Edward Trowbridge Wolf, MD papers

Manuscript Collection No. 003


Repository: John P. McGovern Historical Collections and Research Center, Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library
Creator: Wolf, Edward Trowbridge
Title: Edward Trowbridge Wolf, MD papers
Dates: 1928-1982
Quantity: 3 cubic feet (7 boxes)
Abstract: The Edward T. Wolf, MD papers document the life, career and leadership of Dr. Edward T. Wolf, who made significant contributions to the Texas Medical Center, the community of Houston Texas and his country. Dr. Wolf was active in medical institutions such as Professor of Medicine at Baylor University College of Medicine, a member of the Methodist Hospital medical staff and held numerous memberships, chaired committees, and was editor for Medical Publications. Dr. Wolf directed the founding of the first Houston area Blood Bank and served as Chairman of the Board, and he also served as a Member of the Board for Planned Parenthood. An entire series is composed of documents from his US Army experiences most notably his World War II service in the Pacific Theater of Operations. The collection is 3 cubic feet (7 Boxes) and in good condition.
Identification: MS 003
Language: The records are in English

Biographical Notes

Edward Trowbridge Wolf, MD was born May 2, 1900 in Pittsburgh, PA. He received his Bachelor of Science in Pre—Med from Pennsylvania State College and in 1948 was honored with a 25 year Service Award from the Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity there. He was a June 1933 graduate of Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Wolf served his internship at the Frankford Hospital in Philadelphia from 1933 to 1934 and at the William Beaumont General Hospital while in the US Army. Upon coming to Houston, he established his 46-year Internal Medicine practice at 4411 Fannin.

During WWII, Dr. Wolf was called up for active duty by the US. Army during which time he served at the rank of Major (MAJ), beginning January 1941, until his promotion to Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) in February 1943. In addition to stateside assignments, he was a veteran of two years of service with the medical corps in Australia and in the jungles of New Guinea. Following his service in Australia, he returned to inactive military status separating from the service in August 1945 to resume his Houston practice. LTC Wolf received an Honorable Discharge from the Army in May of 1951.

Dr. Wolf was appointed to the Baylor University College of Medicine Clinical Faculty as Assistant/Associate Professor of Medicine in Sept. 1943 and continuously held the position through June 1975. While a member of the medical staff at the Methodist Hospital in Houston, Dr. Wolf served as the Chairman of the Metabolic, Endocrine, Joint Disease Medical Care Appraisal Committee and Chairman of the Publications Committee. He was the first editor of News Notes published for the Methodist Hospital medical staff, a post he held for 5 years. Dr. Wolf was chairman of the first Blood Bank Committee of the Harris County Medical Society, and is perhaps most widely known as editor, for 10 years, of the Medical Record and Annals.

As a 45-year member of the Harris County Medical Society he served on the Press Committee. Dr. Wolf was Historian of Houston Society of Internal Medicine and in 1951, President of the Postgraduate Medical Assembly of South Texas. He was a member of the Texas Medical Association for 50 years, serving in 1968, as Chairman of the Technical Exhibits Sub-Committee. An Associate of the American College of Physicians, Dr. Wolf also held memberships in the American Medical Association, American Society of Internal Medicine and the NIH Alumni Association. He served as Consulting Internist for the Texas State Highway Patrol, the Southern Pacific Railroad (1961-1965), and was Consulting Internist and a member of the Board of both Planned Parenthood and the Visiting Nurses Association.

In addition to his professional service, Dr. Wolf contributed to many local organizations including the Deptartment of Medicine Library Fund of the Baylor College of Medicine, the Dept. of Medicine Library Fund of the Methodist Hospital, the Ellard Yow Memorial Library at Methodist Hospital, and The Foundation for the Museum of Medical Science. Edward Trowbridge Wolf, MD passed away July 15 1987.

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Scope and Content Note

The Edward Trowbridge Wolf, MD, papers (MS003) is 3 cubic feet and consists of 7 document boxes with some materials also located in the communal oversize box. It contains biographical information, personal and professional correspondence, certificates, official documents, news clippings, telegrams, drawings, and books that detail the personal life, professional activities, medical related records and papers associated with the World War II experiences of Dr. Edward Trowbridge Wolf in the Pacific Theater, various stateside military posts and also the Houston Texas Medical Center. Wolf was the executor of estate for Mr. Isiah Leebove and as a result the legal and financial documents related to the Leebove estate are included here. The materials are in good condition; however there is some evidence of water damage probably caused by the flooding of the archives during tropical storm Allison in 2001. As a result, ink applied by pens often has been washed away or is illegible. Ink applied by typewriters is clearly legible in the documents. After the flood, the archivists took steps to preserve and restore the collection. The material is unrestricted with a few exceptions (for Patients Diagnosis) that are clearly marked in the detailed description and on the box and folders. The collection is 3 cubic feet (7 boxes) and in good condition.

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Arrangement of Collection

This collection is arranged into the following series.

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Access restrictions

The material is mostly unrestricted with a few exceptions (for Patients Diagnosis) that are clearly marked on the appropriate box and folder number.Permission to publish, quote, or reproduce should be secured from the repository.

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IC 0989 TMC Library Historical Photograph Collection

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Index terms

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Coole, Walter A.
Leebove, Isiah
Leebove, Sarah
Wolf, Edward Trowbridge–Archives
Wolf, Elaine
Wolf, Phyllis

Baylor University College of Medicine
Blood Bank Committee of the Harris County Medical Society
Frankford Hospital (Philadelphia, Pa.)
Jefferson Medical College
Methodist Hospital (Houston, Tex.)
Pennsylvania State College
Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity
Postgraduate Medical Assembly of South Texas
US Army Advance Base New Guiana
US Army Medical Corps
William Beaumont General Hospital (El Paso, Tex.)

El Paso (Tex.)
Fort Bliss (Tex.)
Fort Crockett (Tex.)
Fort Ringgold (Tex.)
Fort Sam Houston (Tex.)
Galveston (Tex.)
Houston (Tex.)
Philadelphia (Pa.)
Rio Grande City (Tex.)
San Antonio (Tex.)
State College (Pa.)

World War, 1939-1945–Medical care–United States
Medical Record and Annals
News Notes, Houston Society of Internal Medicine
News Notes, Medical Staff, Methodist Hospital
Publications Committee
Station Hospital
World War, 1939-1945–Campaigns–Islands of the Pacific
World War, 1939-1945–Campaigns–New Guinea
World War, 1939-1945–Pacific Area

Medicine and Health

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Preferred Citation

Edward T. Wolf, MD Papers; MS 003; John P. McGovern Historical Collections and Research Center, Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library.

Please cite the box and folder numbers where appropriate.

Acquisition Information

Materials were donated by Dr. Edward Trowbridge Wolf around 1987.

Processing Information

Materials were arranged into record groups that reflect the content of the materials, such as personal, professional, military, and financial docuements. Bound volumes of Dr. Wolf’s medical school notes were wrapped in Tyvek and stored in 1 cubic foot document boxes. Both Professional and Financial series are housed in Box 5. Oversize materials were placed in an oversize box with multiple collections. One photograph was transferred from IC 098 TMC Library Historical Photograph Collection and reintegrates into the Dr. Wolf’s collection.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: Personal; 1935-1982
Scope and Content Note: This series contains biographical information, obituaries, personal correspondence, personal library information, and memorabilia.
Box Folder
1 1 Brief Biography Typed and Handwritten
2 Correspondence Casual
3 Personal Library Inventory 2 lists
4 Book Canyon Shadows (Inscribed by Illustrator)
Series II: Military Activities; 1930-1951
This series contains information ranging from Ffield manuals, official correspondence to other documents related to stateside military postings and his World War II overseas service.
Box Folder
1 5 Military Training, Certificates, Pay and Officer Commissioning
6 Military Service, Official Papers Promotion and Pay
7 Military Service Correspondence
8 Bid Instructions HQ 8th Corps Area Office of the Quartermaster
9 Military Posts Texas: Fort Sam Houston, Fort Crockett, Fort Ringgold
10 Station Hospital, Fort Crocket, Texas, – Diagnosis Terms to be used in Clinical Records Lecture Notes, and Syphilis Register
11 Pocket Vocabulary, International Drivers Permit, Health Scale and Immunization register
12 War Department, Basic Field Manual Military Courtesy and Discipline (FM21-50)
13 Pistol Caliber .45, Model 1911 Service Weapon Training Manual and related (TR 320-15)
14 U.S. Army Southwest Pacific
15 U.S. Army Advance Base New Guiana
Box Folder
2 1 Battle Casualties, Program on War Surgery
2 Treatment of Malaria, Diarrhea and Mite borne Typhus Fever
3 Mosquito Control Report
4 Chigger Control, Cotton Flea Hopper and Boll Weevil Control
5 Rodent Control and Snake Bite treatment
6 Diagnosis of Poisoning
7 U.S. Army Service Forces, Ninth Service Command, Special Orders and Temporary Duty
8 GI Bill, Return to Civilian Life, Retired Officers Association, Association of Military Surgeons and Honorable Discharge Certificate
Series III: Professional Activities; 1929-1974
Scope and Content Note: This series contains information ranging from medical school education, Houston practice, postgraduate training, and contributions to the medical profession and membership/leadership of professional organizations, a college yearbook, and also included are six volumes of notes taken by Edward Trowbridge Wolf during his studies at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia (1929-1933). These volumes cover all four years of his medical school courses.
Box Folder
2 9 Jefferson Medical College-Letters of Recommendation
10 Hand Illustrations of Magnified Views of various tissues, organs etc.
11 Jefferson Medical College-1933 Yearbook
Box Folder
3 1 Continuing Education
2 Postgraduate Coursework
3 Postgraduate Programs and Alumni
4 Postgraduate Conferences
5 Post Graduate Medical Assembly of South Texas
6 Post Graduate Medical Assembly of South Texas
7 Post Graduate Medical Assembly of South Texas [President Elect 1951]
8 IRS Order forms for Opium and related documents
9 Written Consent Forms for Medical Procedures
10 Houston Blood Banking –Planning, Literature and Correspondences
11 Professional Committee Correspondence
12 Problem Oriented Medical Record Committee
Box Folder
4 1 American College of Physicians
2 American Board of Internal Medicine
3 Houston Society of Internal Medicine, Constitution and By Laws
4 American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association and Visiting Nurses Association
5 National Board of Medical Examiners, Medical and Dental Service
6 Texas Medical Association Memorial Library and Harris County Medical Society – Weekly News
7 Medical Records and Annals
8 Museum of Medicine Science
9 Houston Hospitals and Continuing Education – Teaching assignments, training cards
10 Faculty Appointments
11 Baylor College of Medicine
12 Methodist Hospital
13 Methodist Hospital Staff
14 Methodist Hospital –X-Ray Instructions and related Correspondence
15 Events Invitations Menus
16 Membership Events- programs and membership cards
17 Recognitions and Contributions
18 Medical- Certificates: Postgraduate and Fraternity
Box Folder
5 1 Adreno Carcinoma Causing Feminization of the Adult Male
2 Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 1 Restricted Envelope
3 Correspondence Walter A. Coole, M.D. [Treatment Regime Prescribed by Dr. Walter A. Coole] 1 Envelope RESTRICTED
4 Thomas Pew Family and Mr. Thomas W. Pew 2 Envelope RESTRICTED
Box Volume
6 1 E.T. Wolf: Notes Medicine Therapeutics
2 E.T. Wolf: Notes Surgery, Orthopedics, Anatomy
3 E.T. Wolf: Notes Hygiene, Pathology, Pediatrics, Dermatology and Ophthalmology
Box Volume
7 4 E.T. Wolf: Notes Obstetrics and Gynecology
5 E.T. Wolf: Notes Medicine Therapeutics
6 E.T. Wolf: Notes Surgery, Urology, Laryngology, Otology, Obstetric Neurology, Psychiatry
Series IV: Financial; 1929-1953
Scope and Content Note: This series contains financial information, ledgers, tax records, stock certificates, charitable donations, and the receipt for purchase of a personal automobile. E.T. Wolf was the executor of estate for Mr. Isiah Leebove and this series has legal and financial documents related to the Leebove estate.
Box Folder
5 5 Mr. Thomas W. Pew Holdings – General Crude Oil Company Sun Oil Company
6 1946 Mercury Sedan Receipt, Generous Donations, Cork Club Membership Card and Tax Donations
7 Correspondence Business
8 Correspondence Balances Due/Payments
9 Estate of Isiah Leebove– Turner Petroleum Corporation, account statements, correspondence and administrative Legal paperwork
10 Estate of Isiah Leebove, Ledger of Mrs. Sarah Leebove
11 Estate of Isiah Leebove –-income tax records
Box Folder
OV 066 Group photograph, certificate of membership Texas Society of Internal Medicine
Wolf- Student Drawings from Medical School
P-861 Group Photograph, 1948 Executive Committee, Post Graduate Medical Assembly, South Texas 1948