, and hand scars 1947
P-4013 Hamasaki, S., scars on neck and chest, Nagasaki 1947
P-4014 Sugimoto, Y., keloids on chest, arms, and upper lip, Nagasaki 1947
P-4015 Morita, Y., scars on chest, arm, and hand, Nagasaki 1947
P-4016 Rin, D., scars on arm and chest, Nagasaki 1947
P-4017 Shibue, Y., Nagasaki 1947
P-4018 Kikkawa, K., keloids on back, arms, and neck, Hiroshima 1947
P-4019 Close up of keloids on the back and shoulder of K. Kikkawa 1947
P-4020 Close up of keloids on the arm and deformed right hand of K. Kikkawa 1947
P-4021 Mori, K., scars on chest, neck, and face, Nagasaki 1947
P-4022 Flash-burns and scars on the arm of Mori, K. 1947
P-4023 Baba, S., flash-burns and scars on face, chest, neck, and arms, Nagasaki 1947
P-4024 Baba, S., flash-burns and keloids on arm, chest, neck. Right side of her face is deformed, Nagasaki 1947
P-4025 Iwanaga, H., burns and keloids on chest and shoulder, Nagasaki 1947
P-4026 Keloids and burns on the back left shoulder of H. Iwanaga 1947
P-4027 Keloids and burns on the inside, back upper left arm 1947
P-4028 Young boy with scars on his arm, face and keloids on his neck and chest 1947
P-4029 Close-up of a flash-burn of the inner thigh 1947
P-4030 Traumatic scar on the calf of the left leg with flash-burns on the inner thigh and leg 1947
P-4031 Worth, Grant Taylor Jr., Mohei Nakamura pulling feathers from two dead ducks 1949
P-4032 Worth and Grant Taylor Jr. playing with toy guns in front of house in Kure, Japan 1951
P-4033 The family of Dr. H. Grant Taylor and their Kure household staff 1950-1953
P-4034 Dr. H. Grant Taylor and family in their garden in Kure, Japan 1950-1953
P-4035 Japanese grade school students participating in an outdoor concert 1947-1949
P-4036 A dinner party hosted by Dr. and Mrs. H. G. Taylor 1949-1953
P-4037 A Japanese dinner with Dr. and Mrs. H. G. Taylor attending 1949-1953
P-4038 Dr. H. Grant Taylor and Dr. Wataru W. Sutow dining with guests at the Doctor’s Club 1979
P-4039 Dr. and Mrs. H. Grant Taylor with Japanese women in kimono 1947
P-4040 Pre-atomic bombing scenes of the city of Hiroshima 1920-1939
P-4041 Shiro Isaka and family 1950-1959
P-4042 Twelfth Akisaijo Bon lantern festival held by Reimeikai 1951
P-4043 Earl Warren’s visit to the ABCC 1953-1954
P-4044 Baron de Pierre of Belgium and Madame Suzanne Vovario of Belgium visit to the ABCC 1952
P-4045 The family of Dr. H. Grant Taylor at a train station 1953
P-4046 Mick Rappaport, business manager of the ABCC-RERF 1970-1977
P-4047 Doughnut and coffee party for Dr. Morton in supervision nurses’ office on day before his departure 1954
P-4048 Mid-July Asano Park, Hiroshima 1954
P-4049 Standing outside a Japanese restaurant 1954
P-4050 After lunch at Kanzashi Restaurant 1972-1975
P-4051 Dr. and Mrs. Darling’s farewell party 1972
P-4052 Four men discussing and examining a document 1972-1975
P-4053 Three men in a row sitting on a couch 1968
P-4054 Sky, inland sea, and ABCC 1970-1979
P-4055 Mrs. LeRoy R. Allen sitting 1972-1975
P-4056 Dr. Iwao Moriyama, (US) Chief of Biostatistics 1970-1979
P-4057 Dr. Joseph Belsky, Chief of Medicine 1970-1979
P-4058 Dr. Dunham and Dr. Darling 1970-1972
P-4059 Party at Hijiyama Hall 1972
P-4060 Tsutomo (Dutch) Nakayama 1960-1970
P-4061 Mrs. Jane Shimomura 1960-1979
P-4062 United States Senator Edward M. Kennedy and party visiting the RERF 1978
P-4063 Front main entrance at Hijiyama ABCC 1951
P-4064 Dr. William J. Schull, Thomas Umeda, Mary Sutow, Dr. H. Grant Taylor 1970-1980
P-4065 Tateo Asano 1947-1957
P-4066 Miss Sherwood and Dr. Maki at BOQ, ABCC 1954
P-4067 Christmas Party, 18 Dec. 1949 1949
P-4068 Shiro Isaka and family 1970
P-4069 Two children playing in the ABCC waiting room 1952
P-4070 Family of Hachiya before Genkan Midorimachi Kanshya 1956
P-4071 ABCC jeeps on front of an ABCC building in Nagasaki 1949-1959
P-4072 Mr. and Mrs. George Fukui, Chapel Center, Tokyo 1950
P-4073 Isao Ariki 1950-1959
P-4074 Hiroshima Hondori 1950-1959
P-4075 Mrs. H. Grant Taylor with a Japanese family 1951-1953
P-4076 Departure of the Black-Schaffers and Mary Bodine 1951-1953
P-4078 Dr/ Taylor with Dr. and Mrs. Sayre and Father Schilly 1953
P-4079 Dr. Kiyoshi Suzuki during his visit to ABCC 1950
P-4080 Col. W. D. Refshauge and Brig. Nye visited ABCC 21 Feb. 1952 1952
P-4081 Gen. Bethea bids farewell to departing physician (Dr. Grant Taylor) 1948
P-4082 Maj. Gen. Shambara, F.E.C. Medical Officer and Capt. Singleton visited ABCC, 15 May 1952 1952
P-4083 Hematology lab, Kure, Japan 1949
P-4084 Lt. Gen. Rnad, Mrs. Wells, and Lt. Gen. Wells visit the ABCC 1951-1953
P-4085 Group of Dr. Taylor, Col. Tessmer, Professor Kusama, and Dr. Wells 1950
P-4086 Dr. and Mrs. Folley 1952
P-4087 ABCC members at a bar 1950-1959
P-4088 Dr. J. Folley writing at his desk 1948-1959
P-4089 Dr. H. Maki reading at his desk 1948-1959
P-4090 Dr. Taylor sitting at his desk 1951-1953
P-4091 Surgeon General of Japan with George 1958
P-4092 Rita’s goodbye party 1951-1953
P-4093 Dr. Taylor with visitors to ABCC 1952
P-4094 Milton Evans and his family 1951-1953
P-4095 HIH Princess Chichibu visiting the ABCC 1951
Box Folder
4 P-4096 Party given by Dr. Taylor for Dr. and Mrs. Gregg and Dr. McCoy 1952
P-4097 Party with Dr. and Mrs. John C. Morton 1953-1954
P-4098 Geisha party for Dr. Gregg and Dr. McCoy 1952
P-4099 Student nurses in front of the Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital 1949
P-5000 L. Cavagnaro teaching nurses 1949
P-5001 Scenes of the city of Hiroshima 1949-1953
P-5002 Mrs. Moloney dancing 1950-1955
P-5003 Mrs. Taylor clapping at a party 1951-1953
P-5004 The wedding ceremony of Scott Matsumoto 1951-1953
P-5005 Saw horses in the ABCC waiting room 1953
P-5006 S. Hirohara and Dr. Taylor 1972
P-5007 Japanese people walking in the cold weather 1947-1949
P-5008 Meeting attended by Dr. Taylor 1951-1953
P-5009 Eleanor Roosevelt visits the ABCC 1953
P-5010 ABCC cooks and kitchen staff preparing food 1951-1953
P-5011 Scenes of the city of Hiroshima, Japan 1956
P-5012 Hiroshima City, Japan on a sunny day 1971
P-5013 My gang (ABCC food services employees) 1949
P-5014 Mr. Tomio Nitta awarded a Certificate of Commendation by the Hiroshima Southeast Rotary Club 1968
P-5015 Woman looking through a microscope 1951-1954
P-5016 Extensive laboratory 1950-1969
P-5017 Types of ABCC vehicles in front of Gaisen-Kan 1948
P-5018 Scenes of ABCC, Kure, Hiroshima, Japan 1952
P-5019 Model of ABCC at Kure, Japan 1952
P-5020 Hoisted Koi (fish flag) 1950-1953
P-5021 Home visit 1948
P-5022 Red Cross Hospital 1945
P-5023 Scenes of Hiroshima after bombing 1945
P-5024 Scene from Hiroshima after atomic strike 1945
P-5025 Views of the Industrial Arts Exhibition Hall after the dropping of the atomic bomb 1945-1956
P-5026 Mothers and children in the ABCC reception area 1951
P-5027 Scenes of Hiroshima 1956-1960
P-5028 Miss Takiguchi weighing a baby 1950
P-5029 Reception room at Ujina Machi 1949
P-5030 Home visit by public health nurse 1950
P-5031 Fertility Study 1950
P-5032 Growth status of Marshallese children 1965
P-5033 Measuring the height of Marshallese children 1959
P-5034 Group photograph at Rongelap 1963
P-5035 Marshall Islands 1969
P-5036 Group photograph of Japanese physicians and members of NAS and IR 1966
P-5037 Dr. George Darling and Prof. Masuya at CMB Library, University of Kyushu 1960
P-5038 Statistics, master sampling coding section 1960
P-5039 Reception, Nagasaki 1960
P-5040 Statistics, patient sampling coding, Hiroshima 1960
P-5041 Statistics, computing section, Hiroshima 1960
P-5042 Translation, Hiroshima 1960
P-5043 Business office, Hiroshima 1960
P-5044 Shielding, shielding section, Hiroshima 1960
P-5045 Statistics, medical records, Hiroshima 1960
P-5046 Statistics, Nagasaki 1960
P-5047 Statistics, master file, Hiroshima 1960
P-5048 Statistics, master file section, Nagasaki 1960
Box Folder
5 P-5049 Statistics, field section, Hiroshima 1960
P-5050 Statistics, field section, Nagasaki 1960
P-5051 Medical Sociology, Nagasaki 1960
P-5052 Medical Sociology, Nagasaki 1960
P-5053 Pathology Lab, Nagasaki 1960
P-5054 Hematology Lab, Hiroshima 1960
P-5055 Nursing Station, Nagasaki 1960
P-5056 Radiology, Hiroshima 1960
P-5057 Radiology, Nagasaki 1960
P-5058 Internal Medicine Laboratory, Hiroshima 1960
P-5059 Parasitology Lab, Hiroshima 1960
P-5060 Examining Room, Internal Medicine, Hiroshima 1960
P-5061 Pathology, electron microscope, Hiroshima 1960
P-5062 Pathology Lab, Hiroshima 1960
P-5063 Histology Laboratory, Nagasaki 1960
P-5064 Histology lab technicians, Hiroshima 1960
P-5065 Internal Medicine Laboratory, Nagasaki 1960
P-5066 Internal Medicine, Hiroshima 1960
P-5067 Medical Library, Nagasaki 1960
P-5068 Medical Library, Hiroshima 1960
P-5069 Instrument and machine repair, Hiroshima 1960
P-5070 Printing and duplication, Hiroshima 1960
P-5071 Laundry, Hiroshima 1960
P-5072 Supply Warehouse, Hiroshima 1960
P-5073 George and Ann Darling at home in Hiroshima 1961
P-5074 Eye examination, Hiroshima 1960
P-5075 General staff meeting (16 Spet. 1957) 1957
P-5076 Meeting about the Tumor Registry 1957
P-5077 Drs. Darling, Maki, and Nagai meeting 1967
P-5078 Visit by Toru Ohara 1959
P-5079 Department heads monthly meeting, 16 March 1960
P-5080 Department of Statistics meeting, 27 Jan. 1959
P-5081 Dosimetry symposium held at ABCC in Hiroshima, 7 November 1958
P-5082 A visit by Samuel L. Hack 1966
P-5083 A visit by Rear Admiral Frederic S. Withington 1959
P-5084 Memorial service in memory of the late Irene Kabat 1966
P-5085 Dr. Darling and Dr. Nagai meet with Dr. Morokuma 1957
P-5086 Geisha party for Dr. Albert W. Snoke 1968
P-5087 Officers of the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Survivors’ Council meet 1958
P-5088 Program review, Hiroshima, 8 Oct. 1958
P-5089 General staff meeting held on 11 Dec. 1957
P-5090 General staff meeting held on 3 July 1958
P-5091 General staff meeting held on 28 July 1958
P-5092 Annual memorial service held on 23 Sept. 1960, Hiroshima 1960
P-5093 Annual memorial service held on 31 Oct. 1960, Nagasaki 1960
P-5094 The fifth annual memorial service held on 23 Sept. 1959
P-5095 Memorial service held on 21 Nov. 1957, Nagasaki 1957
P-5096 Memorial service held on 30 Oct. 1962, Nagasaki 1962
P-5097 First meeting of the Kyogikai for the JNIH-ABCC Life Span Study 1960
P-5098 Long Service Commendation Ceremony and ABCC New Year’s Party 1959
P-5099 A party held on 3 Jan. 1959
P-5100 The seventh meeting of the Japanese Advisory Council 1961
P-5101 ABCC Christmas Party 1957
P-5102 A wedding reception for Mr. and Mrs. Brewer 1969
P-5103 A visit by Dr. and Mrs. A. Haddow 1966
P-5104 U.S. Ambassador Meyer visits ABCC and 20-year Service Commendation Ceremony 1969
P-5105 ABCC medallions presented to representatives 1969
P-5106 Fourth meeting of the Consultative Organ (Kyogikai) for the JNIH-ABCC Life-Span Study 1961
P-5107 A visit by Princess Chichibu 1960
Box Folder
6 P-5108 A visit by Dr. Lippard and Dr. Buck 1958-1959
P-5109 Filming of interview with Dr. Darling and Dr. Maki by Nippon Television Network Corporation 1965
P-5110 A visit by Yukio Sugimoto 1967
P-5111 An excursion boat trip aboard the chartered ship “Tsurumi-maru” 1968
P-5112 A softball tournament at Toyo Kogyo Grounds 1968
P-5113 A volleyball tournament at the Hiroshima City Central Volleyball Court 1969
P-5114 The first table tennis tournament 1969
P-5115 An arts and crafts exhibition 1968
P-5116 A ceremony at the Education Ministry 1960
P-5117 Kyogikai in session 1961
P-5118 The twelfth meeting of the Japanese Advisory Council to ABCC 1969
P-5119 U.S. Ambassador Johnson visits ABCC 1968
P-5120 American Ambassador Johnson meets with members at luncheon meeting of the Japan Advisory Council 1967
P-5121 A 1-day bus trip to Hirado 1969
P-5122 A visit by Ambassador Douglas MacArthur II 1958
P-5123 Participants in the ABCC program review 1960
P-5124 Participants in the ABCC program review 1969
P-5125 Group photograph of members of the ABCC Department of Statistics and the Department of Epidemiology 1962
P-5126 Consultation with Dr. Edward M. Cohart and Dr. Ra Acheson 1965
P-5127 Formal signing of agreement between Hiroshima Prefectural Medical Association and ABCC 1965
P-5128 The third annual meeting of the Japanese Advisory Council for ABCC 1957
P-5129 Interview with NHK, 29-30 June 1967
P-5130 Japan Science Council Special Committee on Atomic Energy visits ABCC 1967
P-5131 Ground breaking for the new annex extension to the clinic-laboratory facilities, Nagasaki 1967
P-5132 Admiral Griffin and other guests visit the ABCC 1960
P-5133 Amateur talent duel 1961
P-5134 Long Service Awards 1961
P-5135 Director Darling and Associate Director Maki receive flowers presented monthly by Mr. Yoshimatsu Iwatani 1958
P-5136 Exchange of agreements on Tumor Registries in Hiroshima 1963
P-5137 Mainichi Press interview in the Director’s office 1968
P-5138 A visit by Dr. Nathan W. Shock and consultants 1958
P-5139 Essential Service Award Ceremony 1969
P-5140 Long Service Award Ceremony, Hiroshima 1969
P-5141 Long Service Award Ceremony, Nagasaki 1969
P-5142 Sake Party 1957
P-5143 Sake party for Dr. Lewis Dahl 1958
P-5144 Dr. Darling and Dr. Maki greeting a visitor 1957
P-5145 Formal agreements with Japanese National Institute of Health 1962
P-5146 Some ABCC members dining with Dr. K. Ono and guests 1957
P-5147 USIS team luncheon 1968
P-5148 ABCC Department of Pathology 1969
P-5149 ABCC Department of Medicine 1961
P-5150 Participants in the ABCC program review 1961
P-5151 Dr. Y. Scott Matsumoto participating in a Japanese Tea Ceremony 1958
P-5152 Dining at ABCC Nagasaki 1957
P-5153 Dr. Darling, Dr. Nakaidzumi and guest 1957-1964
P-5154 Dr. Edward T. Arakawa giving a lecture 1958-1960
P-5155 Dr. Darling and Dr. Hamilton having lunch with a guest 1961
P-5156 Morihiro Ishida and others having drinks 1956-1959
P-5157 A group eating box lunches 1953-1954
P-5158 LeRoy R. Allen 1975-1978
P-5159 Tomizo Yoshida 1970-1979
P-5160 R. Keith Cannan 1966
P-5161 Kaoru Urabe 1970
P-5162 Donation of books to Kawasaki Hospital 1960-1969
P-5163 Dr. Hiroshi Maki 1960-1970
P-5164 Geoffrey Day and Dr. H. Davis Dear Jr. 1966-1968
P-5165 Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Masten visit ABCC, Hiroshima 1961
P-5166 Dr. Darling and Dr. Maki greeting girls 1958
P-5167 Dr. Darling and Dr. Maki present Dr. Matsumoto a certificate 1967
P-5168 A party with members of the ABCC Department of Statistics 1960
Box Folder
7 P-5181 ABCC Photographic Index: Visitors and events, 1962-1968
Box Folder
8 P-5169 The Director and Associate Directors of the ABCC 1957
P-5170 LeRoy R. Allen 1975
P-5171 Dr. Isamu Nagai 1975
P-5172 Philip Handler, PhD 1972
P-5173 Dr. Isamu Nagai sitting at his desk 1960-1969
P-5174 Discussion over diagrams 1957-1958
P-5175 Dr. Holmes and others with guests 1954-1957
P-5176 Reception ABCC, Nagasaki 1957-1959
P-5177 Dr. Darling and others with military guests 1958
P-5178 Certificate awarded to Dr. Kazumi Taguchi 1968
P-5179 The eleventh meeting of the Japanese Advisory Council to ABCC 1967
P-5180 Dr. Cannon, Dr. Darling, and Dr. Farr 1958
P-5182 Installation of windows and wooden floor on 2nd floor of unit “E” 1967
P-5183 Construction of guard house, fence and gate between unit “H” and unit “I” 1967-1968
P-5184 The progress of construction-construction works second floor of unit “B” 1968
P-5185 The mechanicals for the pictorial review 1955
P-5186 From front window of Gaisen Kan looking toward sea 1948
P-5187 Matsutake hunt at George Sakoda’s uncle’s place 1948
P-5189 Sukiyaki party for the bio-chemistry dept. 1949
P-5190 Mary Sutow and daughters leaving Japan 1950
P-5191 Bridge lesson given by Wataru Sutow and Mae Suzuki 1949
P-5192 Dr. Masuo Kodani, Genetist 1948
P-5193 Couple of mess girls of Gaisen-Kan – Yoshiko and Hiroko 1948-1950
P-5194 Flower arrangement class for the wives of ABCC personnel 1949-1950
P-5195 Tom Umeda and unidentified man standing in front of an ABCC building 1949
P-5196 Dr. Wataru Sutow and George Sakoda standing in front of an ABCC building 1949
P-5197 Pauline Riley Burks wedding reception 1949
P-5198 ABCC jeep drivers 1948
P-5199 Dr. Tucker and his baby boy, Archie 1950
P-5200 Maxine Tessmer 1948-1951
P-5201 Tina and Kippy Sutow dressed in kimonos and holding parasols 1948-1950
P-5202 Dr. Sutow playing Go with a master teacher 1948-1950
P-5204 Buffet 1948-1950
P-5205 Luncheon 1949
P-5206 Christmas party, 1949
P-5207 Men having a discussion 1949
P-5208 Dining at the Gaisen-Kan mess 1948
P-5209 Refreshment line
P-5210 Summer Japanese-style dinner
P-5211 Sakoda home Christmas party 1949
P-5212 A group enjoying refreshments 1948
P-5213 Sukiyaki party at the Sakoda’s house 1949
P-5214 Boat trip 1948-1950
P-5215 Velma H. Yemoto on a boat 1948-1950
P-5216 Louise Tucker waving good-bye from a train car 1950
Box Folder
9 P-5217 Children of ABCC holding balloons 1949
P-5218 The children of ABCC members at a party 1949
P-5219 The children of ABCC members at an Easter party 1949
P-5220 Children Christmas party Officer’s Club north camp 1949
P-5221 Y. Scott Matsumoto 1957-1967
P-5222 Phyllis Riley Chitts 1948-1950
P-5223 Midori Ogawa Wedemeyer 1948-1951
P-5225 Richard Brewer 1948-1951
P-5226 Picnic at Miyajima 1949
P-5227 Visiting a temple 1948-1950
P-5228 Dependent housing area at Nijimura, near Hiro 1948-1950
P-5229 Emily Kadota 1948-1950
P-5230 Glenroy A. Stein 1949-1951
P-5231 Three men 1948-1950
P-5232 Frogs used for ABCC experiments 1948-1950
P-5233 Kitty 1948-1951
P-5234 Picnic 1948-1951
P-5235 Boys on a see saw 1950-1951
P-5236 Girl with a dog 1948-1951
P-5237 A family sunbathing 1948-1951
P-5238 Kenny Sakoda doing flips on a pole 1948-1949
P-5239 Mrs. Carl F. Tessmer and Mrs. Carl A. Harris standing outside the R.T.O. 1948-1949
P-5240 On the pier 1948-1950
P-5241 The Tessmer Baby 1948-1951
P-5242 Family portrait 1960-1970
P-5243 Children playing in a Japanese garden 1948-1951
P-5244 Picnicking 1948-1951
P-5245 Standing on a balcony 1948-1951
P-5246 Kiyoshi Asai, artist 1949-1951
P-5247 Coffee Break 1950-1951
P-5248 George S. Friend and a woman 1948-1950
P-5250 Soldiers and jeeps 1948-1951
P-5251 Officer talking to two women 1948-1951
P-5252 Young woman 1948-1951
P-5253 Two women and a soldier 1948-1951
P-5254 Blonde boy 1948-1951
P-5255 Mand and boy sitting together 1948-1951
P-5256 Summer Evening Reception 1950
P-5257 Wedding Reception –
P-5258 Scenes of the Hiroshima area 1948-1951
P-5259 Recreation 1948-1949
P-5260 George T. Sakoda and Harold Nishi 1949
P-5261 Ferry crossing to Etajima 1950
P-5262 Group outside 1950
P-5263 Tessmer boys and Japanese nanny 1948-1950
P-5264 George T. Sakoda and Wataru W. Sutow standing in a crowd 1949
P-5265 Inland sea from Hiro, Hiroshima 1948-1950
P-5266 Dr. M. Suzuki sitting on a couch 1948-1951
P-5268 Tea break 1949
P-5269 Christmas party at the Sakoda’s 1948-1951
P-5270 Party with doctors from ABCC 1949-1951
P-5271 Members of ABCC –
P-5272 Tom Umeda and Motoshi “Pete” Yamasaki –
P-5273 ABCC Photography Lab –
P-5274 Bus to Hiroshima –
P-5275 Man at a microphone 1948-1951
P-5276 Street scene 1950
P-5277 A party 1949-1950
P-5278 Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall 1948-1951
P-5279 Crown Prince Akihito’s boat approaching the dock 1949
P-5280 Three men sitting on a dock wall 1948-1951
P-5281 Group at a mountain site 1948-1951
P-5283 ABCC Personnel –